My Take On Elon Musk Confirmed To Takeover Twitter – What Happens To Tesla And $TWTR Stock? {VIDEO}

BREAKING NEWS! Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) just announced Elon Musk will buy the platform for $44 billion. What does that mean for Twitter’s stock and Tesla? Find out what I think in the video below. Plus…

  • Why I wouldn’t bet against Elon Musk — but I will bet against this…
  • Can mental issues help drive creativity? Here’s what I think…
  • Twitter’s stock spiked after the news announcement while Tesla was down. Discover what this news could mean in the long term.
  • What I’m excited to see in the future.

Watch the first video I made about the TWTR and Elon news here. And don’t miss the video below!

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What do you think about the news? Is this good or bad for the platform? Leave me a comment below!