The End Of The Lithium Pumps = We ALL Screwed Up But Still Profited $100,000+ (Free 25-Minute Video Lesson)

UPDATE: This EXACT pattern just made one of my trading challenge students $215,000 today on May 29, 2013…congrats to Tim Grittani, read more about him here and see this pattern detailed HERE in this DVD study guide

As my PennyStocking Silver subscribers know I’ve been focusing on blatant pump & dumps Lithium Exploration Group Inc (LEXG) and Lithium Corporation (LTUM) (as you read HERE and HERE and HERE) the past 2 days and while I would’ve LOOOOOOOOVED to short LEXG at $5,6,7,8,9, as I posted, there simply were soooo few shares to short so I got nothing (3 PennyStocking Silver subscribers did find shares and profited nicely as you’ll read below) so today I shifted my focus entirely to LTUM.

As you’ll see in the 25-minutes worth of embedded videos below, I screwed up my LTUM short ROYALLY and I knew it from the get go so I didn’t even alert subscribers…thankfully…but still ended up making roughly $9,000, sorting 60,000 shares at $1.64, and covering at $1.48.

Some subscribers of my 4 newsletters banked on both the long AND short side of both LEXG and LTUM

TIMalert subscriber: FKS: LEXG beautiful bounce here again. Now up over $50k on this one today LOL

PRO subscriber ($1500/month, you get to IM/Skype with me throughout the trading day, contact me if you’re interested): +$6500 on LTUM for the day, going to play golf, thanks Tim!

$47,140profitLTUMShort Stock
Scaled in and out. Already entered trade before Tim’s alert.

Posted by lx21 /

$1,765profitLEXGShort Stock
Probably covered too soon. But I’ll take 48% profit in a day.

Posted by billhlin /

$9,646profitLEXGLong Stock
Bought the bounce. Sold too early in retrospect.

Posted by lx21 /

Hat tip to @timothysykes who brought $LEXG to my attention today. I took $1/share gain in 21 minutes. Thanks and good luck to you!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Some barely missed:

If I listened to @timothysykes and shorted LEXG I would of been 60% richer this morning.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Anyway, great lessons for all so please do watch these important videos and learn to trade these volatile plays EXCLUSIVELY so even when you mess up like I did, as long as you have the proper approach, it’s very difficult not to make $:

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  1. Donnellkm14

    Wow!…thanks for the info man, you’re underrated…and i think u are one of the best keep up the good work!…OH and by the way root out the liars!!!!! #teamsykes

  2. kevin

    Hey Tim. Unfortunately, I played Ltum poorly and bought at 1.7. I held because there is still crazy hype with this stock. You think this stock can exceed 2$ through this Wednesday or do you feel it depends solely on Lexg?

  3. Kevin

    Thanks for the quick response. I am brand new to investing but I am highly motivated. I spent 8 hours watching your free videos today. Luckily I played Lexg decent so now i’m back even. I’m 20 years old with a decent paying job. I will look more into the plans you offer. too bad I let the hype over on ihub get the best of me.

  4. smoothstudios

    LEXG over $10 Friday AM – by close it went below $4… aftermarket back up to $4.75 – bad play on my part as well. should have got out at $10. any hopes for it to gain this back next week?

  5. Anonymous

    awesome, u have the right attitude, go watch more videos! i’ve got over 100 hours, u could probly hit em all in a month if you’re dedicated and you’ll NEVER make such a stupid mistake again

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