Watch LiveStock Tomorrow 1-2PM EST & Learn How To Predict 30% Drops In Stocks Like I Did On MECA & CVI

I’m not even gonna explain what LiveStock is anymore, if you don’t know, then just click the banner below:

And you’re damn right I’ll be explaining in detail, no doubt pointing you towards my structured educational products, how, as TIMalert subscribers know/participated alongside me, I just banked shorting and covering piece of crap companies–yes, even though I’m out now and have no vested interest whatsoever in saying this, they’re still the same horrific carcasses they were when I shorted them a few hours/days ago–CVI and MECA, making $530 on CVI by shorting at $4.70 and covering at $4.42ish and $490 on MECA by shorting at $3.95 and covering at $3.65ish.

And the best part is how I made easy $ even though I screwed up on both bigtime!

Because after I profited and went to go work on my new ShortStocking DVD–in which I teach how to profit from these very same patterns–both CVI and MECA tanked even more, MECA tanking 25% on the day and CVI dropping a bit more too (I say “tanked bigtime” because I’m looking at tomorrow’s price action in CVI, methinks it goes below $4 although I don’t have a position due to a morning meeting.

Anyway, brand these fucken charts into your little brains and quit worrying about how illiquid a stock is, obviously it’s better to be liquid, but if you take a small position in a stock like MECA, it’s very little risk with the same great potential reward:

And then read some testimonials form TIMalert subscribers and understand what a value it is for only $30/month:

Holding CVI overnight. Shorted at $4.94, currently sitting on a $900 profit.

$202 profit after commissions. Playing it very safe for a while since market is too unpredictable.

Thanks Tim. Bought into the Tim Alerts-induced dump at 3.69 and sold at 4.00 for an easy 8% gain in 15 minutes.
-Attack (OH yes, you don’t have to play TIMalerts the same way, there’s tons of profit angles!!!)

I shorted CVI too, held last night and covered today at 4.45 for a nice $610 gain.
SWEET. Thanks for the heads up Tim.