LiveStock Live Today 1-2PM EST, $3,500 In Trading Profits & 10 Strong Penny Stocks To Trade

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 8pm last night because they’re subscribers are better than you:

LiveStock is live today 1-2PM EST from Barcelona, come check it out HERE

TIM trading account—now stands at $65,162, no trades or positions, I’m not gonna force trades when I don’t see any great setups, I’m still up 53% in 2009 and up 425% in the last 20 months, up from my original $12,415 November 1, 2007.

Longer Term Account $51,918, no trades/positions, up $1,918 since May 1st inception

Some decent TIMalert subscriber profits adding up to $3,500 today on a slow day:

+ $490 net on NVGN shorted at $4.5, covered $4.0, while at the beach with the kids!
-John P.

I covered AIG this morning @ 10.19 down from 16.05 – Made 1500ish

and boring day my lil portfolio is up 1300 today

+150 on MAPP.

IIJI did in fact continue to rally, several TIMalert subscribers profited nicely, congrats to all, that’s what technical penny stock trading is all about…too boring for me though, I doubt this will have a big run, just good for a 7% up day or so, next!

RINO bounced back to just under $9, but on very low volume…the drop was due to momentum buyers being scared out by the double-top at $10, I’m out due to boredom, but I still keep it on my back watchlist as a potential buy in anticipation of positive NASDAQ news and a breakout past $10

NVGN fits the pattern I usually short perfectly, as outlined in my PennyStocking Part Deux instructional DVD package but I don’t trust shorting a stock down from $5 to $3 in 2 days, even though today was just its first down day…support in the high $2s, the trend overwhelmingly favors shorts, but I just don’t see the great odds I like in order to short, just watching it.

That’s it, you don’t get the whole list because you’re literally not as good a person as any of my TIMalert subscribers…sign up and receive your redemption!