SS7: Fun Business Class Perks, Why Prop Firms Are Scams & Bernard Baruch Quotes!

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The Globe tries to cheer investors up
by saying even Buffett is down big this year…awwww, poor you!

You friggin morons, just learn short selling and you’ll be fine, nay, better than fine…I’m up 41.5% this year and a.) I’m trading part-time b.) have made plenty of mistakes and c.) suck at timing! You whining lil bitches need to learn shorting and PennyStocking!

AR has a list of “serious” finance links
…reading any just makes me sick/bored/tired/annoyed, so you tell me if they’re any good, I friggin hate all this BS analysis/guesswork

MC has a great short post with tidbits from ES “how much money would you need to stop trading?”

Yes, it’s true, most prop firms are scams…after all, 90% of traders lose!

Baruch quotes
, learn you lil hyenas, learn damn you! His book is REQUIRED READING