Lessons From Boy Wonder Matthew Monaco

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on April 18, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • Why do I call Matthew Monaco “The Boy Wonder?” Take a deep dive into his trading career to find out…
  • Discover EVERY resource Matt has to help you level up your trading game.
  • Watch Matt in action! I’ve compiled my top videos with this trader so you can learn with him today.

Get into the program where Matt found his trading strategies — learn more now

Remember when Matt Monaco’s first $100K was a big deal? Seems like just yesterday he was fresh out of college and starting to kill it trading stocks.

Now, in January 2022, he’s just shy of $2 million — less than two years later. That’s why Matt earned the nickname “The Boy Wonder.”

But crazy growth like that doesn’t just happen. It takes an insane amount of hard work and dedication to pull off those kinds of gains.

Today I want to show you what it took for Matt to become an amazing trader.

Matt’s Trading Journey: The 1,000-Foot View

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Let’s start with some stats, patterns, and key moments in Matt’s career…


  • Over 3,800 trades
  • Winning percentage of over 58%
  • Average percent-gain of 8.25%
  • Nearly $2 million in trading profits

See Matt’s Profit.ly chart here.

Favorite Patterns

Matt makes the bulk of his bread trading multi-day breakout, panic dip buy, and ABCD patterns. I’ve discussed these three strategies at length over the years. It’s really cool to see Matt having such great success with them.


  • 2017: Joins the Trading Challenge and starts trading
  • 2019: Creates the “Beyond the PDT” podcast with Bryce Tuohey
  • 2020: Records the 30-Day Bootcamp with me and goes on to bank over $620K in profits for the year
  • 2021: Breaks $1 million mark and creeps close to $2 million

Learn With Matt

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  • 30-Day Bootcamp: Matt sits down with me to break stock trading down into three phases: fundamentals, strategies and patterns, and practice. Those three phases are the steps that me, Matt, and other top students followed to reach great success.


  • Small Cap Rockets: This StocksToTrade chat room is where you can find Matt. Alongside former college roommate and best bud Bryce Tuohey, Matt shares his live trading daily. He goes into depth on what he’s trying and why. He also talks to members and answers trading questions.


  • To The Moon Report: The INSEPARABLE Matt and Bryce share this platform too … They share their thoughts on macro market strategies, cryptocurrency, trade breakdowns, and what’s on watch each week.


  • Crypto Rockets: Passionate about crypto? Matt and Kyle Williams discuss the coins they think have the BEST shot of jumping to the moon. They also alert trades, discuss the overall market, and deliver a 14-day bootcamp to learn crypto trading strategies.

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Watch Matt in Action

Matthew Monaco Is Just Getting Started

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Matt found me while browsing YouTube in high school. He doesn’t remember the exact video, but he thinks this is a strong contender.

He came ready with the hustler’s mindset. He did what it takes to reach his goals, like saving money to apply to my Trading Challenge and start trading. Matt says getting in was the true beginning of his trading career…

And he’s still hustling! This guy blows me away.

Now, Matt’s approaching $2 million in trading profits and a mentor in his own right. He has grown exponentially since the beginning of 2020. I don’t see that growth stopping anytime soon!

Matt’s a great example of what you can become if you put in the hard work. Apply for the Trading Challenge if you’re ready to follow in Matt’s footsteps!

Leave a comment below with any questions for Matt AND congratulate him on so many killer trading milestones!


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