How To Trade Safe In This Market — What I’m Watching This Week {VIDEO}

My millionaire students and I aren’t down 20%+ like the overall markets … Because we all do one thing that keeps us safe. Tune in to the video below to find out what it is, plus, learn…

  • The different setups and patterns I’m tinkering with to find the best opportunities.
  • What this market environment is good for. (This can help you become a better trader.)
  • Why my I think my recent trades were fantastic … Even without massive profits…
  • Why a lower market is actually a good thing and how I tried to warn traders of this crash in advance.
  • How you can get into my live trading webinar happening Friday, May 20!

Don’t miss all that and more in the video below:

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Did my early market bubble warnings help you prepare for this market? Let me know in a comment below!