Tips From a Week of Trading Penny Stocks {VIDEO}

By Updated on April 18, 2022

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Stock Market Recap: Key Takeaways

  • Sneak peek: My trades from last week and 2022 so far, plus what’s going on in the markets…
  • A slow market provides different opportunities — discover how to maximize them.
  • Why I laugh out loud when Wall Street traders look down on my process and profits…

There haven’t been as many trades recently, but that’s fine. It makes it easier to avoid overtrading. Even so, I’m already up roughly $35K in 2022. And while I’m not looking to take trades, I will when they come to me.

In this video…

  • How to get rich with a 50% win rate. (Most new traders don’t know this…)
  • The truth about trading the most volatile stocks in the market.
  • Why you should cherish a slower market. (And how to benefit from the gift of time.)
  • The real reason most traders aren’t ready when a great play stares them in the face.
  • What Tim Grittani did on June 30, 2020. (Most people can’t believe it until they see it.)
  • The trades and setups working in this market. Hint: the rules never change.
  • Review of my recent INDO trades: The good, the bad, and rule #1.
  • How to avoid FOMO on missed executions. (This lesson alone could save you thousands.)
  • Why a stock trending up on unconfirmed rumors is more exciting than a ‘penny up, penny down’ former runner.
  • When a double-top is NOT a bad sign. (Counterintuitive, but true…)
  • How penny stock companies jump from one hot trend to another. You can’t believe the company, but you MUST respect its spikeability.
  • PLUS: Why I can’t stop looking at this chart…
PQEFF stock drop
PQEFF chart: Feb. 1, 2022, perfect morning panic pattern (Source:

Tips From a Week of Trading Penny Stocks & More: Video Recap

Get all these lessons and more in the recap video below…

Remember, you don’t have to make BS predictions. You’re not a CNBC talking head trying to raise money to collect a 1% management fee.

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