The 15 Best Stocks To Buy & Short Sell This Week

It’s been a great ride on ORS

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $195,697, this account was up 56% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and is now up 1,476% since 11/07 start

Total Account Balance: $780,000ish up 30% in 2011 so far, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $7,000ish profit day for subscribers and I ($3,000ish in profits for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profitly to see how everyone’s doing

Allied American Steel Corp (AAST), RESPECT YOUR UNIVERSE (RYUN), Mariposa Resources Ltd (LEXG) and Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN) are this round’s latest pumps worth shorting…AAST and RYUN are my top 2 potential shorts, all of these are hard to borrow though. AAST was exposed by a real newspaper, but few people read the Pittsburgh Gazette. Funny “respected” papers like WSJ and Barrons never do any exposing.

Glu Mobile Inc. (GLUU) and Zagg Inc (ZAGG) are both still potential buys given their sectors and strength during this bear market for tech stocks…if the market ever starts ramping, these will be leaders.

JAVALUTION COFFEE CO (JCOF) I am long 33,000 shares at .795 after the perfect multi-week and intraday breakouts…closed at .85 due to hype and a late day PR talking about a merger with a sketchy MLM company doing $40 million/year in sales…promoting healthy coffee via MLM is bound to fail longterm, but the angle works to get people interested now and the chart is too perfect to ignore…my goal is to sell at $1/share today or tomorrow, but I’ll adjust my price target, as always, based on price action…good solid close though on Friday and weekend message board hype leads me to believe we should get a morning gap up or a morning spike.

Renren Inc (RENN) is finally finding some support in the $7 area…potential buy for a bounce of $1-2/share but be careful since its had many false bottom attempts and it may just keep dying like MOBI

Harbin Electric, Inc. (HRBN) is up to the 12s and 13s premarket from 8 after yet another PR about this mysterious takeover at 24…Citron doesn’t believe it, but I’ve learned not to touch Citron guessing game stocks either way…congrats to those who have also learned this lesson…pity the over-the-weekend short sellers who have not.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. (JVA) just keeps breaking out to the 15s now, rubbing in my hesitation to buy in the 9s, 10s and 11s…this could go to 20+ given the chart and hot sector but I will only buy on a big pullback, I refuse to chase….potential buy

Recon Technology, Ltd. (RCON), RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT), Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. (ORS), NeurogesX, Inc (NGSX) are all but played out now, RCON I began covering some of my short from 3.75 down at 2.25ish, great 40% win for my longer term newsletter, NGSX has dropped from the 4s to the 2s and I totally missed it because it was quick and I was preoccupied with ORS/RITT…RITT is holding up but the volume is dropping as will volatility and my chances of shorting it…ORS is now down $3.50+/share from my initial short at $6.90, I made $18k in petty much the worst way possible but I traded safe and I’d do it again, congrats to all the gains on ORS and RCON, profits of all subscribers nearing $100k now…I’d love to short yet another OS bounce if it ever coms.