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Dear Below Deck Viewers This Is What I Teach

My email inbox usually receives 3,000ish emails/day but ever since I was on Below Deck on Bravo, two nights ago I’m up to 6,000+…read my blog post “My Reaction To My ‘Below Deck’ Episode & Answering Some Questions“.

But I don’t just teach how to expose and short sell, download my free bestselling book HERE and see I made my first million buying penny stocks on their upswing and I want to show you this awesome trade done by one of my newest and most dedicated trading challenge students…he invested a lousy $680 and the next trading day he sold to make his investment $5,000+ Continue reading

My Reaction To My ‘Below Deck’ Episode & Answering Some Questions

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My episode of Below Deck aired last night and predictably, they edited it in a way to make me look pretty terrible…no different than the producers on my ‘Miss Advised’ and ‘Wall Street Warriors’ reality show appearances — I KNEW they would going in.

See the trailer here and watch it repeat over and over and over this week on Bravo TV all this week.

Tim Sykes on Below Deck.

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My TV Show Is Tonight 9-10pm EST On Bravo & Adapting To This New Market

Tune into Bravo TV tonight 9-10pm EST my TV show w/6 of my top trading challenge students aboard a $12 million yacht premieres, here’s a video trailer, I’m gonna look like a jackass but I hope they show this trade I did aboard the yacht on which I made $70,000 🙂

Tim Sykes on Below Deck

(Discovered by my student Blake who was using StocksToTrade software)

Over the past week we have seen some insane things happen in the market, namely this strong multi-year bull market turn bearish and lose nearly 10% quicker than most imagined. Continue reading

The 5 Best Emails I Received Today

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My new Bravo TV show premieres tomorrow night 10/14 9-pm EST, see 4-minute video trailer HERE! SO proud to have included 6 of my top trading challenge students in the whole experience! Continue reading

Why I’m Angry About This Video Of My ‘Below Deck’ TV Show On Bravo Next Tuesday 9-10PM EST

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Yesterday I sent this to my newsletter subscribers:

A few months ago I took 6 trading challenge students aboard a $12 million yacht to trade live with me…Below Deck, the hit TV show on Bravo, filmed it all…I ended up making $70,000 on this trade thanks to one student in particular, BIG Blake, as he was using and spotted an awesome breakout…see our full episode tomorrow night, Tuesday 10/14 at 9pm EST and check out the show on the web


There’s been a wide variety of reactions to the 4-minute video trailer so far, everything from “you’re a jackass” to “cool, I can’t wait to see it” to “take me on crazy adventures like this” Continue reading

7 Lessons From My Top Student Regarding Losses

BUSY few days for me, check out this video preview of 6 of my top trading challenge students & I trading aboard a $12 million yacht in the hit TV show “Below Deck” on Bravo, our full episode airs next Tuesday 10/14 9pm EST so tune into Bravo and watch us!

Tim Sykes on Below Deck

Anyway, this is a MUST READ post entitled “20 Lessons From My Top Student Passing $2 Million In Profits“, but like myself and all other millionaire traders I know, Tim Grittani experiences losses too. Continue reading

Watch Me On “Below Deck” On Bravo Tonight & Next Tuesday 10/14 & An Apology

A few months back I wrote this blog post entitled “URGENT: Win A FREE $10,000 Trip Aboard A $12 Million Yacht February 19-22 With Me” as I had a last second opportunity to take a little trip and I wanted to share it with some dedicated students… Continue reading