Stay-at-Home Mom or $196K Trader? She’s Both.

By Updated on April 27, 2022

Stay-at-Home Mom or $196K Trader? She’s Both. Thumbnail

So many people start trading because they want a better life for their family.

My Trading Challenge student Jenny — who’s a mother of four — actually made it happen. She went from knowing nothing about trading to over $196K in trading profits in about a year.

It wasn’t easy.

Jenny thought trading would help bring in more money for her family — but she lost at first and thought she’d have to quit. It didn’t click until she found one simple thing. She calls it her ‘secret weapon.’

It changed everything.

I want you to learn from Jenny’s story — and discover the ONE thing that completely transformed her family’s life.

Four Kids. Six People in the House. One Income.

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A decade ago, Jenny was living a very different life. She worked in HR at a huge defense contractor. She made a great salary. She had everything she needed.

Fast forward a few years and a few kids, one of whom had early health issues. She had to leave her career.

Her husband was supporting their family of six on his engineering income — money was tight. Jenny knew she had to do something … But she couldn’t get a regular 9-5 job and take care of four kids.

For her, the tipping point came in 2020, when she wanted to give her hardworking husband a nice Father’s Day gift … but had to ask him for money to buy it.

It was embarrassing. She wanted to start making money, but how? She’d been out of the workforce for a decade.

When a friend started trading and found success, Jenny was inspired — it seemed like a great work-from-home scenario.

Trade, make some money, and still have the afternoons and evenings to care for her kids. Her husband helped her fund her account, and she got started…

Early Losses + Painful Lessons

Jenny’s first attempts at trading weren’t so successful.

She was studying charts, she was reading books, but she was losing. She lost $3K right away — it was very scary.

It was all because she was following the wrong people.

She didn’t know it at the time, but she had fallen into a common newbie trap — following pumpers and promoters.

She was following fake gurus who had ‘hot tips’ — and getting burned when they cashed out.

Has this happened to you? If so, it’s not your fault. But it does mean you’re following the wrong people…

Jenny was about to quit…

Then she found me.

A New Approach to Trading

jenny's tesla on sunny day
Photo credit: Jenny

When Jenny first found me, she was understandably skeptical.

But she saw my students’ results and started studying. She realized I’m fully transparent and threw herself into her studies.

She became obsessed with my penny stock trading strategy, and she started to find success. Check out this tweet from early in her career:

But as it turns out, trading penny stocks wasn’t the end of her trading journey.

In fact, my Trading Challenge was only the gateway to the secret weapon that put her over $196K in trading profits.

Once she found it, her profits grew exponentially.

She had trades like this $15,600 profit trade on Zoom Video Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM)…

And this $9546 profit trade on SPRT (after a merger, now Greenidge Generation (NASDAQ:GREE)…)

By 2021, she had enough profits to make many dreams of her come true.

  • She got the car of her dreams.
  • She was able to show her appreciation for her husband by giving him a $20K check for Father’s Day — just a year after she’d asked HIM for a loan to buy him a present!
  • Best of all, she was able to buy an avocado farm and pay a caretaker.

Talk about living the dream!

And she credits it to one simple thing that changed her trading career.

I’m going to share it in just a minute, but first, Jenny asked me to share a few things she WISHES she knew when she was getting started…

Jenny’s Top Advice for New Traders

  1. Don’t rush into trading. New traders must take the time to develop their own strategy. Don’t follow alerts blindly. Study the patterns and take the time to develop your own rules.
  2. Trade with a small account. Jenny finds that she does better with a small account. Why? Because she tends to be more careful with her trades.
  3. Set a goal and have a plan. Jenny won’t enter a trade before she’s defined her goals and strategy. That way, she can stick to her own rules!

Whether or not you use Jenny’s secret weapon, those tips are pretty universal — all traders should follow them!

Jenny’s Secret Weapon

Like I said earlier … I love how traders take different paths to find their own success.

I’ve told you about Jenny’s trading story. I’ve told you her top advice.

Now, I’m ready to share her secret weapon.

It’s helped Jenny change her entire family’s existence.

It was game-changing for her … Now I want to share it with you. You won’t find this anywhere else…

Discover Jenny’s secret weapon here!


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