TastyTrade.com: Tom Sosnoff Steps Up As The Messiah Of The Trading Industry (I'll Be On At 10AM EST Today) - Timothy Sykes

TastyTrade.com: Tom Sosnoff Steps Up As The Messiah Of The Trading Industry (I’ll Be On At 10AM EST Today)

I’m in Chicago for a few days to meet these guys and as you an tell from this tweet, it hasn’t exactly been going great

Flew in Chicago to eat at Schwa, but the bastards canceled last min, good news is my hostel has 4 beds, which to choose? http://t.co/bRczypuless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

…that was before we got kicked out of this restaurant…yes, 2 fine Chicago restaurants down, still no food…stay tuned for my upcoming post RIPPING the surprisingly snobby Chicago dining scene…

Anyway, I decided to hit up my old friend Tom Sosnoff, CEO of Thinkorswim, my favorite broker in the world and he said he’d love to emetup and he’d have me “on the show”…to which I figured he meant the daily Thinkorswim podcast I’ve been on a few times.

But he gave me a new address to go to and that’s how I discovered TastyTrade.com, his newest venture that is a solid-looking online financial show, basically a more professional LiveStock mixed in with Groupon when their new superstore opens next week and this new company I believe he was born to create to save the incredibly corrupt trading industry from those evildoers who have polluted it for far too long…so yes, you can say Tom Sosnoff is the messiah of the trading industry, or Aragorn, whichever analogy you prefer.



You know my thoughts on current kings of trading information Jim Cramer and CNBC HERE and HERE, but check me out on TastyTrade live today at 10AM EST HERE and watch the solid clip below and then please leave a review on TastyTrade here on Investimonials

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