Tim Grittani Breaks Down His 2022 Strategies {VIDEO}

Tim Grittani is arguably the best penny stock trader of all time. He hasn’t been trading much in the past few years, but now, he’s back at it. Last week, Grittani gave a live webinar to Trading Challenge students. It’s packed full of trading wisdom!

Tune in to find out what he’s been up to, how much he’s made so far in 2022, and what his strategy is for the rest of the year. Plus, learn even more from the GOAT…

  • How trading intuition comes into play and why setups aren’t black and white.
  • How Grittani adjusted his trading around his family.
  • His quick and easy way to find dilution…
  • Why he mostly goes long and adapted his trading to be more speculative.

Tim Grittani is my top Trading Challenge student turned master…

There’s so much to learn from Grittani, so watch this sneak peek of his webinar below!

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