I Took an L on CUEN – But Still Made a Profit!

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 19, 2023
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Want to profit as a day trader?

I’m talking about consistent profits that lead to millions of dollars over time.

Well, you’ve gotta have a good sense of humor.

For example … I’m laughing at myself right now.

The volatility this week has been CRAZY! I’m seeing +100% spikers almost every day.

  • Cuentas Inc. (NASDAQ: CUEN) +140%
  • Genius Group Limited (AMEX: GNS) +150%
  • Celyad Oncology SA (NASDAQ: CYAD) +280%

And I missed out on pretty much all of them so far.

If I were a newbie trader, that would be really frustrating. And it would push me to make some bad decisions.

But I’m a seasoned vet …

I know the process to follow for success. I’ve been playing it for more than 20 years now.

And even though I missed out on all these huge plays, I didn’t lose a single cent this week.

I’ve made four trades in total so far.

And since 90% of trades fail … I’d say my process works pretty well.

Here’s how I profit while scoping out the hottest plays …

Take 30 Seconds…

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The best thing you can do before making any trade …

Take 30 seconds to analyze the chart. Identify key support and resistance, make a trading plan that includes risk, and decide when to enter and exit.

For a seasoned vet, it takes 30 seconds. Usually less time than that.

The more you expose yourself to these plays, the easier it gets.

I’ll show you how I royally screwed up on Cuentas Inc. (NASDAQ: CUEN) and still came out with a profit …

Here’s a link to my trade.

This was my entry and exit…

CUEN chart 1-minute candles

I like to panic dip buy. It’s my favorite pattern.

Obviously, on this trade maybe I should have paid more attention to a breakout strategy.

But these are the key components I took away …

  • I’m trading the right stocks
  • I’m staying conservative while I learn (I usually play OTC stocks)
  • I recognized weakness and was disciplined enough to get out with a small profit.

Without a trading plan, I might have held onto my shares and hoped for a bounce. As you can see on the chart. There wasn’t a bounce coming. I would have lost money for sure.

Face the facts. Without a trading plan, you’re just another gambler. And everyone knows, if you gamble, the house always wins.

I liked the chart because the price had dropped quickly and significantly from the highs. And when I bought in, there was a huge green volume candle. That’s a big component of my panic-dip-buy pattern.

But when there wasn’t a bounce, I knew something was wrong. So I didn’t get greedy. I sold my shares and moved on.

That’s the mindset all my millionaire students have. It’s how we stay consistently profitable.

The key is managing losses on failed trades.

This was a failed trade … but I still made a profit. Even my bad trades are good ones!

Now, let’s focus on your account …

How To Grow

tim sykes on laptop computer by Lake Como
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The panic-dip-buy pattern is viable.

Just look at this chart of Vision Energy Corp (OTC: VENG)

VENG chart 1-minute candles

Of course, I didn’t trade it.

I’m a busy guy, I can’t watch the market all day every day …

But I also realize, despite the panic-dip-buy success. It’s not for everyone.

I have 30+ millionaire students and they all trade differently.

The core process is the same. It’s the bed rock of our success. But there are hundreds of ways to profit in the market.

Don’t get overwhelmed … focus on one or two strategies at a time. There are only a handful I use …

This is the panic-dip-buy pattern I keep talking about …

But if you’re looking for something else, check out the recorded live stream I held with Mark Croock last Wednesday.

It’s fresh and up to date content …

He shares with us his top profit strategy right now. A pattern that yields +100% profits in less than 24 hours.

Here’s the link.

All my millionaire students shopped around looking for the best strategy until finally each of them found one that worked specifically for them.

That’s how you should approach this market.

Get curious and start exploring!

But always remember to take those 30 seconds …


— Tim


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