The Top 7 Penny Stocks To Watch Today

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Solid documentary on Wall Street quants

Funny Photoshopped picture of me from one of my haters

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $145,612, short some DSTI overnight, this account is up 42% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and up 1,070% since Nov. 2007 start

Conservative SogoTrade Account: $236,469, no trades, account is up 105% since Nov. 2009 start

Conservative Interactive Brokers Account: $190,822, short some DSTI overnight, account is up 27% since May 2009 start

Aggressive Interactive Brokers Account: $63,014, no trades, account is up 26% since Nov. 2009 start

Today was a $2,600 profit day (up $400ish so far on my DSTI short me) for the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

+600 STTN, was boxed, this is the long portion which was just a hedge

+1071 ZAGG, +74 BJGP

+244 TSTR, Nice percentage gain with a small position on TSTR.
-Scott W.

+235 ARNA, bot yesterday on intraday bkout…sold today too soon

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA) is the latest breakout I’ve called for, but didn’t trade…I just rewatched my PennyStocking Part Deux DVD over the weekend to remind myself that improbable breakouts can be predicted by simple technical analysis, which this one did perfectly on the multi-day breakout at 6.75 the other day…now at 8ish some are shorting, but I don’t short perfect breakouts until they get waaaay over-extended, which this one has not yet done….no play now.

Gold American Mining Corp. (SILA) bounced a bit back to 90 cents/share as further mailers inspired a bit of buying and the pumpers probly don’t want to get shut down by the Sec so they have to support the price a bit so mailer buyers don’t complain too loudly…potential short for sure on any further spikes as this is history soon…difficult to find shares to short though, let’s pray for more buy ins to shake the short share tree loose.

DayStar Technologies Inc. (DSTI) faded rather perfectly as news of the financing at massively discounted prices sunk in and shares to short actually became available at Interactive Brokers and Thinkorswim…goal is to cover in the mid to high 1s as the financings were at 90 cents and 1.25…gonna try to hold my short for a few days to let it get there, I will try to add to my short on any spikes…great odds for shorting one of the worst publicly traded companies in the world after it spikes 200% on pumpish news designed to accomplish such a dump-like financing…beautiful predictability…several people have questioned the timing of the PRs

Isilon Systems, Inc. (ISLN) can’t stay muted forever and its threatening to breakout about the mid 17s…this is my #1 potential buy and I would love to buy it on dips, but its looking like I might have waited too long…the good news is this stock is one of the choppiest around so I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I can buy the stock before everyone starts realizing this can really spike…potential buy.

HSW International, Inc. (HSWI) dropped a fully predictable 20%+, now nearly 30% drop from its high of 8/share, but there were no shares to short anywhere…no borrow no cry, great chart pattern fro everyone to learn from though.

AMAROK RESOURCES INC (AMOK) is an old pump that is now getting repumped, it’s about time! This time it’s the stock promoter Eric Dany who probly helped bury Jarret Wollstein next to Jimmy Hoffa so he can keep all the pumping business to himself…what a selfish guy, we need Jarret back so hopefully his body turns up soon…potential short on any big spike, but usually Dany is just useless at pumping, that’s why he resorts to thumping the competition Tonya-Harding-style (actually quite possible).

Sierra Wireless, Inc. (SWIR) surged 20%+ to the low 9s, breaking out of a multi-month base in the 7s, on strong earnings, this is one choppy chart with tons of resistance everywhere…it’s questionable whether it can keep breaking out, my guess is no given how the company’s many longterm failures have created an entire generation of bagholders who eagerly await selling into any strength…potential buy, but it must prove itself first.