11 Hot Penny Stock Picks & LiveStock Is Today

LiveStock is today 1-2PM EST, tune in HERE live or watch on demand later, we have A LOT to discuss.

Go Solar USA, Inc. (GSLO) issued yet another press release and bounced their stocks at short-term support of 80 cents/share, my initial buy point from a week ago. Some would say I “pumped” GSLO, but I bought it because I thought it was a perfect breakout above 75 cents/share and this technical bounce proves that level is significant, even days later. No play as they will continue issuing PRs and the downside really isn’t much in the short term…I’d love to buy into any meaningful press release and short any fluff-related major spike, until then, no play.

Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) and CrowdGather Inc (CRWG) are now both perfectly sideways for days at a time, which way will theyc rack? I’m hoping both spike upwards s LQMT would be a buy whereas CRWG would be a short…gotta keep on the watchlist because LQMT, as you know, has explosive potential with the right PR and CRWG will collapse whenever insiders can sell their millions of shares.

Revolutions Medical Corp. (RMCP) dropped another 17% as people realize what a questionable company they are. I wish I knew of a broker that would allow me to short for days, if not weeks, at a time as now it might be too late, but we’re 60%+ off the highs. No play now, I’m just praying they will hire another promoter although given their announcing of a government contract that doesn’t appear to actually be a contract, I’m guessing regulators are questioning them in depth.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (KBLB) is now right back to 15 cents/share so while I messed up my trades and it did hit 10 cents/share, which was my initial target when I shorted around 15 cent/share, it’s now a repump that could yet breakout to new highs. Reaper shorted some and I don’t like it because it’s just the 1st up day of the repump and we know news is coming soon…I can’t go so far as to buy such a questionable company that could be halted at any time, but I won’t be shorting at these prices so I’m hoping for a big spike to short into.

Americas Energy Company (AENY) is now down to 67 cents/share, a 30% drop from my short at 96 cents/share a few days ago…please do look at this chart closely and see this is a PERFECT dead pump bounce…remember it and learn it well…we talk about this in TIMfundamentals Part Deux.

Rediff.com India Limited (REDF) successfully broke out past 5 and several subscribers who read yesterday’s watchlist where I alerted this possibility banked nicely as it went all the way to 6ish within a few hours…I was too busy with CNST and missed it, but the “gimme” pattern acted perfectly. No shorting until it starts fading, I’m not gonna be like some newbie subscribers who disregarded the multi-day breakout and shorted in the 5.20s…as I chastised them in the chatroom, that is just plain foolish. You guys really need to watch my DVDs, mock them if you like, they’ll make you smarter traders and save you from yourselves. Potential short when the price action is more like the stuff I discuss in PennyStocking Part Deux, a DVD you should have all watched by now.

BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) and Pacific Ethanol Inc (PEIX) dropped and rose a few cents/share…basically both consolidated, no big spikes or drops look coming up so while both are potential shorts, methinks we might get another buying wave to short sell into first.

BSD Medical Corporation (BSDM) faded for a second straight day in the low 3s signaling a new trend from the uptrend it was previously enjoying…nice potential short from 3.25ish to support at 3, might be tough for me to short into such a limit downside stock, but I might if the price action is favorable to me, ideally shorting into a morning or mid-day spike or afternoon fade.

Constar International, Inc. (CNST) I absolutely NAILED as a short at 4.15 two days ago and then 3.77 yesterday as it now sits at 3.10…same pattern as REDF’s first down day except this is not an uptrending real company, its was a pure low marketcap pump of some kind so I was more aggressive in my reshorts, which is why I’m short overnight, still just the 1st down day…if it takes out the big bidders at 3 I expect stop losses to push it to 2.70 or even 2.60 rather quickly, price action I will look to cover into…just a small position on a small stock, I’m up $3k on it so far, I’m proud that many of you shorted before me and held longer too…I told you I am not a great traders, just a safe one.

Rare Element Resources Ltd. (REE) has now broken out to multi-month highs in a similar fashion as VHC did at roughly double REE’s prices…VHC keeps going and so too will REE. But both VHC and REE are too choppy for me, sellers at every turn so no thanks. I prefer buying gimme breakouts like REDF at 5, which unfortunately I predicted, but didn’t partake. Potential buy here for the patient/aggressive, neither of which describes me.