Today We Honor The 71st Anniversary Of Jesse Livermore’s Death With Videos, Free Books & A Massive 50% Off Sale

Before I get to who Jesse Livermore was and some great videos on him:

Jesse Livermore
Jesse Livermore

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PennyStocking Framework In Action
PennyStocking Framework In Action

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And now we remember one of the greatest fallen traders who came before us…

Most Trading Challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers have little idea who Jesse Livermore is and that’s just sad…when I wrote this blog post on him, people literally had no idea who this guy was…after all, it’s one of my life’s goals to make a movie about him so EVERYONE will know who he was.

You can see Livermore’s Wikipedia page which is made impressive by this simple phrase: “During his lifetime, Livermore gained and lost several multi-million dollar fortunes. Most notably, he was worth $3 million and $100 million after the 1907 and 1929 market crashes, respectively. He subsequently lost both fortunes.”

Mind you $100 million in 1929 was worth roughly $1 billion and so he lived life on a grand scale as denoted here:

Patricia Livermore, Jesse Livermore’s daughter-in-law gave a fascinating interview in 1990 for a documentary about the crash of 1929. Here’s part of what she said about the Livermore lifestyle:

“They had a beautiful place on 76th Street in Manhattan on the West Side, off Central Park. They had a floor at 813 Fifth Avenue because Dorothea did not like to go to the West Side to change her clothes. They had a house in Great Neck. They had a summer house in Lake Placid. They had a house in Palm Beach. They had a private railroad car, two yachts. The only yacht that was bigger was J. P. Morgan’s. And they used one of them, the big one, very frequently when they went to Europe. They lived very comfortably…

Jesse Livermore had a ticker tape in every home that he owned, on his railway cars, on his yachts… They had several Rolls Royces, lots of chauffeurs. They had a staff of about 20 or 25 and in each place, in each house, see, and with the exception of Dorothea’s personal maid, they did not take their staffs with them. They simply kept them year-round in all their establishments…

Oh, they lived. They really lived… Mrs. Livermore was a spender. And, of course, she loved to buy. She spent her days buying and buying and buying…”

Huge inspiration to live comfortably off your trading gains (he was a notorious short seller like me, however back then were no stock market rules so he made a ton off manipulating stocks) and especially lessons on who to marry…or rather who not to marry 🙂

You should definitely read my favorite book of all-time, Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator, which has nearly 100 reviews here and is based loosely on his life or read the more-factually accurate Jesse Livermore: World’s Greatest Stock Trader, to get a sense of the man who many call the greatest trader who ever lived…

I was and forever will be extremely honored that my book An American Hedge Fund has been compared to Reminiscences of A Stock Operator as I wrote it in the same style specifically because that book inspired me so much and I couldn’t think of any recent trading books that had a similar effect.

…and begin to understand why I spent nearly $18,000 on one of the only copies in the world to be autographed first edition of his book “How To Trade In Stocks” and made this video:

I HIGHLY encourage you read this book, you can read it HERE for free and you can read Chapter 1 of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator for free HERE

Here’s a quality article about how Jesse Livermore committed suicide, offering perhaps the greatest lesson of all to traders…I was going to do a video clip at the Sherry Netherland Hotel and re-enact his suicide with blanks, but I’m just too busy, so it’ll have to wait for the future.

Here’s another decent video on Livermore’s life along with some of his famous trading quotes: