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By Updated on January 5, 2023

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It’s Trader & Investor Summit time! I’ve only just arrived back in the U.S. from Tokyo. I’m back for my annual penny stock trading conference — the Trader & Investor Summit.

Sometimes when my body clock gets out of whack due to my crazy schedule, I get sick. Last week was one of those occasions. Still not 100% but getting better.

But I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Much of my travel is for fun and charity. But there’s also another reason. I trade from around the world to show you what’s possible. So if you’re ready to focus like never before, apply for the Trading Challenge today.

How to Take the Trader & Investor Summit Home

By the time you read this, it’ll be the last day of Trader & Investor Summit 2019. If you missed the opportunity to attend or livestream this year’s event, there’s still a way for you to get all the lessons. And not just part of the conference. The whole shebang.

If you want lifelong access so you can…

… soak up every lesson and turn knowledge into power…

… you’re gonna love what I’m about to tell you.

Tim & Tim
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When you buy your copy of the T&I DVD recording, you’ll be able to:

  • Watch every speaker’s presentation in full. Don’t miss a single minute. Learn every nuance by watching each presentation multiple times. (All my top students report doing just this.)
  • Get an over-the-shoulder look into how I trade. Witness three live trading sessions featuring me and Tim Bohen.
  • Learn from some of the world’s top penny stock traders as we gather for a roundtable discussion. (This alone could be worth the price of admission.)

Right now I want to give you an opportunity to get the conference recordings. And I want you to save big. So I’ve instructed my team to cut the price by 60% … but this deal ends on September 24. Yes, you’ll still be able to get the recording later, but you’ll never again see it at this price.

Check out the offer here: Trader & Investor Summit 2019 DVD Recording.

You better act fast. I’m posting this on September 23. As you read this we’re into our last day of the conference.

Not sure if you want the recordings? Or whether the lessons are really worth the investment?

Check this out…

If you wanna know what attendees are saying before you buy, jump on Twitter. Search for the hashtag #TISummit. See what your fellow trading students share about the trading event of the year. Check out the incredible value you’re gonna get when you buy today.

[Edit: I’m adding this during the conference. This year’s conference is one of the best ever. My top students are sharing soooo many incredible trading and mindset ideas. You’re gonna LOVE this DVD.]

As you can see, I’m crazy busy right now going over all the last minute details with my team. So I’m going to make the rest of this a quick one.

Let’s get right into a trading lesson…

Tim’s World Trading Lesson

Let’s talk about DCGD again, because there are a lot of good lessons in this stock…

Discovery Gold Inc (OTCPK: DCGD)

DCGD has been an example of a big multi-week winner. It’s been on and off my watchlist since July 23. It was featured in my top penny stocks to watch in August, and I’ve traded it 14 times since July 22 when it started spiking.

Most recently, I’ve tried dip buying it a few times. I was wrong pretty much every time I tried. Then on the day I was traveling back to the U.S. and NOT trading, it spiked 50%.

First, take a look at the DCGD six-month chart:

DCGD 6-month chart — courtesy of StocksToTrade.com
DCGD 6-month chart — courtesy of StocksToTrade.com

As you can see, DCGD has been in play for the last two months. Next, look at the chart from September 16 when I was traveling:

DCGD 5-day chart: September 15–19 — courtesy of StocksToTrade.com
DCGD 5-day chart: September 15–19 — courtesy of StocksToTrade.com

Notice how it spiked in the morning and then held before a midday breakout. Then when it dropped again, support held in the same range as the late morning consolidation.

Finally, notice how it spiked into the close. DCGD has proved over and over again it has the potential to run into the close. Especially on strong green days.

DCGD’s recent run provides powerful trading lessons…

  • Try, try, and try some more. If a stock presents you with opportunities that match your criteria, you can trade it more than once. Especially if you follow Rule #1: cut losses quickly.
  • Fit trades to your personal schedule. (Personal schedule is one of seven indicators outlined in my Trader Checklist guide.) For me, the lesson last Monday was … try not to miss a whole friggin’ day of trading. It was a rather perfect bounce and I totally missed it due to travel.
  • Being on the right track is a good thing. Even if you don’t quite get the trade right. I’ll go more into this in the student question below.
  • Even good risk/reward trades won’t always go your way. And that doesn’t mean it was a bad trade or idea. I’d rather see you take non-exciting trades with the potential for 1–10 risk/reward than … exciting trades with poor risk vs. reward.

Now I want to answer a student question. I’m only doing one this week. Usually, I answer two or three, but I’m cramming for the conference (check out #TISummit.) I’m writing this a little early because I won’t have a spare moment over the weekend.

Question from a Trading Challenge Student

“Watching videos or webinars of your trading, it looks like you watch level 2 and the time and sales window more than the chart. Is that a personal preference or does it give you a clearer picture of price action?”

Yeah, I look at all the indicators from my Trader Checklist guide. But mainly I look at the intraday chart, the multi-month chart, level 2, and time and sales. That’s so I can get the whole picture.

I think the best lesson here is that we see newbies focus on only one thing.

They say, “Oh, this company had good news…” 


“This company has a good chart.”

So they buy it based on one indicator. The Trader Checklist guide has seven indicators.

Not six. Seven. Seven is the number ... SEVEN.

My point: I look at all seven indicators. It might look like I’m only watching level 2 and the time and sales window. But I’ve looked at everything. Also, remember I’ve been doing this for two decades, so I might quickly glance at a chart and see what I need to see. That comes with experience.

Even then, it’s not a perfect science. Something could have a high rating on the Trader Checklist and not actually turn out to be a good trade. So you have to always remember this isn’t a perfect science.

If you try to make it a perfect science…

… you’re gonna fail. Don’t expect perfection. But also, don’t consider only one or two variables. That’s why I look at several indicators.

Millionaire Mentor Market Wrap

That’s another edition in the books. As always, thank you for reading. I hope you take the lessons in these updates and put them to good use. Always remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Reminder: buy your copy of the Trader & Investor Summit 2019 DVD Recording now for huge savings. It’s more than half off the regular price but only through September 24.

Did you attend the Trader & Investor Summit or watch on Livestream? What did you like most about this year’s conference? New to trading? What are you doing every day to be a better trader? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers!


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