Penny Stock Video Lesson #54: The Dangers Of Scalping & Its Flawed Mentality

I just updated this morning’s video lesson explaining how I traded PIP today with a second video and if you listen, you’ll hear me realize as I’m filming that I should cover PIP ASAP since it’s an undisciplined trade.

But I didn’t listen to my own teaching voice and it’s totally the fault of scalper mentality, a way of trying to make 10-20 cents/share and risking even more despite trading imperfect setups. It’s a difficult lesson for me to teach because thanks to my trading of these imperfect setups in PI, I’m up something like $10,000 the past two days and even though I got tripped up on one trade, I’m still solidly ahead. Try to ignore my overall profits and get the point I’m trying to make in this video lesson.

FYI this is the last week you can register for my upcoming Vegas conference (which you can also attend via live HD-video) and later today I’m gonna post some presentation slides from the penny stock promoter and TheStreetSweeper to show you the amazing contrast in styles we have. And yes, I will also be devoting an entire hour to the subject of scalping as it is VERY important you understand this lesson as it took me too many years to truly get it.