Announcing My Newest Millionaire Student

newest millionaire

Announcing My Newest Millionaire Student

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I LOVE every one of my newest millionaire trading challenge student as just recently my student Steven here just passed $2 million in profits while my student M.C. is closing in on $1 million, now another students just emailed me to say he’s crossed the $1 million mark, but wishes to remain private…fine by me as I want all these stories to inspire you to show you what’s possible ONLY WHEN YOU STUDY HARD!

Watch this new video lesson, which we’ve also transcribed as I value my deaf trading challenge students too, and get inspired and learn what it takes to be successful in this game!

Hey, Tim Sykes here. Happy Friday. I just wanna go over a few things. It’s been, what, five days now since my birthday? I feel older. I had listed seven different birthday gifts. I want you to take advantage of them, you know, it’s better for me to give than to receive. So I’d like, you know, having an excuse to give to you basically.

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The first one is this free webinar that’s coming up next week from this guy Doug Casey. He’s banked off weed stocks and now he’s gonna give five new hot stocks. Even if you don’t like weed stocks, even if you don’t like weed, happy 4/20 by the way, to you potheads out there, I consider this very important to attend. Because you start to learn, you know, how picks can really be made and, you know, how to create your own trading plan. And Doug has been doing very well in weed stocks. He’s gonna have five picks. Even if you just wanna short-sell the five picks that’s fine too. At least tune into this free webinar and just take advantage of it. It’s 100% free. It’s happening April 26th 8:00 pm Eastern, so next week. Very exciting. I’ll post a link to this just below this video.

Also on the birthday gifts we’ve got a special discount on Dux’s DVD. Email, we’ll give you the link and we’ll give you the code for a special discount. Also email if you want a discount on StocksToTrade. We also have a birthday sale on There’s sales going all over the place. I love, you know, giving back discounts to you so that you’re encouraged to invest in your education. I’ll post a link to the birthday sale just below this. We also have the new website, what do you guys think of it? Do you like it? Yes or no. Leave a comment underneath this video. I know there are still a few bugs. We’re working on it.

Joining the fight against terrorism was number six for VETPAW. I’ll post the link to that. I’m trying to raise money for this charity. Many of you guys don’t know that these illegal animal-hunting groups fund terrorism. So if you actually donate to VETPAW you’re helping fight terrorism. Thank you to everybody who donated, we’ve already raised several thousand dollars. I’m gonna match it, you know, I personally donated roughly $200,000 to them too. But more than just the money I want you, you know, learning that you can really take part in the fight against terrorism. Every dollar counts.

And then also we’re going to have Dux’s speech from MIT. I sent a video guy up there. Dux did a great job, Dux has been on fire. He’s closing in I think on $800,000 of profits in two months, which echoed Tim Grittani’s roughly $1 million in profits in December to January. So several of my top students are having like, you know, mid-six-figure profits per month. And I’m also proud of some students who don’t wanna be public. I mentioned this in the chat room the other day. I got a ton of messages. People wanna know who my newest millionaire student was.

I got this email four days ago and this was a nice birthday gift. And he says, “On the life front everything is pretty much good. Cannot complain. Thanks for asking, Tim. On the trading front also doing a decent job. During the Bitcoin mania…” Let me make this actually bigger so that you can read this. Because this is probably the best birthday present, you know. I already have all the material possessions, but every new millionaire student, I love it whether they’re public or private. I have several students now who have crossed $1 million and they wanna be private. That’s cool, okay? I gotta respect that.

So this guy just crossed a million. He says, “During the Bitcoin mania, I think I outperformed myself. I guess I finally hit the $1 million mark in total profits, less borrow fees which adds up big for short sellers like me. Have not made the final calculation yet, not to jinx it.” So he’s closing in right around a million dollars. He banked, shorting the Bitcoin stocks. And he says, “But I prefer to be under the radar and not be a public person just due to family protections. Hope you understand it.”

And I do understand it, you know. There’s a lot of people out there for various reasons, you know, you don’t wanna share your name, and yourself, and your family, and you know everything on the internet. I get it, that’s cool. Whether you’re a public millionaire or a private millionaire, I’m grateful for anybody who studies that much.

I will tell you that this guy has studied his butt off. He did not become a fly-by-night millionaire. He’s been studying for several years. And he said, “Big thank you again, Tim. I would never imagine myself in this position and how good I’m having it unless I found you. I sincerely hope you keep inspiring small-time traders like I used to be and they also find their fortune.” And I love it, you know. He’s so humble, he deserves all the success.

All my top students really are such good guys and humble guys. And I’m looking for females. You know, everyone’s saying, “Why is it only guys?” I don’t discriminate, you know, like anybody can be my student. I frankly just don’t have that many female traders, or that many female students. And that’s a mistake. There should be more female students. So if you know any females who are interested in trading send them this video, inspire them, you know, because I’m gonna keep creating more and more millionaires and I’m looking for my first female millionaire student.

But anyways, I gotta give props to AH. I know everybody wants to know more details. We’re not gonna share it. This is as much as I’m gonna share. He wants to be private and like I said I’m gonna respect that. More important than who he is, I mean, I can tell you that he has studied so many DVDs, so many webinars, so many video lessons. It’s the same exact process by which my other students like Dux who is probably the biggest watcher of webinars on all of

And Roland is the biggest watcher of video lessons and DVDs. And Tim Grittani has watched a little less of that. He learns more by watching the market and testing out different strategies. Same too with Michael Good. So whether you’re practicing a lot using paper money on StocksToTrade for example, where you don’t have to risk money but you can at least practice and learn how to formulate a trade plan. Or if you’re, you know, combining the practicing with the watching and the DVDs and the video lessons and the webinars, I mean, that’s the secret, okay?

There is no great secret. And Mark Crook is closing in on $1 million soon too, and he is the one who categorized all my video lessons. He watched all my video lessons three times. So some of you guys wanna know the secrets, like are these people somehow, like, mutants, so they have special powers? Are they special? None of them are. None of them are great, like, geniuses at math. And I’m not trying to put them down. They’re just average guys, but they have above-average if not superior work ethics. That is what separates them. This is why on social media you see me going after lazy people.

You know, you know anybody who is lazy and they’ve been like one of my students they know, and you know probably because they’ve complained about it, I don’t get along with lazy people, okay? I think they’re wastes of space, they’re wastes of time and I wish that they didn’t even bother contacting me at all. You know, we’re just gonna get in a fight eventually because I’m just gonna bitch them out for being so lazy in wasting all the opportunities.

So if you are a lazy person don’t feel bad about turning off this video right now. Don’t feel bad about never coming to my website again because this is not going to end well. You know how some people say, “Oh, what’s your type?” Like you have a type. I have a type. My best students are hardworking, and they follow instructions, and they watch everything that I put out. They don’t say, “Oh, can I watch the video lessons at two times speed? Oh, how do I just watch the 10 best video lessons?” They watch every fucking video because they wanna know every fucking thing.

And sometimes there’s a little subtlety that’s 7, or 12, or 24 minutes into a video lesson that they didn’t know about. You’re picking up little things here or there. And the cool thing about all of these guys is that year two, year three, year four, it gets so much easier I’ll bring up one more example even Stephen Johnson who is arguably one of my, you know, least-disciplined students, one of the biggest drinking students that I know. And I say this jokingly, like him and I joke around. I tied him up in Italy because he was overtraded, so we have this joke where I bought, you know, this rope. We did a rope swing in Positano, Italy last summer and I was like, “Let me use this rope and tie him up so that he doesn’t overtrade.” He still overtraded. Now, he’s two years in, two years in, and now, he’s making roughly $1000 a day.

My challenge student Hutty has been breaking out hardcore the past few days. He made $3,000 one day, $4,000 the other day, I think $1,500 another day. So he’s making $1,000, $2,000 a day. He’s in year three and he’s still in school too. He was taking a final and he made, like, $2 grand. Congrats Hutty, I love the dedication. But all of these guys even Stephen Johnson, you know, in between shots of, you know, Grey Goose and in between pints of Guinness, you know, he’s still studying, he’s still practicing. He’s been very transparent about his struggles and his gains and his losses, and optimizing his process over time.

And now, you know, he’s making $500 here, $1,000 here or there. He’ll problem screwed up again because he gets cocky whenever he has a good day, but at least he knows the process by which he can make a lot of money now. And you can see how grateful he is. Look at this. He’s like, “Love you to death, Tim Sykes Tim Bohen, and StocksToTrade. You taught me all I know and I’d have nothing without you.” And I appreciate that. You would have something. You would have your drinks without us, but hopefully less drinks with us or better drinks. Maybe now you can afford like Beluga vodka instead of I don’t know…what’s a crappy vodka? Like Svedka. No, I guess Svedka is decent. I don’t know.

The point is that all of these guys whether they’re making $1000 a day like Stephen Johnson in the past few days, or Hutty like $2,000 a day, or AH who’s, you know, right around $1 million. Or here’s an example from a little while ago. I’m doing this orientation guide for my challenge students. It will be ready in the next few days. We have seven hours because, frankly, I have a lot of stuff out there. So I’m making this one guide that’s an orientation webinar, and this is one of the slides.

This is one of my former challenge students. He says, “What’s up Tim? So I was a challenge student late 2013 into 2014. During the first year I managed to wipe my account five or six times, though I never stopped learning from my mistakes and from your teachings. I’m not looking for you to publish it though so I have to say thank you today. After roughly three years I hold an account of $320,000. I owe you more than you can imagine. Bought a house, bought my dream car. I just wish more people will understand that you’re real. Thank you. And please do not publish it. If you do remove my name. Thank you, mate, for real.

So I love this. And don’t think that all of my students make a lot of money. I am pointing out, you know, a few students here or there. The sad reality is that 80% of students don’t even bother watching the video lessons. It’s like a gym membership. I say this all the time. If you watch my video lessons you would know. If you don’t know this is probably your first time hearing it. But 80% of people who have a gym membership don’t go to the gym. They have the membership just in case because they know. They’re like, “Oh, you know, I want to have a good body so I’ll have that membership.” But they never actually put in the time and effort.

If you actually do go to the gym you’ll see in most gyms there are pictures of, like, jacked guys, and, like, ripped girls, you know, and they have perfect bodies. And you look at that and you can do one of two things. You can feel bad about yourself in your own body and be like, “Look at these people with their perfect bodies just rubbing it in, I hate that.” Or you can get inspired.

And that’s why I made video lessons like this, not showing you that all my students are succeeding. Because across all different strategies 90% of traders lose. My students are doing a little better than that because, you know, I’m helping prepare them. But at the same time these millionaire students, I mean, I have less than a dozen overall, whether they’re public or private. So very few students do enough work and put in the time and effort to actually make it. Just like very few people go to the gym and put in enough time and effort.

And then obviously there’s the whole thing like where, if you go to the gym are you working out the right way? And, you know, just because you’re putting in a lot of time and effort studying the stock market, are you using the right strategies? Are you learning from the right people? It doesn’t matter if you put in every single hour of the day learning about the stock market and you learn from some of these non-millionaires, these bullshit artists who post one or two screenshots and they don’t show all their trades publicly.

You know, they don’t dare show their strategies publicly, they don’t really talk about their big-ass losses. I see some of these non-transparent traders and every now and then, “Oh, I lost $50, I lost $100,00. Oh, I lost $200,000.” And they’re, like, quiet. And if they say they lost $100,000 or $200,000 because they’re so non-transparent they probably lost, like, $500,000. They just have to throw a bone to make it seem more real.

All my top students and I show all their trades, okay. And I love that. But even students like NH and students like AH, you know, who send me messages, but they don’t want their names revealed, use their stories as inspiration to see what’s possible after one, two, three, four, five, six, seven years of this stuff. What I teach is real. I’m one of the real guys and I will never stop saying that. I actually had, you know, a little moment on my trading challenge webinar this week and I was like, “You know what? This strategy is pretty fucking special. I’m pretty fucking special.”

And I’m, you know, relatively humble, definitely not as humble as these guys. But at the same time, like, sometimes I shouldn’t be humble. Sometimes I have to really help you understand that what I teach is real and I’m real in an industry full of fucking frauds. And it pisses me off when people learn from the wrong people, these non-millionaire bullshit artist charlatans who don’t know how to create millionaires from scratch, and they can’t prove that they’ve turned anybody into a millionaire.

And yet I remain calm throughout it because you can’t save everybody. All I can do is try to help people who want to be helped and who are willing to put in the time and effort into studying. So I’m gonna keep coming out with video lessons. I’m gonna keep coming out with DVDs trying to teach you new techniques, trying to teach new patterns that are working. You challenge students, again get excited for this whole orientation webinar. I mean, there’s, like, a whole bunch of freaking slides here. I mean, it’s crazy and it’s going to be, like, 10 hours.

I don’t know, I think we have like seven and a half hours filmed so far. So I’m working on it and I’ll never stop because I want more Stephen Johnsons, and I want more millionaire students. So leave a comment, let me know your thoughts. Do you like the new website, are you inspired by people like Stephen Johnson, and AH, and are you gonna take advantage of these birthday gifts, and are you going to tune into this free webinar on the 26th?

Knowledge and studying are the key. Oh, and we have this new book. Jamil, my student wrote this book, “The Complete Penny Stock Course.” More and more of you guys are buying it. I’d appreciate you leave honest reviews. We have some BS reviews from people who haven’t even bought it. They say it in the review and they’re like, “I haven’t bought it. I just hate Tim Sykes.” And I’m like how is that a review? Anyways, it’s still number one bestseller in the stock market category nearly…what is it? Like 900th on Amazon. Yeah, 918 in all of the books on Amazon, which is awesome. Props to Jamil.

This organizes all my stuff. So if you think that I have too many lessons at least read this book to start because that’ll help organize it. But props to Jamil for designing StocksToTrade. He has an engineer mind so he looked at my strategy as an engineer. And he was like, “This is what I can do to help.” Props to AH for maybe cracking $1 million. Whether you made $900,000 or $1.1 million after fees, it doesn’t matter. You’re on the right track, you get it.

Congrats to shorting Bitcoin in the face of so much hype and mania when so many people thought Bitcoin was, like, going to $1 million. Maybe it will eventually, but not right now. Props to Stephen Johnson, props to Hutty, props to all of you guys who get it. I’ll see you guys in the chat room today. But I want to show you some inspiration because nowhere else in the stock market do you have people like this that are making a few hundred thousand dollars or a few million within a few years, okay?

This is what really got me, you know, kind of, I don’t know, a little angry, a little motivated, you know, in my challenge webinar when one of the guys, he is a CPA or studying to be a CPA, a financial advisor, a CFA, public accountant, CPA, CFA, and you study so much. I think he said, like, the CFA exam is like 900 hours of study. And at most, at most a few years later you might make $100,000 to $150,000 per year.

And I’m thinking, you know, my top students are doing that inside of like two, or three, or four years and blowing away $150,000. I mean, some some of my top students are making $500,000, $600,000, $800,000 in two months and they’ve been studying, like, two or three years. So this is not a normal job. Obviously, with a CFA or CPA, like, you might not make big money but you’ll probably make, like, $50,000 to $100,000 a year. So this is more of, like, a moon shot, but it’s not necessarily a long shot.

Don’t be deceived by the fact that I only have a few millionaire students. You have to remember, most of my students start with a few thousand dollars. So it takes time to become a millionaire. Stephen Johnson took two years to even learn how to make $1000 a day, but now he’s, you know, on the mend. And theoretically if he keeps this up, he can continue making $500 or $1,000 in a day, and two, three, four, five years from now he might be a millionaire too. Because you have to learn the process first. Everybody wants the money at first. The money doesn’t come at first. The money that you make or lose in your first six months, nine months, year of this stuff is not gonna matter in the long run. But the process and the discipline that you learn can change your life forever.

So that’s my spiel for today, daily inspiration from so many of my top students. Congrats to you guys who were so dedicated. The rest of you guys keep studying, use the weekends to get ahead. Study more if you’re behind, remember. People have been playing this game for decades, so everybody who’s just starting right now, you’re playing catch up and you have to study the past. This is why I’ve cataloged so many different patterns and so much of the past. I know many people don’t think that a video lesson from two, three, or four years ago matters. It does. Okay? All you can do is study the present, practice in the present, and learn from the past. That makes your future better. I’ll see you guys in the chat room.