Introducing 3 New Speakers To My Upcoming Conference - 2 Biotech Experts & A Penny Stock Promoter! - Timothy Sykes

Introducing 3 New Speakers To My Upcoming Conference — 2 Biotech Experts & A Penny Stock Promoter!

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If you’ve gone to my conference page, you’ll have seen all the details so I don’t have to repost them here.

What you don’t see yet because we have to update the page (new biographies to be added & schedule to change a bit) is that despite this event being more than a month away, we already have 70 confirmed attendees and we just added 3 more expert speakers to our lineup of already 10 speakers.

Here are the new speakers and FYI when you visit the conference page and register use the special coupon codes WEB2010 to attend via live HD video and save $700 and VEGAS2010 to save $500 over the regular ticket price:

Besides John Welsh who is also speaking, there aren’t too many TRUE smallcap biotech experts…we just got both of them to speak at this conference: MikeHavRX, who used to work with the blatant pumper Garza at BiomedReports until he got out and went straight:

Mike Havrilla is a pharmacist, writer, marathon runner, and the owner of Publishing, LLC with experience that includes online investing since August 1997 and writing for investors since April 2007 with a focus on the healthcare sector. Mike holds Doctor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science (Biology) degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for Wyeth prior to pharmacy school. He is also an avid runner (50-75 miles per week) since 1992 and has completed 21 marathons with a personal best time of 2 hours, 54 minutes for the 26.2 mile race.

and BioRunup whose greatly in depth work I greatly admire and who is also getting some serious reviews…check out his official bio:

BioRunUp was created in 2010 by Mark Messier, below is his story:

When I graduated high school I began working at Bank of America (BAC) while attending college. Seeing the price of BAC fall to $3 a share, I had a sense that this was a good time to buy. At the time I didn’t have much of a trading account, but I managed to buy about 1500 shares. The recent upturn of the financial industry increased my portfolio and gave me the confidence and opportunity to branch out in other areas of the market. That is when I discovered biotechs.

CTIC will always hold a special place in my heart, it was the first biotech that I ever traded. I bought a few thousand shares in the $.30 range, and watched it grow to well over $1. Next was HEB. Although now former “HEBber’s” view that stock as a nightmare, I watch my original buy of $.96 climb to $4.54. This ignited my interest in biotech stocks. The more research I performed the more excited I got. There seems to be a semi-predictable pattern with FDA Catalyst stocks.

Simply put- Buy early, let the anticipation drive the price up, then sell. However, it is not that simple. In this confusing sector there was no reliable source of legitimate FDA catalysts. From this void BioRunUp was created.

Successful Trading

In 2009 my biotech portfolio increased by 273%. At the time of this writing in October 2010 I am up another 119% year to date.

Let’s Ride the Waves of Biotech Together

Riding the ups and downs of biotechs can be a mix of skill and timing. It does not look like this sector will be going anywhere any time soon. As long as there is sickness, there will be a biotech market. With a healthy combination of run-ups, free shares, shorting, and options I feel there is a huge potential in these plays. That being said, lets go ride the waves.

And last but certainly least, we also have a penny stock promoter, The Dean of, coming to the conference…or at least he says he is…(you know how much I trust what a penny stock promoter ever has to say). He doesn’t need a bio because who he is doesn’t matter–it’s his knowledge of the inner-working of penny stock pump & dumps that he brings to the table and it’ll be AMAZING for all of us if he really shares the juicy stuff…we’ll see if he’s brave enough to rat out the commission.

The good news is you can tell he’s excited to present as he did a blog post and even made a video about the conference and like a typical penny stock promoter, he can’t help but make up a few lies about it (watch the video, can you guess the lies?):


The Original Penny Stock Educator from The Dean on Vimeo.

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers I know, I know, you probly think penny stock promoters are the devil and you’re offended that I would not only permit but encourage you to listen to one, but to truly understand the world of penny stocks and pump & dumps, it’s good to know they enemy. And from what I’ve seen from The Dean’s presentation, this conference is gonna help you learn a TON more about how penny stock pump & dumps operate.

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  1. The Dean


    The only lie here is you pumping up “what i’ve seen from The Dean’s presentation”…

    Don’t pretend to know things that you don’t.

    You have absolutely no idea how much I’m going to school you & everyone else at the PennyStocking Conference on Nov 15th.

    The Dean has Spoken.

  2. Anonymous

    good school everyone and the lie is that u were the 1st pennystock educator…i still find it hard to believe how useful u can be when u make videos like that claiming to have helped people learn…guess we’ll see in Vegas…if u show

  3. Anonymous

    And yes you made more on VRAL because you were IN ON THE PUMP! had i sold my soul to the devil and joined u instead of making a buck the honest way–and trading from a train in portugal–my gains would have topped yours…as it stands you dont even post your trades or those of your subscribers on so your credibility is nil…go ahead and make claims with no proof all you want…like a typical junky stock promoter

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