How To Trade Like Me Without Doing All The Hard Work

To be a truly successful trader or investor in today’s market, you have to put in a ton of time to find the best plays and do your due diligence to increase your odds of profit.

Download this cheat sheet to learn how to trade like me without doing all the hard work.

Now as I know and as my first millionaire student** HERE and my second millionaire student** HERE have learned there’s absolutely no substitute for hard work and study (that’s why my trading challenge students receive 2-4 LIVE webinars/week from my millionaire students and I), but we can make the research part of the equation much more enjoyable/efficient and that’s what StocksToTrade was designed to do…so even when you’re out and about enjoying life, this revolutionary program is scanning the markets and alerting you to breaking news and interesting plays, making your life easier.

Over 16,000 stocks scanned in real time, filtered by me to match my money-making trading strategies—this is what I’m offering you today with my game-changing new software, StocksToTrade (STT).

It used to be that only hedge fund managers and mainstream traders had access to amazing automated trading software and scanning tools that took all the hard work out of stock research and helped them to make millions, even billions.

Not so anymore. My new software, StocksToTrade, gives you the advantage they have long enjoyed.

StocksToTrade is a real-time market and stock scanner, along with charts, Level 2 and fundamentals/breaking news/SEC filings all in one research package, and it’s just for you—made by traders, explicitly for traders of low priced stocks. That is to say, it was created by me, with a team of exceptional engineers.

But not only does it put you on par with hedge-fund managers and mainstream traders by automating everything for you—it takes you to a level that even they haven’t reached in terms of stock research. Check out what early users have to say:

@timothysykes Thanks for everything. p.s. STT is killer btw. By far the best platform I know of. Glad I got in early. #STT

Tim Stocks to Trade is a great tool for traders. I am 13 green days in the past 15. And the software is only going to get better. -‏@Turbobob129

yes @StocksToTrade is the only way to build a serious watch list puts everything at your finger tips check @timothysykes video

GreenWolf → timothysykes: Hi, Just wanted to give you props on stocktotrade its so sweet, perfect for penny stock traders, good job man !!

John Medlock
I just wanted to say that your StocksToTrade Platform is fucking sweet. Infinitely superior to Etrade pro.

Thanks for StocksToTrade so awsome $1500 profits on $EPE and $SDRL @timothysykes #stocks #stockstotrade #profit #timothysykes

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I’m always telling my students to do their homework; now I’ll make that exponentially easier for everyone. I’ve done all the hardest parts of your homework FOR YOU with StocksToTrade (STT).

Why this platform will help traders…

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My students have all benefitted great from the now 87,000+ trader strong community at Profitly, and now this is where the students become masters.

The features are unprecedented for day traders, and this is only the beginning:

  • FULL ACCESS: Level 1 and Level 2 for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB and PINSHEETS TB1 ml data(i.e., all US stocks)
  • TOP % GAINERS AND LOSERS: Data that breaks it all down for you
  • UNLIMITED Watch lists
  • REAL-TIME SCANS that are fully customizable
  • EVENTS AND NEWS on chart
  • SEC FILINGS for every stock
  • ALERTS on chart
  • STOCK PRICE ALERTS on chartTB2 ml data
  • CHART indicators
  • PRICE EVENT indicators
  • PRE-LOADED SCANS using my own winning strategy
  • DYNAMIC CHARTS that are user friendly


Data—It’s the only thing that separates you from the big boys …

software 2

The big boys have loads of analysis and theories to work with. It’s a speculative bonanza, true. But it’s also an eternal mountain of bullshit to wade through.

STT isn’t about the bullshit, it’s about technical and actionable information based on the most successful traders out there.

It’s How I Made Millions…automated for you. That means you have access to my money-making strategies on your computer screen, without doing all the work I have done to spot major opportunities.

It’s only just launched, and already it’s making traders money. Check out what some more of STT users have had to say so far:

Thanks @timothysykes for the patterns and the huge help, and to StocksToTrade for finding DRL! Bought mulitday breakout, easy 10% profits! — JAMES R 

@timothysykes @StocksToTrade is just awesome!! Love the preset scans:) and the video lessons are great too, thank you!  — RICHARD M

@StocksToTrade is great analysis program! It allowed me to make smart trades and make $$. Thanks @timothysykes for this software! — CLAYTON

 THANK YOU @timothysykes for creating Caught the $XXII news the second it came out, prepared orders immediately. — BLAKE A

@timothysykes Hey Tim, quick note.. I’m a software engineer and wanted to congratulate you on the UI of STT. Looks great! @StocksToTrade — DANIEL C

@timothysykes @StocksToTrade I’ve only used this software for 10 minutes and love it already! It’s awesome, thanks Tim  #Stockstotrade — ALEXA

The bottom line is that there is nothing on the market like STT, which is the only trading data software that is engineered using proven trading strategies.

Step up your data game, change your life forever

Whether you have already docked some trading days, or are a new day trader just learning how to trade and struggling to navigate everything that’s out there and find the right opportunities, STT will change your life immediately.

Forget all those hours spent hunting for news, researching on Yahoo Finance and a million other places, and waiting for delayed stock data. By the time you do all the work that you need to do to come up with the bigger picture on a stock, it’s already become irrelevant.

What’s worse—half the time, it’s all been just wasted energy because you’re not sure which stocks you can play within your budget.

With STT, I’ve already done the work for you. You’ll be viewing stock information in real time and through filters that have been created by successful traders who use them every day to find profitable trading opportunities and to promote their lists.

Not only does STT provide FULL-MARKET, REAL-TIME scans of over 16,000 stocks, but it also filters them for you and picks those that match my own winning strategy. But it’s also flexible, so the more veteran day traders can customize the filters to work with any strategy. Regardless of how you want to use the filters, the data is real-time data that is up to date for every single stock in all the markets.

The only other software packages out there right now that even comes close to what my engineers have put together with STT lack this breadth. Other platforms limit the number of simultaneous stocks being tracked to about 100. This means you don’t get the full picture of what the market is doing within your tracking criteria. With STT, you can track over 16,000 stocks simultaneously.

We’re blowing everything else out of the water here with STT, and turning your hours of research into minutes. This is the real day-trading bonanza.

And this is only the beginning of the Timothy Sykes day-trading software revolution; there’s much more to come. We’ll be updating frequently and adding new unprecedented features to this platform continually, based on plans we’ve already got in the pipeline and feedback from our users. This is both revolutionary and evolutionary.

Level the playing field with me—today. Sign up now and join the others who have already started making fast money using STT.