Lessons From My Student Who’s Made $200,000+

Day Trading Tips: Key Takeaways

  • Catch my first-ever interview with a new six-figure student!
  • Struggling to learn to trade? See how long the learning curve can be…
  • Don’t miss this podcast! My student and I discuss penny stocks, crypto, and market bubbles…

Meet my new six-figure student David. He put in years of hard work studying. Now he trades from his office in Puerto Rico and hosts a weekly podcast. Listen to my guest appearance and get my day trading tips below!

  • Don’t think about how much money you can make — ask yourself a key question instead.
  • Success doesn’t happen overnight. Learn how long David’s been in my Challenge and when trading finally clicked for him.
  • David put in the work studying all my resources — including my book “An American Hedge Fund.” Tune in for my perspective on the similarities between the dot-com boom and the current market.
  • Trading isn’t just about studying rules and patterns. Discover the internal battles you may encounter on your way to success…
  • David’s a fan of my 7-step framework. Learn how he uses it for shorting and how he sees it play out in crypto.
  • Hot markets are great, but what’s a slow market good for? Check this out!

Don’t miss my interview and day trading tips in the video below.

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