Trading Challenge Success: How To Turn $2,300 Into $130,000 In 1 Year

trading challenge success

trading challenge Success

Many of my students have experienced trading challenge success and are finding six and seven-figure success, like this guy and this guy and this guy too. But lately, some of my students who begin with just $2,000-$5,000 like this young but dedicated family man are having the most success…because of how little they start with, they’re hungrier and they spend more time watching all my video lessons, webinars and DVDs….and while there’s no magic formula for outright success in the stock market, every new successful student tells me the key to their profits, and understanding how to repeat the process of attaining such profits, all stems from constant study.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

And I’m not talking 1-2 hours/day of constant study, my top trading challenge students are so obsessed with their education that they’re putting in 10-17 hours PER DAY into studying the past and present stock market and only after several months of such insane behavior do things really start clicking.

Read this blog post and this blog post and this blog post too, if you have a small account and want to learn how to grow it exponentially.

I’ll give you a new example as today I woke up to a truly great email from one of my trading challenge students named Adrian:

I was so blown away by his email that I asked him for some tips of how he achieved so much in so little time and so below are his top 7 tips for success…and if he sticks with his studying and stays on track, not getting cocky due to his early success and just continuing to take it one trade at a time, then he can become another one of my Millionaire trading challenge students over time…as these habits he writes about below are CLASSIC habits utilized by all the self-made millionaires I know and the ones my teachings have created too.

So, please do read them, take notes on them, memorize them and even repeat them out-loud multiple times until they sink in, because I agree with every last word he says:

(and if you want more rules to live by then read this blog post and this blog post too from some of my other top trading challenge students…when you study enough, you’ll start to realize that while we all might be different people with different strengths and different weaknesses our rules for success are all pretty similar…and while many of them are counterintuitive, you must learn to master your own emotions and discipline to find lasting success and wealth in the ever-changing stock market and you must NEVER forget that 90%+ of traders lose so if you get too cocky or lazy, even on one trade, you risk becoming like the masses and the masses are those people who lose far more often than they win so it’s your choice…how badly do you want to be successful?!?!?)

(I’ve also put some of notes in parentheses next to each of Adrian’s bullet points)

Sure thing, Tim. Here you go!

Thanks again.

1. The importance of learning simply cannot be overestimated. I saw things happening in the market, but it wasn’t until I understood why these things were happening that I was able to properly react to them and become profitable. In spite of having made a bit of money, I don’t think I’m a successful trader yet. I have much to learn.

(Yes, Adrian, you are so right on this and that’s why I take so much pride in creating SO MANY educational resources for you guys, everyone should start with this stock trading guide)

2. You reap what you sow. Trading profitably is not easy, if you treat it as a casual hobby, you’ll likely lose money. I became profitable after investing hundreds of hours researching, analyzing and refining my strategy.

(Awesome dedication my man!)

3. Patience and resilience are key. There’s a difference between watching lessons and sitting in front of a trading program executing your own trades. Mistakes will be made, learn from them and keep going.

(See this blog post on patience for more on this key point)

4. Be your own trader. Following someone else’s trades was a sure way to lose money for me. Start by engineering your own trades and testing them on paper. See how they play out and refine them as you go along.

(YESSSSSSSSSSS! NEVER follow anyone else’s trades or alerts or picks, use other people’s trade ideas to better formulate your own plans and learn from everyone who has a solid track record and see what has made them so successful in an industry full of losers)

5. Keep your emotions in check. I can’t stress how important this is. I wiped out my account twice before learning this lesson: Hope is not a trading strategy. If your trade is not going exactly as you planned it, exit. This was definitely the hardest thing for me to ingrain… To this day I still forget about it sometimes.

(Tell me about it Adrian, LOL, I still get emotional even after 2 decades in this game and that’s probably my biggest character flaw that prevents me from taking my own trading to the next level…fortunately teaching others keeps my demons at bay…for the most part)

6. Don’t force trades. Some days, there’s just nothing to trade; pick up a book instead.

(Often times the best trade is no trade and I encourage everyone to study when there’s nothing great to trade, you can see a great list of stock market books here and the top 250 rated moves on IMDB is also a great and useful way to spend time while not trading…trust me, I’ve seen just about every one of them!)

7. Balance is important. Sometimes I need a reminder of why I do what I do. As important as learning and working hard is, taking time off to send with your family and enjoy your successes keeps you motivated.

(I’ve ALWAYS had balance issues throughout my career, I have nothing to comment on this bullet point as I myself am still working on this tough, tough subject, but I will say that there’s no such thing as perfect work-life balance in stock trading as this is a weird, weird industry and those who treat it like a 9-5 job do NOT excel as sometimes you can make a week’s or even month’s regular “salary” in a few hours or even a few minutes if you are prepared for the best setups)

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Jamey Michaud

    I love these testimonials, they’re so key to keeping you motivated when you’re just starting the marathon. Thank you for your advice Adrian, and Tim for posting this.

    Definitely take this to heart and keep putting more time in the books.

  2. Barbara Johnson

    Awesome read . I’ve learned so much this year. I feel so much more confident in spotting patterns .thank you tim for the 7 step framework. and a bunch of other stuff.

  3. Scott Tysar

    LOL list of 250 best imdb music. I’m making my way through the list of books. Good advice and your reap what you saw is a good expression which is new to me. Seems he knows what he is saying.

  4. Ryan

    Congrats Adrian and thanks for the advice! I applied for the challenge yesterday and I’m looking forward to the interview.

  5. Hanz

    Thank you for the lesson and the reminder Adrian to check the emotion and keeping Hope out of trading. Thank you Tim for always I meant always there to pound the importance of resilience and hard work.

  6. Max

    At first I thought you were just a marketing douche, but the more I watch your nitty gritty trades or stuff where you talk about trading itself and how someone approaches it, the more it seems like you are uniquely fascinated with the whole concept as someone who really does it. Now everyone else who teaches stuff is pissing me off instead 😉 I recognize this because I have achieved similar success in computer game trading, achieving what almost nobody has, and been accused of being a complete fraud and troll. I have discussed what I do with many people and so far have not had a single real student, even though many people “wanted” to learn. If anything, my best “students” were probably the competition at the auction houses, but some of them were the worst and burnt themselves out trying to fight battles in the marketplace.

    Obviously it’s a different beast buying and reselling virtual items but it’s spooky how all the same lessons are discussed in your materials, both psychological and general marketplace and trading ones that transcend trading platforms and markets.

    My experience has shown me I am more suited to sitting at a computer turning numbers into bigger numbers than convincing people to pay me for products or services in the job market. Being that I earn $11.25 an hour at my job, while I turned Diablo 3 into $33 an hour. I feel like kind of an asshole for not getting into the subject of penny stocks years ago, but in a way it’s a good thing, because so much of what I’m seeing you talk about just clicks so hard it just blows me away how true it is, because I experienced it again and again. And I really like that your method involves recognizing patterns and acting on them based on actual action and repeatedly demonstrated patterns/cycles, not prediction and insider knowledge, because my methods have always worked that way too. I never was the type to do long term plays based on trends. All my online computer game trading profits came from working around current market conditions and recognizing and adapting to the changes rather than predicting or trying to control things. But at the same time I always did what few were willing to do or even conceive doing, and positioned my stuff for sale at prices many believe would never sell. This is of course not really analogous to trading stocks, but it is analogous in a more indirect way in that to get the good profits one must do that which others don’t, which others feel is not safe, or just a gamble, but it’s not gambling. It’s an EDUCATED risk, just like crossing a busy street or flying in a plane.

    It’s the EDUCATION part and KNOWING WHATS GOING ON and BEING ABLE TO EXECUTE EFFICIENTLY that is the real work. It’s very drudgerous and sometimes takes a long time to be able to make insane profits with small amounts of time. That’s what almost nobody is willing to do. Otherwise it ain’t really rocket science, and it seems penny stocks are the same way.

  7. Daniel

    Thank you Adrian for this testimonials and thank you Tim for posting, every video lesson,testimonials or Q&A has something new to offer and I truly appreciate Tim for the dedication. I’m studying your materials from HTMM to video lessons, with enough knowledge I will be ready to start trading small. Thank you again

  8. Tim Vaughn

    Congrats Adrian and thanks Tim for bringing us another story of dedication and inspiration and SUCCESS!

  9. OceanRider

    It is really great to read about your success Adrian. Now that you have achieved this milestone, I bet many others are soon to come. I am working behind the scenes every day to join you reaching this achievement. What a great story. Wishing you the best going forward.

  10. matthew and wendy davis

    congratulations on your hard work and dedication! can’t wait to post our success story here some day soon!

  11. Zach lauderman

    Congrats Adrian this makes me feel confident . I’m juggling a full time job 6days a week and family and things I just can’t ignore not to mention the hobbies I love and want to do but don’t got time. But I’m determined to learn this so I’ve been watching videos in between jobs and waking up 3hrs early for work 4am. To study ect.. still haven’t made a trade although it eats at me seeing what it could’ve been. But I’m trying to learn before I trade. Also trying to start with larger amount . 4 or 5 k. I actually feel crazy. But hopefully it will pay off and succeed too so I can get out this job and have more time. I’ve been trying to learn everything chance I get, podcast while working or videos while in meetings at work or in between plus at home or in my treestand lol. Thx for the success story. Goodluck going forward.

  12. Louis Horvah

    Holy Shit! Adrian and Timothy, you guys just put me on check and help me release I’m on the right path.

    Congratulations Adrain!

  13. Dean Hiser

    Congrats Adrain. I am so happy for you and as God puts you on my mind I will pray that you prosper as your soul prospers because if you keep you soul prosperity ahead of your material prosperity it will protect you from any downside that material prosperity may present to you. May the Lord continue to bless you & your family!!!!

  14. Shaun Bradford

    Well done Adrian, im almost 5 months in on studying and stared paper trading 2 weeks ago and its a real boost to hear success stories like yours, i feel im on the right track listening to yourself and you Tim about studying as i was getting concern that im obsessed :).
    Although I am now working silly hours holding down a living as well as studying i know it will all come good.
    Tim I think in the next year are going have a lot more students with their success stories, great to meet you and the others top traders in Orlando.

  15. Lance Wing

    Awesome job Adrian and great words of wisdom there. Thanks for this post Tim and thanks to you and your team for changing our lives. You guys are the best.

  16. Fred Becker

    Congratulations Adrian! I am learning to cut my losses quickly at about 5-7%, but when I win they are 3-4 times that amount in percentages, all due to Tim’s great training videos. As I’ve learned, never stop learning, always keep studying and you will definitely be a winner!

  17. Sara bank_a_tronic

    Adrian-This is such an awesome profile of your hard work & determination! Really truly impressive how you turned that humble amount into SUCH a sizable amount in just a year! Congratulations! So inspiring! Very solid, indeed!

  18. Ryan

    What I learned/was reminded of is that balance is important. Sometimes you just need to clear your head.

  19. Freddy

    Well done Adrian, i am sure it is only the beginning and that you will be able to achieve more, no doubt about it.

  20. Vanessa

    Thanks Adrian! I read this the other day as well. Good information. I’m still studying. I’ve dabbled a bit with a few trades, unsuccessfully I might add, but it’s been a good learning experience. Getting my feet wet has helped me to understand the things I am studying better.

  21. Charles

    Indeed!! Congrats Adrian and thanks for sharing! You are so right about emotions and discipline!! I have much work to do!

  22. Mark Gallant

    It’s always awesome and inspiring to here the stories and study all your material. As a new challenge student, there is sooooooooooo much to learn. I’ve been studying hard every night and morning. Recently I’ve been getting my feet wet with some losses and some gains. It’s teaching me how much I need to study and how far I have to go. thanks Tim for your amazing community of like minded people. Great success to all!

  23. Jon Lloyd

    Thanks Adrian and Tim! This is a great post and a great reminder.
    This was my first week of trading as a new student, I broke some of these rules this week I.E DON’T CHASE! and CUT LOSSES QUICKLY!!! I have watched many many hours of Tim’s videos (Currently watching how to make millions) and I literally hear Tim telling me to CUT LOSSES QUICKLY in my head. Hard lesson but the most important!
    I did finish out this week with a $223 day of profits today! not much but it’s a start.
    Thanks again! Joining this program was a great start to my trading career.

  24. Frank Brown

    Congrats to Adrian on his success! I am beginning to recognize the patterns you describe in your video lessons, which are all a great help. I just need to work on my timing, and keeping my emotions in check, that will help me with my patience. My picks have been good, I just tend to not give the trade enough time to play out leading small losses because if there is one principle you drill, and I have taken heed, cut losses early. That has definitely saved me from devastating mistakes.

  25. Jameson

    Thank you so much for this blog post Tim! This is truly a marathon where the beginning is 100% about understanding why/ how everything works. Study study study, test test test, refine refine refine. Learning the game is key and after that it all comes down to rinse and repeat the boring old habits!

  26. Matt Barger

    Tons of great tips and points to learn from and reread! This was the main lesson that stuck out to me and does daily.

    2. You reap what you sow. Trading profitably is not easy, if you treat it as a casual hobby, you’ll likely lose money. I became profitable after investing hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and refining my strategy.

    Way to go Adrian and thanks for sharing his story Tim!

  27. ken chapman

    thanks for the blog post and congrats to Adrian. I’m new to the silver sub. I been studying pretty hard and watching lesson after lesson I am still back and forth with my tades so I def have more studying to do I just really wish I had the time around my current job to join the challenge I feel that would be a real big help to my trading. but thankyou for your hard work and dedication to your subscribers , your charities and all you do keep it up

  28. Rebecca Dominick

    WOW! Reading this blog post makes me feel like you actually seen how my week went and knew I needed inspiration from this gentleman! LOL! Thanks for sharing, and thank you Adrian for sharing your tips with Tim so that he could pay them forward to all of us. I for one am very grateful for them as this was my first week trading and I needed to hear some words of inspiration to reinforce what I have been learning and the biggest ones for me is the “Keeping your emotions in check” & “And don’t force trades”. But all of them keyed in on every part of my trading week and this was my very First week trading. Thanks again.

  29. Lamont

    Congrats Adrian. Keep up the good work. Something that creeps up on me as well is emotion. I realized how important it is to keep it in check as well as study study study study study study study study and then some. I am still learning and hope to follow the footsteps of many successful millionaire traders.

  30. Lamont

    Congrats Adrian. Keep up the good work. Something that creeps up on me as well is emotion. I realized how important it is to keep it in check as well as study study study study study study study study and then some. I am still learning and hope to follow the footsteps of many successful millionaire traders.

  31. Gerry Janicek

    I am just starting to follow you guys and everyday I learn something more that just helps me better understand this incredible way to make money. I was an investor, but I am slowly learning to become a trader. I have purchased Stocks to Trade platform and it is awesome, Great job developing this platform Tim Sykes!!!! I have learned a lot from it already as I was using Fidelity Active Trader platform. Yours is SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! I joined right now the free joining, but I want to learn more so soon to get in on your trades Tim. Adrian great job in profiting as much as you have AWESOME JOB! Thanks guys for all you do and being great teachers and mentor’s

  32. Danny Stoll

    Such an inspiring post, and the advice is really helpful. Congratulations Adrian, and thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  33. Scott Sweet

    Great job Adrian,
    Very impressive, it is nice to see that study and following your rules pays off.
    I began working for Union Pacific Railroad 10 years ago, and at that point was under the impression that this would be my final career, and that I would work until 60, and enjoy the benefits and retirement package and have felt really good about that until June 2017.
    In June, a friend of mine told me about a stock he was watching and making money on.(dcth)
    I did some research, and began trading, starting with DCTH.
    I didn’t pull the trigger when I should have, which would have been profitable. I lost a few bucks and wanted to understand why.
    So, I found Tim, and now that great benefits package, 17 years from now is not attractive at all!
    I have been pointed in a different direction through study, and I learn everyday.
    I have went from pulling the trigger on stocks, to sitting back and watching, just to see them fall, and I am beginning to see the patterns more clearly, and I am reacting to those patterns.
    I have had some decent gains, and a few big losses.
    I was in HMNY, at 3.40, out 3.47. On sept.15th…..I wanted to hold so bad, but the consensus was HMNY never holds its gains, so I sold. Wow, with 1200 shares I would have banked. However, watching that happen is a far better experience even though I could have made between 10k, and 40k. I learned a good lesson there.
    Tim, thank you so much for the time you put in with your students and followers, and I look forward to becoming a challenge student when the time is right.

  34. Marcus

    Cheers to another family man making to the target!!!! I guess their family’s well being drives them more than anything huh 🙂 Tim, you are one helluva mentor i would say!! I think by 2020, you’ll have at least 20 millionaires under your belt!!

  35. Chris Castiglione

    Congrats Adrian! You, as a family man and a successful trader in my eyes, I like the fact that you still look at yourself as not being a successful trader to drive you to learn more and still manage your time to spend with your family. You are an inspiration.

    Tim, Thank you for everything you do! It’s great that you help people all over the world and still manage to find time for us (your students), always in the chat room giving good advice, webinars, video lessons, watchlists, ect..

  36. Homer Larkins

    Awesome job Adrian. Got it!! Study, Study and Study some more. Invest in researching, analyzing and refining my strategy. Learn from my mistakes. Never follow anyone else’s trade. Formulate your own plans. Keep my emotions in check. Don’t force trades. Deal with my balance issues.

  37. DNN

    Earning huge sums of money from starting and running a business is very humbling when anyone starts from the bottom and makes it big in entrepreneurship.

  38. Andika Pratama

    Congratulations Adrian. For me, Point no.4. Be your own trader, is something that I am yet to experience and formulate myself.

    Really looking forward to become as profitable as Adrian and the other successful challenge student.
    Thanks Tim for posting the resourceful article.

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