Wall Street Warriors: Where Are They Now?

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 31, 2023

Many PennyStocking Silver Subscribers and Penny Stock Millionaire Subscribers and TIMalert subscribers don’t know this, but my entire publishing business model came about due to the many thousands of emails I received over the first few months of the hit TV show Wall Street Warriors airing far too many times on upstart TV station INHD, (later changed to MOJO, not that it matters because they are now bankrupt).

For those who missed the party, you can watch all the episodes here on Hulu or see what classic TV this was below:

If you’re not in the US, then you can’t access Hulu so get the DVDs or even better don’t even bother watching because it’s really not that good and pretty much every scene was staged (I kicked over my fan about 7 times until we got the right take)

Anyway, I often get asked what happened to all the people in the show — from Brett the hedge fund manager to Sandra the third party marketer to Laetitia the forex trader (guys, she was an actress hired on Craigslist, ohhhhhh busted!) and my answer is I have no idea…except for refined-looking Guy de Chimay because he’s been in the news a little bit…as I previously wrote about here



We even had out picture taken at the Wall Street Warriors debut party:

Guy de Chimay
Guy de Chimay

Considering he just plead guilty to four felony counts including grand larceny, scheming to defraud and forgery that whole story he gave about turning $2 million into $100 million for close friends and investors was total BS!

This is why Investimonials and Profitly are so important to this truly screwed up industry and I’m proud to have created tools that will bust these criminals BEFORE they get on TV.

And in case any of you are thinking I’ve faked my trades, you can see ALL my trades right here and if you want the paperwork, I’ve got mountains, I DARE you to accuse me of doing anything improper, I’ll put the entire court to sleep by showing ALL of these as Exhibits A-M at the trial and bankrupt you if you have any $ whatsoever for lying 🙂

Read the whole story below:

MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — A former Wall Street broker was sentenced to three to nine years in prison for swindling investors who believed he was earning money for the Belgian royal family that shares his last name.

Guy De Chimay, 47, once highlighted on reality TV show “Wall Street Warriors,” went from successful money-maker to admitted criminal when he pleaded guilty to grand larceny, securities fraud and other charges on Feb. 2.

According to prosecutors, De Chimay stole more than $7 million from investors and spent the dough on a Hamptons rental home, cars, his mortgage and other personal expenses.

De Chimay confessed he fraudulently told his investors he was Belgian royalty and said he was helping the family profit through investments. He would then tell potential “clients” that he could help them make money on those same investments.

He pocketed some of their money and lost $3.5 million of it in risky investments, prosecutors said.
In fact, he was a distant blood relative to the De Chimay family of Belgium, but he’d never had any contact with them or access to their finances.

The former broker even showed investors false return statements to convince them their investments were secure, prosecutors said.

De Chimay was promised Wednesday’s sentence in exchange for a guilty plea and an agreement to eventually pay back more than $6 million upon his release.

About 10 percent of his yearly earnings will go back to the victims upon his return.

“He has no money,” said his attorney, Martin Adelman, who added that De Chimay is “extremely remorseful.”
Despite the restitution agreement, De Chimay may still be sued by the deceived investors, Adelman said.


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