The Haters Won’t Stop, Start Out Your Week With Some Dumb Entertainment


Latest ill-researched comment from a hater:

Wow Tim-hole…I KNOW you are not suggesting that teaching idiots penny stocks is somehow the path toward becoming one of the 10% of successful traders….You, sir, are a royal idiot. It will be funny when enough of your customers lose for a long enough period of time, and then turn on you. It always happens when the teacher has no skill, just reality. So, if 90% of traders loser, that means 90% of your students lose as well, and it means that 90% of your students will always lose….Idiot. Hot damn I love that services like yours exist, it just makes trading for those of us in the 10% that much easier with a continual influx of idiots running around. You know, on your major loss that killed your “hedge” fund (I find it ridiculous that you though you had a hedge fund, hahaha), the owners and insiders of that dumb ticket company that juiced you over and over were probably on the other side of all the trades they did with you….hahahahaha.

1. Its tough for my customers to lose when I’m right 80% of the time…more importantly #1 rule is to cut losses quickly…as you can see from posts like the one where my TIMalert subscribers made $350,000 in the first few months of 2009, there are most certainly trading losses, but they are overwhelmed by the gains.

2. Even if people did manage to ignore everything I teach and started losing, the fact that I have students up $80,000 (Michael Goode) and $100,000 (check out this post of Justin P.)

3. To where shall I ship your instructional DVD packages? As evidenced by THIS Michael Goode Post, he was also once a former critic of mine…now $80,000 richer, he’s one of my top students and affiliates promoting my instructional DVD packages

4. Rip on me all you want about my failed investment in CYGT…the technology still powers several billion dollar businesses and I’ve already detailed the mistakes I made in that trade, time to move on, maybe to my 475%+ return over the past 2 years making me the #1 ranked trader out of 30,000+ on Covestor…I seem to be not only one of the few to detail each and every trade, not only detail the ins and outs of my strategy, but I also dominate performance-wise even though I trade part-time…

Little children come at me, you got nothingggggggg, go pick on someone down 30-40-50% off their highs and who doesn’t publish tens of thousands of dollars in customer trading profits each and every week…namely EVERYONE else in this joke of an industry! (If your newsletter writer/trading coach doesn’t publish/show you audited or verified trading gains, EXPECT them to be a fraud or a coward…either way, someone you shouldn’t be dealing with…you deserve better)