The Gorgeous Trader Who Turned $10k Into $50k In A Year (And She’s Speaking At My Vegas Conference)

Given that my 2011 Las Vegas conference is exactly one month away from now and is already nearly sold out, I think it’s a good idea to introduce you guys to all the 13 speakers…while our conference page at explains a lot, you guys deserve an in depth interview with each speaker.

(detailed conference schedule coming next week, please quit it with the emails) (side idea: innovators out there, please come up with a billing solution for premium emails so if senders really want their emails pushed to urgent, they pay $1-5/email because at 2,000+ emails/day for me now it’s truly getting ridiculous)

First up is surely the best looking speaker (besides the great women behind this site who are also speakers this year) of all of smallcap traders, the ever popular @mb_willoughby

Maribeth Willoughby
Maribeth Willoughby

Already a popular trading figure on #BOWS, we’re hoping to protect sweet Maribeth from this notorious trader/ladies man and to convince her to post her solid results on Profitly to help everyone learn from both her successes AND failures.

After all, while stories like this guy turning $500 into $3k in a few weeks, this PennyStocking Silver subscriber turning $1k into $12k in a month, this other Vegas speaker turning $2,500 into $200,000+ in 2 years, MB’s $10k to $50k in a year is a GREAT feat.

Go visit ASAP as there will be NO more tickets left in a few days, definitely gonna be sold out by October 1st

1. What’s your background?

I am 25 years old. Obtained a Biomedical Engineering degree from Mississippi State University in 2009. Lived in Mississippi my entire life. Father is a sales manager for Kenworth trucking and my mother is a preschool teacher. Started trading about a year and half ago with absolutely no background or experience. Very new to the trading world. I learned to trade from Kunal Desai for about 3 months, then turned my $10k into about $50k in a year.

2. Talk about your mentor kunal and how he’s helped you

Without Kunal I would no nothing about the stock market. This guy has taught me so much in the past year. He is the most sincere person and really cares about others. Kunal owns bulls on wallstreet and has been trading since he was in college I believe. The guy is one of the best momentum stock traders around. When I first started, I came across is website randomly and decided to join and learn more about what was going on. I never expected to love it as much as I do and to make a career of it. Kunal answered all my questions and eventually started tutoring me one on one a few nights a week. His site is unique in that he sits with you throughout the trading day and tells you live entries and exits of his personal trades.

3. What kinds of stocks do you like to trade?

Mostly trade stocks between $1-$20. Majority of the stocks i trade are below 10. Favorite types to trade are momentum stocks.

4. Lessons from your biggest win

Biggest win was about $5,000 dollars on an ipo breakout stock. It was shortly after my biggest loss so it really helped my confidence 🙂 Biggest lesson I learned from this was never get so down on yourself that it puts you out of the game. Never take a loss so big that you cant recover from it. Stay in the game and you will be successful.

5. Lessons from your biggest loss

Biggest loss was a little stock known as Spreadtrum Communications, Inc (ADR) (SPRD), bought the breakdown when the fraud report was issued by Muddy Waters.. never covered even tho i was up like 3 bucks per share on the stock, and watched it come all the way back. I covered the next day for a pretty stout loss. The lesson I learned from this was certainly one of greed and that anything can happen in stocks. Take gains when you have them.. dont be greedy.