The Hottest Penny Stock Whose Technology Is In The iPhone & iPad & Rumored To Be An iPhone 5 Play - Timothy Sykes

The Hottest Penny Stock Whose Technology Is In The iPhone & iPad & Rumored To Be An iPhone 5 Play

Congrats to everyone who has traded Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) the past few days…currently I am long 30,000 shares overnight at my entry at 72 cents/share and the stock finished at 85 cents/share closing strongly…only TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers will receive the daily watchlist tonight and real-time trade alerts tomorrow to know how I will trade the stock over the next few days and weeks and those very subscribers are now up nearly $60,000 (I’m closing in on $8,000 in profits, now up over 50% in 2010 after earning 141% in 2009 and 197% in 2008, yeahhhh) the past few days on this stock (as I initially sent a buy alert to TIMalert subscribers at 54 cents/share and these gains have led to quite a few more people signing up to my upcoming seminar & even going so far as to become TIMalert lifetime members (which entitles you to trade alerts for my entire life/or yours (I know I’ll outlive you, I just want it more…and 10% all future seminars and DVDs and a basically a better all-around life)

Anyway, today I wanted to buy 50,000 shares of LQMT at 70 cents/share, but once it started turning red-to-green on the day with all the articles talking about how LQMT’s technology is already in the iPhone & iPad and suggesting it could be used for the upcoming iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 5’s new antenna (we all know about the iPhone 4’s reception problems), well, given that the stock has gotten crushed from its $1.70ish highs just a few days ago and we know its a choppy stock, odds are high it bounces back some more, my goal being $1/share+ (especially since today is just the first up day after several down days.) Please do see my entire recap with video from a few days ago during LQMT’s first major runup

I also wanted to remind everyone that we have a new feature for PennyStocking Silver subscribers: daily premium research reports on all the hottest stocks in play…I made today’s research reports free so everyone can see what it’s like, but in the future if you want to get it sent you every day you have to contact us and upgrade to PennyStocking Silver!

PS I also posted my top 20 favorite trading books, please read them all…the more you know!

PPS As I’ve discussed what is worrisome with LQMT is their dilution at 25 cents/share, but if they can continue trading 5-10 million shares per day as has become the norm…a few extra million shares that gave the company some badly needed capital really isn’t that bad given the Apple possibilities.

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  1. Guest

    See Tim what i told you in the livestock chat last week LOL 😛

    the technology has potential, hope the stock stays steady tho

    Good Article BTW

  2. Pmflood1

    yeah never love a company, just get in for the quick cash, just get the 10-15% or maybe 30% + would be sweet and get out and find another nice one 🙂

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