I've Been Wrong 6 Picks In A Row, What Will I Do?


Traders who look for patterns in their trading are sad little people…They post on sad little places like IBankCoin and Elitetrader, lying about their gains, too afraid to post the truth, that they are failures like the 90-95% of traders we know from too many academic studies are losers/failures.

So I’ve had 6 not great picks in a row, so what, there were gainst to be had by any TIMalert subscriber who was quick enough, not even counting any DVD student smart enough to anticipate my trades (which is wholly possible consider I lay out my entire trading variable sfor all to see ahead of time!!!!) I’m less than $1,000 off my highs…that’s right, one decent trade will be greater than 5 bad trades.

Because I cut my losses quickly. Because if there’s one thing my instructional DVDs will teach you it’s to cut your losses quickly.

Don’t like how a stock you just bought/shorted is acting–cut your losses. Have a gain, but don’t know where the stock is heading? Cut your gains too!

The key to successful trading isn’t being right 100% of the time, or even 80-90% of the time as has been my habit over the past DECADE, it’s to be more right (taking bigger gains when you are right) than wrong (having smaller losses no matter how many times you are wrong).

My last 5 trades weren’t bad trades, sure, I might’ve entered too early/didn’t wait for resistance to crack on my latest CPY (thought it a worthy risk since I didn’t know if there’d be shares available when the true crack came), forced it on HSNI (just overtrading there), RVI was ideal, just didn’t work (I’d make that trade over and over again, booo hoo, I got squeezed for 17 cents/share), CPD acted weird and TKTM was another bored trade.

I make mistakes, I’m not a trading master, get over it! Still up a cool 10% in December from the picks that did work–see how my gains outweigh my losses?–and 240%+ on the year…an environment that has been called “the most difficult market ever” by many unread/untalented “experts”.

And considering the scum in this joke of an industry, I am better, far better, than most, as evidenced by my the travesty that I’m still dominating Covestor, out of 15,000+ investor/traders who don’t spend all their time blogging/making instructional DVDs/traveling…truly pathetic (is there no one else?)

….the key is not letting those mistakes turn into anything meaningful. Cutting losses quickly…cutting losses quickly….Cutting losses quickly….Cutting losses quickly….Cutting losses quickly….Cutting losses quickly…..write that out 100 times so maybe it’ll sink into your dense wannabe trader heads.

Judging by my the TIMalert subscribers testimonials from these 6 trades below, I’m reaching a few of you:

lost 90 on HSNI trade. still good fundamentals…just wouldn’t break down

and covered TKTM at 6.32 for (317)

Total loss on RVI: $1200.

loss on RVI 100, skiing yesterday with kids priceless

Lost $260 thanks alot timmy 🙁

squeezed for a $292 loss.

squeezed out for $80 bucks….

i took the $70 loss as well a while back

Jumped out, another small $100 loss, maybe my position size is too large..