Some Saturday Morning Link Love & 5 More Questions Answered

Ever get that jingle stuck in your head? I do, that and the one. Great, great advertising, they should be commended and linked to often. I even used Hotwire a few weeks back, they really were cheap. Anybody use FreeCreditReport?

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More financial transparency? A good start, but not nearly enough

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Jason Leavitt of Leavitt Brothers does a really thorough book review of my book
Powerpoint Presentation and all! Among other things he says, “It’s a good book, it’s a fun read, it’s a light read”

Gotta love this quote posted on

“Timothy Sykes book…I picked it up and next thing I knew….. I was on page 114! Cant put it down. If you trade, you really need to hear what he has to say. Best 20 bucks I ever spent.”


1. How did you find ISRG? Did you happen across them, do some research and then decide they were a good pick? Or did you come up with that using Thinkorswim

I’ve followed Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) since they were a $10 stock several years ago. Sometimes a product/business model just sticks in your head because it makes so much sense. Those are the stocks you want to buy early because whenever anybody hears about it, the odds favor them buying in, too.

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2. How can someone like me, who has around $500-1000 get started? I noticed when opening a thinkorswim account that if you trade too often, and are under the $25,000 min, you will be considered a day trader. Is that something I will have to just juggle until I reach the min?

$500-$1,000, probly trade Forex. Not my game, but Grace Cheng wrote a solid book to help you get started there. Thinkorswim has a minimum of $3,500 and yes, day trading under $25k can be a bitch, but then again, my best gains only come about every so often anyway, so that $3,500 can be turned into $10-$20k within a year if the opportunities present themselves.

3. Lastly, I was wondering if you could extrapolate on the decision process. Breaking it down. Where do you get your press releases, how do you determine their liquidity, what is good liquidity, and where did you learn what good liquidity is. I understand that liquidity can help reduce the risks associated with mini and small caps.

This post will surely help you understand my strategy better. If you really wanna know, then check out my DVD. Liquidity never really is a problem if you wait for Supernovas
to come along—which offer the best risk-reward in all the stock market—then you just gotta buy on the way up and short sell on the way down.

4. hey tim divulge the secrets that hedge funds get to use powerful trading programs-how they work-how to hide from them-how to make sure one is not contrary to what they are doing-give us some secrets and strategy AND WHAT PLATFORM DID YOU USE WHEN YOU RAN CILANTRO??????????

Ha, I dunno what others use, my hedge fund was just a tiny, tiny speck. For software, I used CarlinTrader and it was great—I could hide my orders entirely and frequently I would hide the true size of my orders, which was very helpful when I had larger orders. They have since been bought out by RBC, so who knows what they offer now, email my old Carlin Representative: [email protected]

5. How does one(retail) get a platform that is not transparent to the market??????????????? Does TOS ever trade against its clientele?

Just use your basic retail crap, it’s fine, all that hiding your size stuff and other fancy techniques might help you for a pennies more per share, but then you’re just a working stiff and that’s no fun. I made my first million using horrible brokers like E*Trade and Suretrade. Again, if you learn to focus solely on the Supernovas then you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Who knows and who cares if TOS or any other broker trades against clientele—they probly don’t, but they possibly do—yeah, it might be illegal—but if you’re on the right side of the price action, you’ll stick it to them anyway!