Why Does BiomedReports, Investor Candy & CPReports Act Like Paid Stock Promoters? Fishy Happenings On Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC) - Timothy Sykes

Why Does BiomedReports, Investor Candy & CPReports Act Like Paid Stock Promoters? Fishy Happenings On Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC)

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UPDATE: Because my family and I are so overwhelmed with DVD orders and new subscribers, we’re waaaaaay behind on emails and getting everyone setup. Until we work through this backlog, our 50-75% blowout sale is still good and valid probly until the 2nd week of January 2011 — thank you everyone for your willingness to learn!

UPDATE 2: An hour so after this post was published I shorted some RPC at $1.41..read the post and see why I’m pretty confident in my short…subscribers of my 4 newsletters get my trade alerts in real-time and they see my position sizing and rational…unlike the CPReports and BiomedReports pumpers, you can see my entire trading history HERE (2002-2006 will be uploaded shortly but you can see I am far more qualified/honest than either of these promoters)

UPDATE 3: I covered my short too early for profits of just under $1,000, but my time-tested proven strategy of betting against BiomedReports “picks” (see previous trades HERE and HERE) holds true as subscribers to my 4 newsletters and other shorts profited tens of thousands of dollars on this one as the stock crashed 40%+ to 80 cents/share after some truly sketchy debt/equity news. BiomedReports lawyers contacted me, but I stand by my research because I did spend several hours pouring through all the questionable pumping…we’re talking seriously sugarcoated blog posts, text messages and Seeking Alpha articles and it’s they who should be worried considering their subscribers are probly still long just about every one of their picks dumps 50% within days of their pumping (remember RPC last time and POSC)…look at the beautifully predictable one month chart of RPC

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers, myself and just about anyone with intelligence or who follows biotechs is questionable of BiomedReports behavior because a.) their reviews are some of the worst out of 9,000+ products listed on Investimonials, b.) their leader Garza once compared me to Hitler saying I use propaganda to further my agenda and that I don’t have the track record to back up what I say despite the fact that yes I have the single-best track record of anybody writing online and you can see it all HERE (Garza refuses to share his track record publicly or go on Profitly) and even weirder after making a comment like that, his wife is apparently Jewish…sketchyyyyy c.) they have been known to pick the absolute worst companies and glaze over their skeletons while highlighting best-case scenario on stocks like Positron Corporation (POSC) whose management and family seem to have committed every security violation or been accused of committing every security violation in existence d.) they typically send out a dozen or more blog posts, text messages and even takes out press releases when they start picking a carcass stock and e.) they have threatened me with legal action but after a joke of a phone call and when I grew tired of their demands and basically said ya know what screw you, bring it on, they backed away and I haven’t heard anything from them since….too bad as if we actually went to court and went through all the discovery, who knows what we’d find 🙂

(very similar to Shaquille O’Neal sending me a cease & desist letter to which we responded aggressively, he disappeared and the piece of shit stock NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc (NXTH) in question dropped 99% or when the paid-promoter-infested and apparently fraudulent Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (SPNG) put out a press release saying they were suing me and yet didn’t have the competency to actually serve me…instead sending one of their longterm suckers, David Pilon to make email threats against me)

Long story short, I LOVE shorting BiomedReports “picks” because they almost always drop 50%+ within a few days after the blog posts, press releases and text messages stop. This is why I’ve named Garza to The P Team

As For CPReports which is headed by one-time respected commentator Gene Marcial, who now seems to pick stocks based solely on the compensation he receives — yes, their disclaimer openly admits getting paid to pump:

Corporate Profile, LLC has been paid a fee by some of the companies featured on our www.corporateprofile.com site which the site links to this Internet Site and it’s video’s appear on this site, for investor relations services. These include, but are not limited to, introductions to research analysts, brokers, institutional investors and money managers, hosting of interviews on its site. Since Corporate Profile, LLC has been compensated in many instances for its services, investors should evaluate the information on the Site with that in mind and should always perform their own independant analysis. Corporate profile or its affiliates may from time to time aquire stock in companies that it covers. This compentsation could be in cash or/and issuance of securities of the profiled company. We may liquidate any securities that we received as compensation or in the open market when deemed appropriate to do so.

…while Garza/BiomedReports claims they don’t get compensated, prefering instead to simply employ paid stock promoter tactics in his stock picking.

But I bring them up in the same post because both have been so bullish on Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC) the past few days with endless blog posts and text messages from Garza/Biomed Reports and not one but now two research reports on CPReports claiming how great RPC is despite RPC, to any competent researcher, being one of the worst publicly traded companies anywhere…there was even a new lawsuit filed against RPC yesterday alleging some very sketchy dealings regarding their warrants.

As subscribers of my 4 newsletters know, I haven’t touched RPC…yet…during this meticulously planned runup from the 25 cent/share to $1.60 area as I do not underestimate this time of year combined with all these stock promoter tactics. While I don’t know and don’t care if anyone is getting compensated for or if there’s anything illegal going on here on this pump job here (RPC was even forced by exchange officials to admit they knew of no reason for the runup despite their investor relations firm Investor Candy being so bold as to put out a press release talking about how good of a job they’ve done pumping up the stock price), I do not like the promoter tactics these “Research” sites are employing.

It’s far easier to live in a penny stock world where there are clearly defined rules: the good guys who are transparent and honest and share their entire track records on Profitly and get solid reviews from the customers they help educate on Investimonials and the evil people who make much more money but who will end up in hell, people like ME Garza, Gene Marcial et al who sugarcoat and misinform and lure the greediest most incompetent people to buy the worst companies in the world, destined to lose most if not all by falling prey to such bullshit and who will inevitably contact me and tell me their sob stories.

It’s sad that I’m the one who has to continually point out these Usual Suspects…even surprisingly naive Google Finance featured paid-promoter commentary on RPC on their front page int he featured content section, not in the ads.

Here’s the pumped up chart of RPC as of January 5th, 2011 at $1.36:


…already 20% off its highs in one day, in very-pump-turning-into-a-dump-type-price-action despite CPReports followup even-more-positive “research report” issued today and BiomedReports text messages insiting that “naked short still must cover” (FYI Garza, shares are available to short FREELY at Interactive Brokers)…someone remind me to do followups on May 5th and September 5th…my guess is the stock will be down 50% then 75% on those dates…not rocket science here folks, it’s little different from this scenario

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