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Bitcoin Right Now

People often ask me , whats my take on Bitcoin right now ?The hottest sector in the past few years needs constant updates because this asset class is VERY volatile so if you’re uninformed or just guessing you will risk FAR too much necessarily, and as Bitcoin investors have learned the hard way over the past few weeks, this sector is prone to 50%+ drawdowns all within a matter of a few days/weeks so you MUST stay on your toes.

Last time I wrote about it, Bitcoin was trading around $6,000 and within a few weeks it more than tripled to nearly 20,000 and my friend Teeka had a free webinar in which he NAILED the runup and so anyone who listened to him doubled or even tripled their money in a matter of weeks…it was actually pretty crazy to watch.

Well, now Teeka is giving another free webinar just two days from now, this Wednesday at 8pm EST which you can register for HERE and I highly encourage you to do so because he’s one of the most knowledge guys in this field filled with far too many newbies who only consider 1-2 indicators and not more than a dozen that Teeka considers before commenting on his expectations/targets.

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Let me give you the link one more time, HERE is where you can register for Teeka’s free webinar on Wednesday at 8pm EST and I respect his opinion so much even I will be tuning in and listening and learning.

I know, I know some of you guys reading this don’t like the free webinars, you’d be surprised about the number of idiotic hateful comments I got last time and then all those haters shut up real quick when Bitcoin did exactly what Teeka said it would do — in case you didn’t realize, the hate is strong in finance because this is an industry where 90%+ of traders lose and the vast majority of gurus are nothing more than snake oil salesmen so far too many people have lost money and been abused and so now they lash out at anyone, even those trying to help them because they’re basically like abused little puppies who don’t trust humans anymore.

And while that’s sad, all I can do is cut through the BS and continue to give good, solid information and point you in the direction of good, solid information too….that’s why I’ll never refer you to any newbie or non-legit millionaire trader or investor, there’s just no point in dealing with fakes and that’s where my value comes in…I’ve been in this business for 2 decades so I can spot the real ones from the fakes.

And when you tune into Teeka’s webinar here on Wednesday at 8pm EST, you’ll be able to tell why he’s one of the real ones and why I turn to him when considering what to do with Bitcoin since this is a sector in which he’s made millions of dollars.

Let me answer some questions I know I’ll get…first, Teeka is experienced and qualified, but he’s also not trading on inside information nor is he psychic, so whatever the information he gives, know that it’ll be solid and well-researched, but NOBODY is ever right 100% of the time so have the proper expectation.

Second, it was laughable with all the hate right after Teeka’s webinar last time, since it was 100% free, just like it is this time, but in the aftermath of that webinar, he was proven 100% correct with his thesis and outlook and a lot of the haters then came to me apologizing for their earlier comments and asking Teeka for more advice…which he thoroughly smacked down because he’s been in this business long enough to know that you can’t force good information on everyone so you guys will either take it or leave it….if you don’t want to learn about Bitcoin, don’t tune into Wednesday night’s webinar. And if you’re going to have a crappy attitude, don’t bother learning from me either….the beauty of Teeka and I being real is that we get to choose our students and we have ZERO tolerance or patience for those with the wrong attitude…life is too short to deal with crappy people and because we’ve each made more than enough money on our own, we don’t need ANY students whatsoever, we teach because we enjoy cutting through the industry BS and providing solid information to those sorely lacking in it.

As I’ve long said, it’s a staggeringly revolutionary approach in this industry full of scammers and charlatans to simply give good, honest information and while it’s pretty funny/sad that this approach is so revolutionary, it makes us very proud to do the hard work and research required in order to provide such good well-rounded commentary, no matter how crazy it might seem to outsiders (i.e. the vast majority of the world hates on penny stocks and Bitcoin and yet I would venture to say that out of all the sectors in the world, these two greatly hated upon niches have created the most millionaires in the past few years even if you start with just a few thousand dollars like many of my top students have)

So, here’s one last shot to register for Wednesday’s FREE Bitcoin webinar happening at 8pm EST, you won’t get another shot, attend and receive valuable information or don’t attend and stay confused, it’s entirely your choice…I’ll listen in and let you know my take afterwards and until then I’m not doing anything with Bitcoin because I might as well wait to hear what Teeka has to say as I respect experts in their niches and Teeka is one of the top experts I know of in the Bitcoin space.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’re going to attend and have a positive attitude towards learning as it helps SO MUCH!