The Daily Show’s Misguided CNBC-ish Take On Short Selling With Help From Conspiracy Theorist Idiot Patrick Byrne

Forget about Cramer vs. Stewart, did you guys happen to catch The Daily Show’s battle with short selling a few days ago?

Ripping on CNBC & the whole manipulative Money Honey thing, The Daily Show interviews the I-don’t-know-how-to-run-a-business-so-I’ll-blame-short-sellers-for-my-incompetence CEO Patrick Byrne & The Disciplined Investor Andrew Horowit (no “z” anymore)

Short selling isn’t evil or unpatriotic, our nation just has a ton of idiots and sentimentality will get you nowhere on Wall Street….survival of the fittest, as always, shed no tears for the passing of dinosaurs.

Watch the video and a.) get angy that I wasn’t on it as I’d rip that honey bee bitch apart and b.) understand that Horowit was up last year and dominated the MSN joke of a Strategy Lab, a competition in which false guru Ken Kam proved how much he sucks–see results HERE


Stay tuned, my girlfriend and I are gonna put together a more realistic video on short selling…I despise misinformation.