The Multi-Day Penny Stock Earnings Breakout Pattern For Longs

Oh yes, my trading challenge students have learned…I buy breakouts too…remember this post?

When I sent PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers the following alert on Dearborn Bancorp, Inc. (DEAR) the other day:

bought 7k DEAR at 3.45, same multi-day earnings breakout pattern as ISSI, 3.25 was 1-year resistance, now clear technical path to 4, thats my goal

The night before my alert/buy, I had already predicted the breakout/my buy on such a breakout in the my nightly watchlist:

Dearborn Bancrop Inc. (DEAR) spiked 15%, trapping amateur shorts after being up 20% at one point, no real play here yet until it breaks out past two-time-top at 3.30ish, still a potential buy.

And I NAILED that entry as the stock surged to over $5.50 in 2 days (helped by the distressed bank hot streak which I also noted)


…and subscribers to my 4 newsletters and I banked $20,000+ (I mistimed my exit selling at $4.35ish (remember my initial target was only $4 so while I profited $6,340, I left $7,700+ on the table…which I don’t regret since I’m not usually great at buying…lots of others sold too quickly too)

Download a PDF version of this post.

(don’t be confused by how many testimonials there are, there’s more to the post below)

thanks tim $2k in 2 min. DEAR

I was walking out the door to bring my girl to outback steakhouse then the alert came in. Ran over and made a $1000 bucks in like 2 mins. Now were going to mortons for a top notch steak. God bless and thanks so much.
-red99vr4 (andy)

+160, DEAR (My 1st Trade). 1000Shares/Buy,3.74/Sell,3.90

Up about $1700 on DEAR
-david fiddler

made $500 on DEAR

I scalped a quick $243 yesterday off $DEAR.

quick +640 on DEAR breakout 4k shares 3.49 to 3.66
-jeremy g.

Tim..Made $90 on DEAR alert. 15 cents on 600..wish I had gone with more size. Thanks.

DEAR $500 profit. Please Tim. Find shares like this that we can go long on

$1200 profit on Dearโ€ฆin at 3.5 sold 4.7

+190 DEAR. Left a TON of profit on the table. Oh well.

+300 on DEAR bought 3.70 sold 3.93

I did, +800 shorting DEAD jackle style

DEAR profit $1100

+500 DEAR

i made 300 on DEAR 2 days ago

$1300 on DEAR

+155 on DEAR. Bad entry and bad exit, but still squeezed out a profit

+$190 on DEAR (terrible entry and exit), 1k ROHI short @ 3.15 unrealized.

IT WAS THE EXACT SAME MULTI-DAY EARNINGS BREAKOUT SETUP as Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI) for which I made a video lesson for PennyStocking Silver subscribers:

….before ISSI spiked from the 9s to the 11s

…not to mention its similarity previous successful breakout plays Acme Packet, Inc. (APKT) (I bought at $14, mistimed my exit, but it eventually went to 20+),


…same as afternoon breakouts on Luna Innovations Incorporated (LUNA) (big contract) and Diedrich Coffee Inc. (DDRX) (earnings propelled it from the $2s to the $4s before it eventually surged to $30+, each of which I, along with subscribers to all 4 of my newsletters, made thousands of dollars.

This is the EXACT breakout pattern detailed in my PennyStocking Part Deux DVD, my most well loved of all DVDS (see reviews) and also in TIMfundamentals Part Deux

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  1. Harry Erames

    I figured out your scam Sykes.

    you would never buy of sell any of this stuff if you didn;t have a crowd of morons GUARANTEED to follow AFTER you bets.

    You can’t lose.

    If you weren’t a scammer, you would wait to TRADE these names until subscribers were able to get a better price, before your FRONTRUNNING.

  2. Harry Erames

    You short, then publish a slander against the stock.

    This is at least as bad as those you criticize.

    You are pushing old ladies down the stairs, you scumbag.

    See you in court.

  3. Anonymous

    zzzzz, u really think i’m as ignorant as u, nope…DEAr buy was predicted BEFORE i bought…APKT and ISSI both ran without me…stop wasting my time with your halfbrain idea, go to school, stop being a landscaper then try to combat me, until then, i have all the facts on my side

  4. Anonymous

    i slander? all i do is quote sec filings and company press releases…if i slander, then the companies should sue themselves because i’m using their own words and filings

  5. Jbrown

    Many of Tim’s subscribers didn’t even short POSC because the margin requirement, or we can’t short stocks under $3. And POSC came out with laughable news what is this guy Harry talking about. Tim i fell bad you have to hear stuff like this from pure haters…

  6. realitytime

    “i look at ALL time frames” huh? but different time frames give different signals. what are you talking about? the most inane, uninformative vids EVAH!! lololololololol

    thanks for the laugh, though.

  7. realitytime

    awesome!! then how about telling everyone when you are going to short DEAR, because as we all know – MOST breakouts FAIL. so how about it, tim? are you going short DEAR now or what? this is a classic pump and dump (as you are so fond of capitalizing on)
    (site note: change the pic on the RIGHT side (the more recent one) and put up one taken around the same time as the one on the LEFT (the one taken when you were probably 40 lbs lighter). putting the two pics in the same line of sight makes it look like a before and after pic. the more recent one makes it look like your jaw line was enveloped by one too many fried egg sandwiches…..). just sayin’…..

  8. Gaggol

    Gonna wise you up now, just like old Timmy boy likes to say.

    Doesn’t matter if even one subscriber shorted POSC.

    The noise Sykes creates scares off ANY NEW LONGS!!!!!!

    GET IT., It’s like a reverse puimp

    This is the secret of his success and why he has to be a loadmouth. No noise, no HELP.

    Dare you to rebut this Sykes.

  9. Anonymous

    Mainly agree w/ jbrown on this one. You needed A LOT of money ($2.50 collateral per share borrowed) to play POSC. Most subscribers were not able to play POSC correctly and therefore just watched Tim from the sidelines. I think even Reaper only played 5-10k max. To the haters: Let’s say you’re right and this is just a scam or Tim moving the market. Why not sign up and see if you can make some $ on the trades anyway? Why hate? Join or ignore.

  10. Anonymous

    Hehe you make a point chiggles. Tim and I had a lengthy discussion about that very fact upon my previous departure. I never really disagreed with Tim’s main ideas, but grew frustrated in my inability to put them into practice. I guess in the end I took that out on Tim himself. Let’s just say that the right broker(s) make all the difference in the world. I’ve learned to just have brokerage rage…not Tim rage. If we (including Tim) could short every stock as easily as we can buy them we’d all be rich.

  11. samyong

    Yeah it can be hard to put his theories into practice without lots of people following my trades… Some stocks I have nailed at “key inflection” points, ie JYHW at $1, MSEH at $1.25 etc… but try Tim’s theories on more liquid stocks played by the big boys, and your chances diminish greatly.

    The uncertainly makes me reluctant to go big, meaning i need more winners, unless i just follow Tim’s trades. but just following someone’s trades all the time can be demoralizing.

  12. Anonymous

    The hardest part really is having the broker(s) with the borrows and the capital to play the small ones like POSC. I don’t have enough $ (yet) for the cheapies so I just ignore those. Luckily there are plenty of $1-$6 stocks to short lately.
    As far as the occasional follow goes I don’t really give a hoot. Loot is loot!

  13. Stockspeare

    Impressive results. You play a good game. I am running a virtual box with our computer programs with you Genx’ers. Stay strong and don’t worry about the haters. You caught my interest. Best of luck.


  14. realitytime

    although i admire sykes’ biz acumen, i think what turns most people off is his arrogance and overall douche-iness. there’s a difference between being assertive and an overall assclown. i also can’t stomach someone who runs a TRADING blog (a successful one, too!! congrats), but writes featured posts not bragging about profits from TRADING, but from BLOGGING. huh? so he’s going to teach me about making $$ BLOGGING? oh, wait, no. deep down he feels badly about himself and fixes that by talking about how much dough he makes every month. de-clase…….

  15. Anonymous

    zzz i give u the tools to make $ how i do, its up to u to follow through..say what u want, u dont see the opportunity, you’re either ignorant incompetent or both…like most penny stock traders

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  18. Chaturanga

    Tim I know a landscaping co. in LA (owner) who makes north of $5mm a year. You risk 10:1 on your trades, anyone can do that. Your ego is fascinating to watch, though.

  19. timothysykes

    except i dont use ANY leverage, roughly only 10% of my account at any one time and my true talent is teaching as evidenced by over a dozen students with over $100k in profits on my strategy…my ignorant haters are fascinating though, you never seem to be able to really grasp whats going on lol

  20. Kether1985

    ^^ – I never noticed all the haters below…. *high five* haters I’ll be sure to throw some dimes into your paper cup as I see you on the streets! ๐Ÿ˜› — Also Mr. Harry Erames are you a old man? You sound like an old man that hates his life and your wife is a bitch that nags at you. It’s funny, you’re funny. ใตใ–ใ‘ใ‚‹ ใช ใฐใ‹ใ‚„ใ‚ใ† ใฎใ†ใใคใ! ^_^ Fuck you buddy!

  21. Daniel Ray

    Haters like Gaggol, let me ask you this….so if Tim is the author of the pump and dump price action-manipulation, then HOW did he make money in the beginning when NO ONE knew him????? HUH???? HUH????. You losers just don’t get it do you? Yes, Tim is loud and animated and comes across as arrogant. I don’t know him personally so I can’t say if this is really his nature or a marketing ploy… he does market for new subscribers and this is a great way to do it. Nothing wrong with sales, but then again you probably hate a successful salesman as well. Although I am not a fan of his language at times, I cannot argue with his success and will NOT take that away from him. So haters, just crawl back into the squatter houses you live in and take comfort in knowing that you are part of this progressive generation that is destroying capitalism and the opportunity to be self made and in return will pull others down to your level… IE misery loves company. Go ahead and use your food stamps to buy you some comfort food and watch all the failures and brain dead zombies on reality TV. Enjoy your life of give-me’s which is being taken from folks like Tim and other hard working self made men/women in the form of excessive taxes and regulation. I don’t have to agree with many things Tim Sykes, Donald Trump, Robert O’leary or other self made millionaire-billionaires sometimes do, but I can certainly respect their hard work and achievement and will NOT criticize the success they have attained because I may disagree with personal attributes. I applaud their achievement. Why must you be so jealous….oh I forgot, because you are a LOSER- Mind, body and soul.

  22. Bon Bon

    I owe you, Tim. It’s sad so many willfully ignorant and simple-minded are absolutely terrified of the stock market. I had to learn this real quick.

  23. Al Dinger

    Tim is not arrogant. He is honest. He is doing his best to inspire us. If he were arrogant, he would not share what he does so perfectly.

  24. Al Dinger

    Choosing the right penny stocks is an art as well as a science. I believe as you press in there; you will prevail. It is like studying a new language that comes together and you learn it after a while.

  25. D.E.

    I may not be able to open broker accounts to trade just yet, but as I’m saving up, it’s all the more time I get to study up! Thanks for making the videos, Tim!

  26. sonny

    Tim! Your the greatest! We love you. I wish you could run my ameritrade acount for me. I can give my password and let you go for it sence im not doing good for a year now. Plz let me know here at

  27. Archer

    Is it possible to add your links to my up and coming website as a positive take on trading penny stocks tim? Your stuff is amazing. The site is going to be more focussed for beginner traders in Australia and New Zealand a lot of us have no idea on penny stocks. W e think a little different to you lot over there haha.


  28. Ted Jackson

    Timothy Sykes is a pimp. I am studying his DVDs and will subscribe to TimAlerts as soon as I have a grasp on things.

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  30. Jeffrey Borja

    Great stuff, Tim! Appreciate the e-mail clarification on when fundamentals do matter (like the earning’s winner above) and when they don’t (quick dip buys). You’re the best!

  31. Zach R

    Thanks Tim. And this is why we study. History repeats its self, you can learn from it or be a victim of it. Either way the market doesn’t care.

  32. AnneMarita

    Great videos – as always. I’m doing things a bit backwards and just finishing watching the first 30 great videos AFTER I’ve already watched tons of others.

  33. Lance Wing

    Tim, I’m glad you can laugh off the hateful ridiculous comments above. Jealousy and ignorance can make a person say some really stupid shit. I’m in the challenge and I see your sincerity. Thanks

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