What This Hater Got Right About My Trading

By Updated on January 10, 2023

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Everyone should be suspicious of online trading programs that promise fortunes.

I don’t just expect…I WANT people skeptical of me.

That’s why I go above and beyond to show my proof as a trader and mentor.

Every one of my trades over the last 10+ years is available for ANYONE to view RIGHT HERE on Profitly.

No gimmicks. No marketing.

You can also find hundreds of YouTube videos, including LIVE trading sessions of me in the trenches.

Over 30 of my Millionaire Challenge students have earned $1 Million or more in trading profits.

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We posted many of their stories on my blog HERE.

Yet, that’s not enough for some people.

There’s a set of people who want everything spoon-fed to them.

A recent correspondence stood out from the others.

One ‘Hater’ refused to look at any of the links I sent him or read what I said.

And I don’t blame him. Like so many folks, the guy had been burned before.

But there was one statement he made that stuck with me.

“What’s the psychology behind 10+ minutes of hearing ‘study hard?’ This stuff is easy to learn. The hard part is applying it in the market in real time with real money!”

You know, he’s right…

It is hard to apply lessons in real-time with real money on the line.

That’s exactly WHY I emphasize studying.

Look, you can go out and learn the hard way.

Throw yourself into the mix and play with big dollars right out of the gate.

Unless you’re lucky, chances are you’ll get burned and frustrated.

If you want to learn how to apply trading lessons in real-time for real money, then I’ll explain how right now in a way that saves you money and actually MOVES you towards your goals.

The 3-Step Learning Process

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Invigorated by the prospect of making a fortune, new traders love to go full-throttle right out of the gate.

That’s a surefire way to lose money quickly.

Would you let a surgeon cut you open who hadn’t been to school then supervised in dry runs beforehand?

Mariana, one of my youngest and only female millionaire students, didn’t place a single trade during her first year of the Challenge.

She spent the entire time studying and learning how to trade.

Unlike what the ‘hater’ suggested, learning the material isn’t easy.

Type ‘penny stock trading’ into a Google search and you’ll find thousands of sites that teach different methodologies.

That’s why I keep it simple with my students.

There are three steps to learning how to trade:

  1. Identify patterns
  2. Locate setups
  3. Learn execution

When folks first join the Challenge, I have them focus on the 7-Step Penny Stock Framework.

It’s straightforward and easy to understand.

Then, I teach them how to locate this framework amongst penny stocks.

That includes using scanners in the StocksToTrade platform and Breaking News for catalysts.

After that, they learn some basic setups like the morning panic dip buy.

All of this happens before placing a single trade.

Generally, I encourage students to practice with paper accounts first before throwing real-money into the mix.

It sounds basic, but learning how to navigate trading platforms is crucial to success.

You’d be surprised how many traders don’t realize the number of fat-fingered trades or setups they miss because they couldn’t physically execute the orders correctly.

Real-Time Execution

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Alright, so let’s say you’ve learned what you needed to know and think you’re ready for the big-time.

First, I want you to keep this mantra in mind at all times…

Lose small and fast.

The way I trade is the same way I teach my students.

My setups work quickly or not at all.

I treat every trade like it’s going to fail and focus on only taking:

  • High quality setups
  • The entry price I want
  • Stocks with catalysts

There are plenty of folks out there who trade the S&P 500, Forex, and other instruments quite well.

That’s not what I know nor what I’m good at.

I specialize in penny stocks and OTCs, helping folk grow small accounts into real wealth.

I wouldn’t know how to invest $50 million.

But I certainly know how to trade a Supernova.

The key with real-time execution is to come in with a plan and stick to it.

Before every trade you should know:

  • How much you plan to risk
  • Your profit target
  • Your stop loss

These don’t have to be hard numbers. But you should have specific statements that define them.

For example, I may not put a stop at $0.65 on an entry of $0.70. However, I WILL stop out if it doesn’t bounce 5%-10% within five minutes or so.

And believe me, taking a loss isn’t easy.

It’s something traders have to practice.

Keep This in Mind

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Following someone’s ‘trade signals’ won’t make you rich.

I’ve never seen it happen.

I’m not going to beat around the bush.

You are the only one that can make your trading successful.

It’s a skill and a business, just like anything else.

If you put in the time and effort into the right material, then you stand a darn good shot of achieving your goals.



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