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The Best Stock For Tomorrow And How To Plan Trades Ahead Of Time

I’m SO excited to FINALLY reveal this, whewwwwwww have we got some amazing stuff planned for you at my annual conference in just a few months! Go HERE ASAP to get on the earlybird list and save a ton off the regular ticket price.

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Here’s what I got my dad last year for Father’s Day, so I have my work cut out for me to try to top it this year:

And, it’s ridiculous, but totally worthwhile gifts like this that make me so proud to be a financial educator, because I WANT YOU TREATING YOUR FAMILY LIKE THIS TOO!

And, to do that, you must prepare ahead of time.  That’s the secret of my top Millionaire trading challenge students and my success…and that’s what my upcoming annual conference HERE is going to be focused on: how can you be better prepared on every single trade, BEFORE you risk your hard-earned money?

That’s the focus of today’s video lesson here too:

And, in case you don’t want to watch that hour-long video (although you should to be FULLY prepared for this stock tomorrow…and to learn how to be fully prepared on EVERY trade, whether it’s short-term or, as you’ll see in that video, how I prepare differently for stocks in my long-term newsletter here) and instead you just want the top rules of how to prepare, then read, memorize and repeat this process every single day that the stock market is open and even go the extra mile and do it on days that the stock market is NOT open, so that you can be prepared AHEAD OF TIME:

5 Ways To Find The Best Stocks To Trade

1. Consider ALL of the variables from my guide and form a thesis

2. Look for big % gainers every day, use for low priced stocks

3. Still watch RECENT big % gainers, see my nightly watchlist sent to subscribers

4. Write down and/or remember upcoming dates from press releases

5. Buy in anticipation of news/on rumors, sell when the news hits

And, once you start doing this daily and STOP being like a typical newbie and ONLY thinking about buying the big % winner from pre-market, as most of those will fail right near the market open, hence why most newbies lose and you shouldn’t pay attention to other newbies, or if you want to be aggressive like this great trader, then learn to bet against newbie-filled morning spikes, then you will find more success over time and you’ll really enjoy finding plays days, and sometimes even weeks, ahead of time, like I did on WKHS and Friday’s breakout/Monday’s probable continuation of that spike, due to the unveiling of their next-generation helicopter added in with a whole lot of social media/message board talk of their potential inclusion within this new Amazon/Whole Foods business model.

And it’s preparation ahead of time that is the key to success of somewhat-newbie traders like:

…who you must remember studies so much that he’s thinking about patterns and potential plays even while he’s on the toilet, grocery shopping and/or driving!

Many of you who have watched that video ask what he’s doing all the time and I’ll tell you he’s certainly not just looking for the day’s current biggest % winners, he’s looking at MULTIPLE potential patterns and how effective they are in various market environments, putting them into spreadsheets galore and then trying and testing out those patterns, keeping and utilizing the ones that help him find profits and throwing out the ones that don’t work well…never getting too comfortable with any one pattern or stock or sector, always adapting, adapting, adapting and refining, refining and refining in the pursuit of continued success.

That’s what REAL top traders do.  We don’t get cocky.  We don’t think any 1 or 2 strategies are going to last forever.  We’re always trying to decipher what the stock market is telling us and then ideally trading in tune with the patterns that are working best right now.

That’s why I wasn’t buying WKHS Thursday afternoon at 3.60ish, when it was unchanged on the day, because it had to PROVE to me that people would be interested in this new product unveiling and, as I said in the video, the whole Amazon/Whole Foods interesting combination I think only helped and now we’re looking at a multi-month breakout with an upcoming news catalyst, a pattern I’m VERY familiar with, as you might’ve read here it made me my first $100,000+ profit while I was just a college freshman!

So, get in the game and start thinking this way, instead of just looking for hot picks…reserve your early-bird spot HERE at my upcoming conference and realize that success in this game is not about just becoming my next millionaire student, it takes time to grow a small account and I have SEVERAL upcoming trading challenge students who are grateful for just their first $1,000 and $3,000 profits and that’s how it should be:

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  1. Fred Becker

    “Tim”, I will prepare. I will prepare. After watching my Millionaire DVD’s 3 times and recently finished watching my Trader’s Checklist for the 3rd time and started paper trading using the the PREPARE Checklist and plan to for the rest of this month. Next month will start trading.
    Thank you for making me aware that I need to start keeping track and writing down stocks that I need to keep watching on, on-going basis.
    Another great training. I will prepare, I must prepare, Thank you.

  2. OceanRider

    I will prepare. I was able to listen to half of this video during my commute to work. Will listen to the rest on the way home. Excellent points and foundation to build upon.

  3. DNN

    Stocks work for some. Is it safe to say I’ll stick to affiliate marketing and content optimization? L 😛 L

  4. gregory

    Thanks for the video Tim ! Do you have videos with french subtitles on your Challenge ?


    This video has taught me more! And i will never stop watch your teaching videos. Am reading, reading, reading, reading your teaching all of the day. I WILL PREPARE!!!!!

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