The Multi-Day Penny Stock Earnings Breakout Pattern For Longs

Oh yes, my trading challenge students have learned…I buy breakouts too…remember this post?

When I sent PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers the following alert on Dearborn Bancorp, Inc. (DEAR) the other day:

bought 7k DEAR at 3.45, same multi-day earnings breakout pattern as ISSI, 3.25 was 1-year resistance, now clear technical path to 4, thats my goal

The night before my alert/buy, I had already predicted the breakout/my buy on such a breakout in the my nightly watchlist:

Dearborn Bancrop Inc. (DEAR) spiked 15%, trapping amateur shorts after being up 20% at one point, no real play here yet until it breaks out past two-time-top at 3.30ish, still a potential buy.

And I NAILED that entry as the stock surged to over $5.50 in 2 days (helped by the distressed bank hot streak which I also noted)


…and subscribers to my 4 newsletters and I banked $20,000+ (I mistimed my exit selling at $4.35ish (remember my initial target was only $4 so while I profited $6,340, I left $7,700+ on the table…which I don’t regret since I’m not usually great at buying…lots of others sold too quickly too)

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(don’t be confused by how many testimonials there are, there’s more to the post below)

thanks tim $2k in 2 min. DEAR

I was walking out the door to bring my girl to outback steakhouse then the alert came in. Ran over and made a $1000 bucks in like 2 mins. Now were going to mortons for a top notch steak. God bless and thanks so much.
-red99vr4 (andy)

+160, DEAR (My 1st Trade). 1000Shares/Buy,3.74/Sell,3.90

Up about $1700 on DEAR
-david fiddler

made $500 on DEAR

I scalped a quick $243 yesterday off $DEAR.

quick +640 on DEAR breakout 4k shares 3.49 to 3.66
-jeremy g.

Tim..Made $90 on DEAR alert. 15 cents on 600..wish I had gone with more size. Thanks.

DEAR $500 profit. Please Tim. Find shares like this that we can go long on

$1200 profit on Dear…in at 3.5 sold 4.7

+190 DEAR. Left a TON of profit on the table. Oh well.

+300 on DEAR bought 3.70 sold 3.93

I did, +800 shorting DEAD jackle style

DEAR profit $1100

+500 DEAR

i made 300 on DEAR 2 days ago

$1300 on DEAR

+155 on DEAR. Bad entry and bad exit, but still squeezed out a profit

+$190 on DEAR (terrible entry and exit), 1k ROHI short @ 3.15 unrealized.

IT WAS THE EXACT SAME MULTI-DAY EARNINGS BREAKOUT SETUP as Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI) for which I made a video lesson for PennyStocking Silver subscribers:

….before ISSI spiked from the 9s to the 11s

…not to mention its similarity previous successful breakout plays Acme Packet, Inc. (APKT) (I bought at $14, mistimed my exit, but it eventually went to 20+),


…same as afternoon breakouts on Luna Innovations Incorporated (LUNA) (big contract) and Diedrich Coffee Inc. (DDRX) (earnings propelled it from the $2s to the $4s before it eventually surged to $30+, each of which I, along with subscribers to all 4 of my newsletters, made thousands of dollars.

This is the EXACT breakout pattern detailed in my PennyStocking Part Deux DVD, my most well loved of all DVDS (see reviews) and also in TIMfundamentals Part Deux