Proof I’m Not The Grinch, Time For Some Holiday Savings…

I know, I know I said a while ago no specials/discounts, but it’s been a
very good year for me–up 250% in my little trading account–and several
hundred thousands of dollars in hard-earned income from teaching others–so
I’m not gonna be a grinch any longer—TIMalert subscribers only, you guys,
are going to get $75 off any instructional DVD and $100 off any instructional DVD through the end of the year aka 12 days left to take advantage of this offer, that’s it.

…not just because I want to be nice but to encourage you to learn my
strategy, learn what short selling is all about so you’ll be better able to
profit from all these daily setups…and as you know lately there have been
tons and I’ve done okay, but not great…these DVDs will give you the
information you need to know what I know, weed out my shortocmings–and your
own shortcomings and focus on what works best for you, whether it’s short
selling, buying these stocks on breakouts or maybe even investing or
shorting for the longtemr…who knows…there’s so many different profit
angles down here in the gutter of the stock market, you owe it to yourself
to learn as much as you can to be best prepared when these opportunities do
come about!

So visit my online store now, pick out your DVD package–maybe even pick
one or two out for a friend but as long as you, a TIMalert subscriber buys
it before the end of 2008–and we’ll refund you $75 for individual DVDs and
$100 for any combo package. And we’ll ship your package out ASAP–even
internationally–so you’re practically guaranteed, especially if you’re in
the US–to get it before Christmas.

And I know you might think a few hundred dollars is a lot of money to risk,
but we do have a 30-day money-back guarantee on these suckers (20%
restocking fee means you’re risking like $60), but more importantly the
information contained can and possibly will make you many times the purchase
price…after all, look at the success of my one time hater Michael Goode,
who in THIS post, writes about trading profits from my strategy when
they were $40,000, now they’re around $55,000 in just a few months! And you
should know by my endless promoting that I’ve got dozens more like him…so
stop waiting and learn enough so you can be my next success story!