New Book Review: The Complete Penny Stock Course

By Updated on January 10, 2023

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Complete Penny Stock Course

I LOVE stock market books and there’s a new one out today called “The Complete Penny Stock Course” by my trading challenge student Jamil (the guy who designed this must use research tool) that you MUST read as it organizes ALL my lessons into one comprehensive book.

It’s already greatly outselling my book here Jamil made just a few copies to test the waters so first come first serve and this will sell out soon so grab your copy ASAP…I HIGHLY recommend it as a great supplement to your trading education!

And it’s funny that several people have already asked me if I’m angry that several of my millionaire students are doing better than me in stock trading and now one of them has written a VERY technical/useful book on stock trading whereas my own book isn’t very technical, but I LOVE seeing what my students can do/achieve with my lessons and Jamil has organized all my lessons using an academic/programmer-minded approach so I think you’ll GREATLY enjoy this new approach to learning penny stock trading.**

Here’s the link to this new MUST READ book, it’s a tremendous value and good supplement to my book/DVD guides if you want to learn penny stock trading…I’m so proud of it I even wrote the foreword and also just made this video review on it, which we have also transcribed for my valued deaf trading challenge students:

Hey, what’s up? Tim Sykes here. I have something very exciting for you to star this week. One of my students just wrote a book. His name is Jamil. He’s also the programmer behind StocksToTrade and he is frankly dissatisfied with how many lessons I have and how disorganized everything was, so he actually wrote this book. He’s like, “Tim, I love your teachings but we need to organize it.” And he’s more of an academic programmer type kind of guy. And I’ll admit it, you know, I have so many lessons. It’s been tough to kind of organize everything. You know, I wish that the stock market would just close for a year and then I could get everything organized.

I didn’t plan on any of this, at the speed of which I’m creating new millionaire students.** It has kind of gotten out of hand so I’m always playing catch up. So I’m very thankful. I actually wrote the foreword to this new book. So I’ll post the link to this book just below this video but it just got listed on Amazon. I don’t think it’s on Kindle yet but you can get the paperback for under 30 bucks. I highly, highly, highly recommend this. This has been a work in progress for roughly the past two years. You know, I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to getting out information about my strategy, whether it’s a formal guide or in this case, a book. So, Jamil, great job. Everybody else, go get this book. This organizes all the lessons. You know, you’re really gonna start to understand the patterns.

And Jamil has done a fantastic job just kind of condensing everything into this one book. And everyone who has read it has been like, “Wow. I wish this had come out sooner.” And I wish this has come out sooner too. My apologies for my lack of organization. I’m trying to trade; I’m trying to teach; I’m trying to make video lessons; I’m trying to make guides; I’m trying to write blog posts, and tweets, and watchlists, and alerts, and commentary, and webinars, and software, and websites, and then I’ve got my charity and my travel. So I’ve got a little bit going on. So I love it when students do better than me like Steven Dux you know, made nearly half a million dollars in the past month.** Tim Grittani made half a million in December and I think half a million dollars in January.** So I have several students who are doing better than me, several students now who are taking the strategies that they learned from me and now creating guides that I think are better and more useful.**

I still encourage you to watch all my guides. It’s not like my guides are useless. On the contrary, I think they require viewing. But I think this is a very good intro and a very good comprehensive book. You know some of you guys like to learn better through books, some like video lessons, some like DVDs, some like webinars. This is just another tool in your arsenal. And I make the comparison that the stock market is like a battlefield. And you don’t want to go to a battlefield armed with only a knife. You know, you have to choose your weapon wisely. And your weapon in the stock market is your knowledge and your preparation.

So this helps you join the battlefield with a little more preparation. And it’s very basic, whether you know nothing about the stock market, whether you know nothing about penny stocks or even if you do know a lot about penny stocks, I highly encourage you to read this and to take advantage of this new guide. You know, the more preparation, the more reviews, the more strategy, the more knowledge, the more experience that you have, the better your odds of success on every single trade. And this is not a perfect science. This book is not like an end all be all, like, just read the book and ignore the guides. It’s a supplementary research guide, I think, and it’s just a new way of learning my strategy, especially if you come from the academic or programmer world. It’s much more structured in that kind of sense compared to my other guides.

And you know, I think that you should learn all different ways. Obviously, you know, video lessons and DVDs and webinars are very visual. This is more academic. So I’m curious to see what you guys think. So when you do get this book, leave a review on Amazon. Be honest, you know. I think this is gonna be really useful. And again, my thanks to Jamil and thanks to my whole team for getting this thing out. And again, I’ll post a link to this book. It’s on Amazon. It might be on Barnes & Noble, I’m not sure. I use Amazon.

But it starts shipping, I believe, in like two days. So you’re getting a head start. This will sell out by the way. We only made a few copies just to kind of test the waters. And so if you want it, I suggest you order it ASAP. But this is a cool little guide. Thanks again, Jamil. Great work to my team. Great work. Everybody else, get excited. You have a new guide that is very, very useful and comprehensive. Let’s have a great week. Cheers. I’ll post a link just below this video. Remember, click it, check it out, read it, learn it, live it, love it.


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