Say What You Want About Jim Cramer, He Made The Best Call Of The Past Decade & Why Henry Blodget Sucks

That’s right, and all you anonymous internet posters/bloggers too afraid to share your real trades, let alone your miserable/under-performing track records know it!

It’s easy to pick on the world’s most popular stock guru–I even do it sometimes–and unfortunately Cramer makes it easy by his dartboard-like unending stream of picks, flip flops and some weird stuff that does to keep from looking like the laughingstock of “the business”–that being Motley “we will spam you, talk useless crap til we’re blue in the face and then promote our newsletters that are only down 30-40% instead of 40-50%, oh yes, we want you to pay us because we outperform the market, no seriously, pay us” Fool, but deep down Cramer is not only an entertainment genius, he’s also got some true market skill/knowledge.

He knows easy trading profits can be had thanks to market manipulation–yes, I’m 99% sure the Jim Cramer who ordered my PennyStocking DVD a few months ago is indeed the real Jim Cramer–and no matter what happens on The Daily Show Tonight between him & on Stewart, he was DEAD ON with the call he made in the video below.

In fact, when he said to sell everything–which is the single riskiest call an investment guru can ever make–on October 6, 2008, he only thought the downside risk in the markets was 20%….that was when the Dow was over 10,000 and the S&P 500 was over 1,000 boys and girls–turns out we tanked 35%+ in the subsequent 6 months since.

Yup, Cramer’s overall track record might suck, but this call shows his true genius and no other market call in recent memory has been so risky and so right.

So, let everyone who gets less ratings and make less money from content rip on him all they want, people like Henry “I’m cocky as hell, but I haven’t done anything useful in years and I especially don’t know how to run a web business” whose ubiquitous BusinessInsider websites pull in a paltry $450k in annual revenue and due to the fact that they have an employee for every $10,000 or so in revenue, they have mammoth, yes mammoth losses, aka I get 1/37th of the traffic and yet somehow manage to pull in the same revenue and it’s yet its basically all profit because yes Henry, I do know how to manage a web business you narrow-minded incompetent Dan Lyons “blogs can’t make much money” buffoon Blodget who said the following about Cramer’s call:

We also couldn’t disagree more with Cramer’s recommended strategy of suddenly selling everything now, with the market down 30%+ from the peak. This is market-timing at its worst… After more than a decade of being overvalued, stocks are finally approaching fair value, and, time and again, emotional selling based on market conditions has been shown to be a terrible investment strategy.

(yes, approaching fair value 35% higher than we are now….buffooon!)

I could name a thousand other “gurus” and “experts” caught dead wrong on this very subject, but what’s the point–Blodget does a good of representing them all, especially the “I’m down 50-60-70%, but no, my stocks are good values so in time I’ll be proven right” who should read a trading book or two from my vast library, learn to cut losses short & buy back their value stocks near their lows, thus compounding their potential profits on any comeback value investors who have ruined, yes, ruined the world’s faith in stocks.

Watch the video and learn from a market master why selling EVERYTHING from time to time isn’t such a bad idea after all:


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Timothy Sykes

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  1. YoungGunz

    Cramer is also calling a worse case scenario bottom of the Dow at 5320-5350 or something close to it…Thats with GE at $0, Citi close to a $1 or something, IBM giving back most of its latest gains since earnings, and oil not getting any lower then its lows in Oct.

  2. YoungGunz

    I completely agreed with him about anyone that needed to use their money within the next 5 years to get the fuck out…If many of those people listened he would have saved them thousands.

  3. Timothy Sykes

    Cramer says a ton of stuff, of course half of it is gonna be wrong, what i’m saying is if he would just focus on these truly bigtime calls, he’s better than average, much better than any of the yutzes who make fun of him and are jealous of his success

  4. YoungGunz

    He just recently called his worse case bottom on another 1on1 interview outside of Mad Money, I think on Squawk Box or something. He emphasized it was his worst case not what he actually thought it will go to. With the details he described how he got to that number I tend to agree for the most part.

  5. James

    That blogs can’t make money article was one of the worst pieces of journalism I have ever read. His entire approach was doomed from the start and he didn’t even bother learning the few most important rules about making money blogging. First and foremost is you shouldn’t be in it for the money.

  6. Timothy Sykes

    The Dan Lyons and Henry Bldoets of the world have their use–report the news day in day out you slaves, hahahah-but aside from that, their opinions are far and away laughably useless

  7. alex_nemese

    All the tenets of value investing pretty much went out the window with this crash. So I guess now we’re waiting for Cramer to say “buy everything”. He is great at what he does and you gotta give him credit…he’s gotta make several stock picks every day. I don’t think Tim could be right 90% of the time if he made predictions on 10 stocks every day.

  8. James

    I don’t think anyone can be 90% right picking stocks every day, it’s just not possible. Finding one stock a day is difficult at best, let alone 10. Tim does well because he bides his time and waits for opportune moments. We should all be so patient.

  9. Josef H

    You guys can believe his shananagans all you want. Now that the world know how much of a fraud he is, his voice has changed to a more “Humble” tone. I personally feel, it’s all a PR stunt. Make him look credible, humble, & sincere – to win the people back. Where was all this information 1 year ago? The people loss faith in him, CNBC, & his Stock picking abilities … probably a decline in viewership as well. Was on television this morning with Martha Stewart, claiming he’s John Stewarts biggest fan. A day ago he called Stewart’s show a “Variety” & a “Comedy Hack”. People have loss a lot because they believed in him … so, don’t feel sorry for him now! Let him stew in his own misery and failure.

    BWT … I read somewhere today, the SEC may be looking into Cramer and his Hedge fund.

  10. Jason K

    Lol, during that video anyone notice how the lady’s body language and tone are both saying something like “WTF you can’t say that on T.V. SHHH.” And yet Cramer had the balls to tell it like it is. And yes, agreed that Cramer’s record may seem bad only because he makes so many calls – what do you expect when the man makes predictions daily for his fans.

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  12. Steve W (The Trade Detective)

    Cramer is an entertaining guy to watch, kind of like Judge Judy. Not much value, but entertaining none the less.

    The fact is nobody spending the time to run a trading blog, or any reader of such a blog really cares about Jim’s antiquated value investment strategies. If he wanted his show to be truly valuable, he’d figure out a way to make technical analysis entertaining on TV, and teach people trading in the internet era.

    Ride the train, trade the trend.

  13. Mark

    is it really “a call” though after banks are starting to fail and the market is already down for a year? a drunk plumber could have told you to take your money you might need out of speculative investment vehicles.

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  15. Are_you_kidding

    Is this guy Sykes for real or what. I get the sense this guy is some kind of penny stock pusher

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