Announcing Yet Another Millionaire Student …**

By Updated on January 10, 2023

Another Millionaire Student**

It’s a great, great day every day I get the chance to announce another millionaire student** and the funny thing is they usually happen right around the same time in bunches thanks to the multitude of great penny stock plays at any given times….like right now!

Remember when I announced my first 2 millionaire trading challenge students a few years ago with this announcement I still dream about entitled “Veteran Trader Timothy Sykes Creates Two Millionaire Students, Proving the Average Joe Can Outperform Wall Street’s Big Boys” as after a few years of my trading challenge in existence and yet no millionaires produced, both of these students became millionaires just weeks apart!

(The lesson here is it takes time to actually build up to seven figures as while I have always had my share of doubters, they’ve always been too focused on whether students hit big milestones or not, not realizing that students are getting a little smarter and a little richer daily and that to get to seven-figures within a few years after starting with just a few thousand dollars is an AWESOME ACHIEVEMENT)**

Now my 2nd millionaire student Tim Grittani has just passed $6 million** (contact me here for a special deal on his MUST WATCH study guide) and my first millionaire student Michael Goode, who was also funny enough my first hater, has passed $2 million** in just the past 4 years.

And just a few weeks ago, I announced another great trading challenge student had just passed $2 million just days after I had published the MUST READ blog post entitled “Lessons From My Student Who Has Now Made $1.7 Million” and he’s gone on to be on absolute fire lately, making nearly $600,000 the past 2 months alone,** nailing penny stock Supernova after Supernova…and he just released a new study guide where you can also message me here for a deal on it!

And perhaps the coolest part of all these millionaire trading challenge students is they don’t just show some big fat overall profit, they actually show EXACTLY how they achieved these mind-blowing returns, trade-by-trade PUBLICLY…which differs greatly from the many so-called “successful traders” I see popping up all over the Internet as they just posted a few screenshots when they have big profits, never daring to show their ENTIRE track record with all the big losses because it’s ugly.

Or what’s even more laughable, alleged screenshots of their overall gains which are usually photoshopped and just outright frauds.

So, check out ALL the trades my top students have done, here are Tim Grittani’s trades, here are Michael Goode’s trades and here are Steven Dux’s trades…ALL trades, the good, bad and ugly so you can learn from their successes AND failures and see we’re not using leverage or some illiquid option or even anyone big trade to inflate our overall numbers…these millions have been made** trade-by-trade using a well-adjusted-for-risk strategy that doesn’t win every time, but definitely wins more often than not and the $ gains are also bigger than the $ losses…and even when Tim Grittani has lost six-figures on one trade, as has happened a few times, his biggest losses have been decreasing in size, just like ALL my top students since our focus is on education, true and lasting success is all about getting better and refining our process over time, learning what NOT to do early on in our careers (as has been the key to our seemingly-impossible but fully replicable success)**

But anyway, let’s talk about my newest millionaire trading challenge student already!**

Just a month ago, I announced a new millionaire student here, but he didn’t want to go public with his personal information so I must abide by his wishes and so it’s a good thing that we have YET ANOTHER MILLIONAIRE STUDENT, who is willing to go public with his success now just a few weeks later!**

And I must say, while I would LOVE ALL my top trading challenge students to be public with their journey as it helps other people get inspired and see what’s possible, but I do understand if you prefer staying private since we are talking about money…a lot of money…and when money’s involved, friends, family and even people you don’t know will treat you differently.

Anyways, can you guess who my newest millionaire trading challenge student is? Leave a comment in the comment section of this blog post below as I’ll be announcing the answer in the next few days, but for now, I’ll give you 3 hints:

The beauty of being real in this industry full of scams and liars is that you can see ALL my top students commenting and sometimes even giving alerts in the trading challenge chatroom daily, along with exclusive webinars and video lesson too which are just getting out of control with how useful they are to newbies (and my thanks to all the new students who message me every day all hyped up about their education since my trading challenge provides far more content and education than anything anyone else has ever offered in the history of stock trading)

This new millionaire has done more than his fair share of helping me teach others now too with alerts and video lessons of his own, even while he’s been racking up trading profits and I am SO eternally grateful for all his hard work over the years.

The 2nd hint I’ll give you is that my newest millionaire trading challenge student has a beautiful family too– and that’s what I love most about trading, not just the freedom it brings and the ability to work from anywhere, but how you can treat your family to nicer things and indeed a nicer life too!

And trust me, when you start treating your family and splurging on them like I do with my own, it’s one of the absolute best feeling in the entire world…one that I can’t recommend enough that you MUST experience!

OK, OK, you want to know who this newly-minted millionaire is, right? After all, I have SEVERAL trading challenge students now getting up into the high six-figure-profit range and all it takes is just a few good trades to get into seven-figure profit territory and thanks to this hot penny stock market right now, that’s what’s exactly what’s happened…**

Well, stay tuned this week for all the details as right now after I publish this I actually have to get to a Red Sox game as my dad is throwing out the first pitch (a VERY cool experience I got his for his birthday a few months ago…told you it’s good/fun to splurge on your family!)**


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Hey Everyone,

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