Timothy Sykes, senior writer & editor, the author of the bestselling book An American Hedge Fund, turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years (1999-2002) and was the #1 ranked short bias hedge fund manager by Barclays (2003-2006). He was the #1 ranked trader out of 45,000+ on Covestor.

He co-founded,, and StocksToTrade. He is a penny stock trader, trading teacher, world traveler, and entrepreneur. He is also a philanthropist, having co-founded charity brand Karmagawa, which supports numerous charities worldwide.

Michael Goode, senior writer & editor, the author of ReaperTrades, and following some brief entrepreneurial forays he became a full-time stock day-trader in May, 2008. He lives just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael has made over $2.1 million trading penny stocks.

Tim Bohen, has been passionate about finance since an early age, but his interest in trading piqued around the market crash in 2007-2008. He’s now the lead trainer at StocksToTrade, teaching and supporting students with daily webinars.