Your Options In Day Trading Just Got Bigger {VIDEO}

  • I chat with my millionaire student Mark Croock to pick his brain about what’s behind his trading success.
  • Mark’s killing it — see how this dedicated family man trades options like a master
  • Learn more about the strategy Mark’s used to make $3.2 million in profits.

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I’m so proud of Mark Croock! This guy’s trading like a beast and creating little babies. What can’t he do?

OK … you’ll notice in the video that I’m kinda freaking out. But that’s because Mark just revealed a specific trading tactic for the very first time. Are you ready for this?!

Watch the video now:

Did you catch one of Mark’s top tips for trading? Just wait for the right opportunity. 

I know it sounds too simple to be effective, but it works. There are so many volatile plays out there. It’s your job to find them.

Be selective about your trades and narrow your focus to one setup.

Here are the three steps Mark recommends for newbie traders who want to trade his strategy:

  • Find your go-to setup — identify that one setup that you’re comfortable with…
  • Stick with it — ONLY trade that setup, stay consistent and disciplined…
  • Rinse and repeat — hit that setup over and over and over again!

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