Do You Recognize This GREAT Stock Pattern ?

By Updated on January 9, 2023

Weed stocks are back in play for a variety of reasons, not just because it’s 4/20 today LOL! Today I’ll share a great stock pattern.

Mostly it’s due to Canada’s pending legalization of weed happening in just a few months from now on June 7, 2018 and so the classic pattern of “buy the rumor, sell the news” is taking place in the weed sector and if you’ve seen my now 5,000+ video lessons, you know this pattern well.

So, it’s nice when a rising tide lifts all boats in a sector, but be aware that every sector, especially the marijuana sector, has both good and bad companies…so which of these weed stocks are good and which are bad?

As I always say, trust in self-made millionaires, not just random people who claim stuff on the Internet and my friend Doug here has been a documented big earner on weed stocks and he’s agreed to host a webinar here in just a few days from now where he’ll reveal 5 new pot stocks he thinks has big upside potential in the coming week.

And because people are always dubious of anyone who claims to have knowledge of a hot sector like Bitcoin or marijuana, I made sure this webinar here, happening on April 26th at 8pm EST was of no charge so you have NO excuse not to tune in…unless you’re lazy…and if you are lazy please get off my website right now as I promise you that we will not get along (ask the too many lazy people who have been in my life if I’m a nice guy to them and they will all emphatically say something like “No, Tim is the opposite of a nice guy, he’s the biggest dick I’ve ever talked to”…to which I’d say, well at least you got off your lazy ass and finally formed an opinion of something so I’m glad I could help you finally do something with your useless life!)

After all, I get along MUCH better with hard workers/dedicated students who are obsessed with finding the best performers in the stock market and those who specialize in a specific pattern, strategy or sector. this guy who is a masterful short seller of morning spikes (I tried and I sucked at it) and this guy is a masterfully patient penny stock trader who holds gives breakouts far more time to show what they can do and has often reaped the rewards of such patience (something that I’ve tried, but could never do) or several of my other trading challenge students who have proven themselves time and again with one or two patterns, NOT being a master of all patterns and strategies in order to become a successful trader as is a far too common misconception that too many people have and message me about.**

Remember, I’m not that great at math or even that smart and I became a multi-millionaire even without having any teacher — although I wish I did have a teacher/mentor so I wouldn’t have made so many boneheaded mistakes along the way, hence why my goal for the  trading challenge is to be the mentor to you that I never had…**

But I digress — maybe because today is 4/20 so I’m not thinking so clearly, but the point of this blog post is that weed stocks are back in play and I’m VERY thankful as Bitcoin and crypto-currency stocks that had been all the rage the past few months have fallen dramatically off their highs and it’s still-to-be-determined if they can come back in any meaningful way (so far their bounces have been weak so they resemble a #6 pattern from this must watch new study guide which means they’re actually good short selling candidates, not longs)

As you can see in the charts below, weed stocks have been the strongest performers the past few days:

…with low priced plays like General Cannabis Corporation (CANN) and WEED, Inc. (BUDZ) roughly doubling in the past week alone while weed-sector leader GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH) has risen nearly 40% and is right at all-time highs now:

…all of which bodes very well for this sector…even though these 3 companies are just examples of the strength in this sector as I don’t think these companies will be the top-performing plays going forward…and to tell you the truth I don’t personally know the best plays in this sector as it’s not my specialty, which is why I’m linking my friend Doug’s upcoming webinar here so many times because myself will be tuning in and listening to what he says as he IS the specialist in this sector and it usually pays to listen to the most knowledgeable person in any given sector.

To this day, I still get too many messages every day like “I know you only trade penny stocks, but what do you think about…” that is followed by an endless number of tickers, both US and international, none of which follow the patterns outlined here that I teach, companies of all shapes and sizes, almost none of which being microcap, smallcap or nanocap, in fact, most being large-cap which I specifically have dozens of video lessons on explaining why I do NOT trade those, various sectors, commodities and random ass charts that have no predictability whatsoever!

Is it any wonder that most traders lose and many of investors fail to beat the pathetically 10-20% per year performing S&P 500? Too many people think the secret to success is playing random ass guessing games where you have no advantage whatsoever and the odds of you being right as so low, you might as well not even guess in the first place!

But that’s Wall Street, and finance, and that’s why so many financial companies are so profitable — they peddle BS and feed the addiction of gamblers everywhere…and that’s also why I specifically do NOT play that game as brokers hate me for telling everyone not to trade as much and to stay away from risky brokers like these, penny stock promoters hate me for exposing how their promotional schemes work in free penny stock guides like this, short sellers hate me for explaining how the game works and which brokers are best for finding shares to short (while also too many of the most successful ones usually forget who showed them this niche and taught them in the first place) and all the while I’ll continue teaching honestly and be cutting through the BS as misinformation gets my blood boiling and it’s not just a job anymore for me, it’s a way of life.

So don’t do me a favor by looking to buy the hottest weed stocks as they ramp higher in the next few days/weeks, do yourself a favor and focus on this pattern that is working well right now and also tune into this webinar April 26th, 8pm EST so you can learn more about this hot sector and find out which companies/stocks are likely to be the leaders.

Please leave a comment below too if you understand what I’m saying as the big money is made over time thanks to repeatable/predictable patterns so hopefully I can at least get through to some of you!


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