LiveStock Today 1-2PM EST & 9 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at midnight this morning:

LiveStock live tomorrow 1-2PM EST & I will be calling people again so leave your number & questions

Only 50 reviews today on Investimonials, c’mon guys help me out and write some honest reviews!

Thinkorswim-Based Account: $101,854, no trades/no positions, account up 11% in November, up 139% in 2009 and up 720% in the last 2 years

New SogoTrade Account: started on 11/24/09: $111,470, no positions, no trades, account is down $3,530 since 11/11/09 inception

Conservative Auto-Trade Account: $178,344, no positions, no trades…account is up 30% since 05/01/09 start

Aggressive Auto-Trade Account: $59,350, no trades, no positions, account is up 18% since 11/11/09 start

$1,600+ in daily profits between the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

Bought 1000 SNTS @ 4.65 yesterday just before market close, sold today during morning spike @ 4.95 for a quick 280$ profit Shorted 1000 NLST @ 4.75, got nervous and covered @ 4.83 for a loss of 105$ Reshorted 1000 NLST @ 4.58 and covered @ 4.35 for 210$ profit, bringing my total gain today up to 385$

+350 SNTS, I don’t have the balls to stay in it longer. Hehe

+120 Shorting CLWT and GSIT

Out of SNTS at $4.68, no decent gap up. +$47

+70 on feed
+200 clwt
+200 on seed
-380 on GSIT

Out RODM +$400

+324 shorting CLWT overnight —thanks Tim 🙂

Cant watch it all day, made $100 on BIOF.

Out SNTS at $4.91 for a $200 loss.
-Adam N.

La-Z-Boy Incorporated (LZB) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc. (NXTH) was spiking nicely on the Shaq news, but mid-day had a typical pump & dump-type dropoff from 2.60 to 2.15 and while it recovered a bit, it shows the pumpers are dumping…NXTH’s CEO publicly blamed me for the selloff, maybe he should blame those his SEC filings show he practically gave shares to 90%+ lower than the current price and the $500,000+ paid to promoters to advertise this carcass and pretend it’s alive, reminiscent of the movie “Weekend At Bernie’s”…I’ve yet to short so I’d prefer a big paid pump, but apparently my words strike fear in pump & dump CEOs everywhere so who knows if they’ll order up another one…maybe when it’s time for Shaq to sell.

American Claims Evaluation, Inc. (AMCE) volume and the stock faded nicely, still just a few cents/share off its $1.50ish highs after doubling from 75 cents/share in 3 days…potential short, but I truly hate the low marketcap and annoying spread…probly won’t play this lest I get blamed for yet another pump & dump burning in the gutter (just kidding, blame me for whatever, I just prefer more liquid stocks)

Infinity Energy Resources Inc. (IFNY) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Santarus, Inc. (SNTS) had a great many penny stock jackals buying and hsorting it, but the pattern did not interest me whatsoever….nice consolidation the prior day meant short selling odds weren’t great, today’s morning spike meant the shorts were already squeezed

Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Euro Tech Holdings Co. Ltd. (CLWT) did hold 2.90-ish to 3 support most of the day before fading late day to 2.80…not sure if any TIMalert subscriber held, but once you’ve been around a while you’ll see I take my losses and gains rather quickly and while taking quick losses is required to reduce risk, I should have more patience on this first down day plays…odds are soooo high for further downside, we see it again and again….no play here now.

Netlist, Inc. (NLST) is downtrending in a nasty gradual fashion every single day…stick a fork in this pump & dump…Harry Boxer can buy and try to find the bottom, but I’ve learned long ago never to buy falling knives, they bloody your account! Potential short on any big spikes.