How To Truly Celebrate Memorial Day & Enjoy Our Freedom (Also Links To My 30 Best Video Lessons)

Memorial Day (2017) is supposed to be about remembering those who died in service to our nation so we can live the way we do.

Unfortunately, thanks to the long weekend, endless parties, a combination of the stock market being closed, tons of retail sales, bigtime movie debuts and mostly the weather finally being nice everywhere (not just West Coast and in the Dirty South), this important day of remembrance has basically become one giant party/celebration.

Normally I’d also be guilty of this mistaken thinking, but since I’m sick from too much traveling/jetlag from my most recent trip

…aka thanks to my mastering THESE SKILLS my entire life is a celebration/vacation, I’m at home sniffling, watching this great/underseen mini-series and doing some serious thinking.

And I think I found a way to both remember those who have fought for us and to celebrate….simultaneously.

You see I have a special affection for our armed forces because not only do they protect and preserve our independence, they also make THE BEST trading challenge students because as I’ve learned, most of them have a TON of spare time on their hands and their training has made them into perfect students.

(PS in that video for trading challenge student applications, I mention my top student is up $100,000 in just a few months…well, it’s been a few months more and now he’s up nearly $500,000 with my strategy, we gotta update that video, the dollars are moving quick! This post just last month about my students’ $4+ million in profits also needs updating, we’ve added another million or so**)

Check out this tweet from one of my favorite trading challenge students HERE as he made a trade based on my blog post where I said “Witness This Pump Dump In Real-Time” and you can see this guy is serious by the photo he took when he actually did the trade:

Army Trade

…and his tweets prove how proud he is that he can trade from ANYWHERE**:

Trading From The Field

Now you might be thinking this is one disciplined guy, but take one look at his twitter profile pic and you’ll see he’s just a regular, kinda crazy guy with terrible fashion sense:

What Is That Shirt?

He’s not alone — check out another one of my trading challenge students, this Green Beret Day Trader — no joke…that’s his title on his Linkedin Profile! and while his photo there makes him likely to star in a remake of Three Kings (great movie!):

Green Beret Day Trader

His Linkedin summary:

I’m a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces and currently in training to become a full time day trader. I’m a hard working and motivated person who never settles for what I have because I’m always striving for more. If you do not take advantage of an opportunity presenting itself then someone else will.

…his recent Facebook picture from Hawaii I wrote about here

Trading Challenge Students Love Hawaii

…and his recent trades showing thousands in profits** prove he’s not only determined to serve and protect but also to take advantage of great trading opportunities!

And remember these are only two of my trading challenge students who are in the armed forces, here’s another great guy who just started, check out his email to me that I’ve been meaning to post for several weeks now:


I’m a new trading challenge student as of 03 April (1 month to date).
I got to tell you that I’ve been extremely pleased thus far. Up
front, I came in this ready to go. I’ve had a loosing streak for
years, and have managed to loose 50% of my “investements” to date.
I signed up on the 3rd, and a few days later, received some goodies
in the mail. I read your book before getting the initial DVDs in the
mail. For about 10 days, I managed to go through and focus on
learning instruction from all the materials given to my by your staff,
and your Pennystocking and PennyStocking Part Deux DVDs.

I’m currently an active duty military member on the west coast, which
makes it a hassle to find time to study and trade. West coast time
has actually helped me. The majority of my trading happens in the
first and last hours of trading. So most of my trading has been on
gap-up plays. I wake up at 5:00am, get into work at around 5:45, and
set up ready to trade. After the market opens, I have a good hour to
trade. My lunch runs from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, which is perfect,
because I can focus on trading the last hour on my lunch break.
Although I do find time during the day from time to time, the majority
of my profits have been from trading the first and last hours of the
day. A combination of having to wake up early every day of the week
and find time to study at night does make a grumpy dad and father at

In the first 3 weeks of trading, I’ve managed to increase my portfolio
by 15%, ruffly $1,200 profits ( excluding commissions) after
15 total trades and a really nasty lesson from RSRS for a net loss of
$420**. Nothing has been perfect, but I’ve learned from each trade.
Since trading, I’ve managed to complete the TIMfundamentals DVD, and
recently compiled my first watchlist based on your lessons in the DVD.

I want to thank you for everything so far, and look forward to
learning more as I know I’ve just begun. I’m glad I had the balls to
pay for this program!!!

I love it and yes I too wish the word “roughly” was spelled “ruffly”, the world would be a better place.

Ah, but that’s my long-winded point here, thanks to the service of these fine men and women, the world IS a better place and we’re fortunate enough to enjoy endless opportunities to learn, work, travel and live freely BECAUSE OF THEM.

(Note to those who serve: we owe you guys a debt of gratitude SO great, never forget that and I apologize on behalf of our nation as far too often we’re too lazy and spoiled to show it properly….I’m doing my small part by helping you become wealthy and self-sufficient so please do share this blog post with more soldiers so we can have an entire army of penny stock traders banking, not reliant on corrupt politicians and indebted taxpayers!)

It’s not just my trading challenge students and I enjoying great success, even other gurus like the guy behind PrePromo Alerts (the ex-penny stock promoters who I introduced you to HERE) has tried my strategy and succeeded from crazy places like Brazil:

Here’s his trade on that same DOMK where subscribers of my 4 newsletters and I have now profited $75,000+:

$2,136profitDOMKShort Stock
First time I’ve ever shorted a blatant stock promotion! Nice ~$2,100 profit shorting $DOMK while I slept like a baby en route to Brazil.

Posted by PrePromotionStocks /

But I don’t want to just say thank you to our service men and women,show you pictures, videos and successful trades, that might inspire you to APPLY HERE TO BE A TRADING CHALLENGE STUDENT

Nope…to TRULY celebrate Memorial Day it’s best to prove your gratitude by being all that you can be, helping others and making the most out of your life and the opportunities we’re so fortunate enough to enjoy.

That’s why I’m so proud to not only make nearly $3 million trading, but to show you EXACTLY how you can do it too…and as my best trading challenge students have learned, you can trade better than me once you’ve learned form all my successes and mistakes.

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now; here are the 30 best/most useful video lessons from my library of 600+ video lessons and yes to view them you need to be a trading challenge student or PennyStocking Silver subscriber..but I’ve made one of these free for everyone, get clicking!

1. 30-minute webinar explaining the basics

2. 35-minutes more of the basics

3. 30-minute video on how to spot a breakout before the stock triples

4. The importance of my favorite broker

5. How to buy earnings breakouts

6-9. How pumps collapse and here’s a second example and here’s a 3rd one if you still don’t get it and just for you here’s a 4th and probly the best one

10. Reserving shares to short ahead of time

11. The end of some of the biggest pumps in years

12. My biggest loss in years….what did I do wrong?

13/14. A perfect technical breakout and Right vs. wrong way of buying breakouts

15. Is a trade short-term or long-term?

16/17. My bread and butter pattern and here’s another example too

18/19. Indicators that lead to crashes on pumps and Predicting cracks before cliff dives

20. A GREAT intro to pump and dumps

21. Level 2 price action and risk/reward

22. Message boards and chatrooms

23. A well executed short sell

24. Betting against corrupt promoters

25. How being undisciplined can cost you thousands

26. Prepping for a trade

27. Press releases vs. legal filings

28. Everything about morning spikes

29. The top penny stock traders/promoters

30. 3 Stages of Supernova runups/crashes and here’s another step-by-step video lesson

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  1. Noah Burkham

    Awesome blog post ! Thanks for your support and appreciation of our men and women in uniform.

  2. Patrick W

    “Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering those who died in service to our nation so we can live the way we do.” is service members dying in Afghanistan or Iraq helping to allow us “live the way we do”?

  3. David John Hall

    Haha!!! Awesome! Best video yet. “Consume alcohol in off work hours to maximize enjoyment.”. Haha. Check. Had me cracking up. Funny videos = better than serious videos. Great work. OMG — I have to watch that again.

  4. Reverandglenn

    They have the stones to grab a rifle and defend our way of life. If you hadn’t noticed, there are large groups of envious people out there who would like to put an end to the way we live. Of course, I don’t see you picking up a rifle. So take 1 day out of your life to say thanks to those who willing risk their asses to protect something you benefit from. They sure as hell don’t do it for the money.

  5. Shelly

    Very inspiring, Tim! Thanks for a great reminder of what Memorial Day is truly about! Kudos to you!

  6. JMgoldcoast

    for whatever reason i can’t see the ‘top 30’ videos, when I click the link it tells me i need be a subscriber

  7. JMgoldcoast

     misunderstood it is all.. sounded like you were saying the 600+ library was just for subscribers when i first read it… i try to read all your posts & its bound to happen one of those times on my small cellie screen i’m going to make a mistake.. sorry bout that. i can read, i’m just not perfect 🙂

  8. Haza

    I hope that I can make it to your challenge Tim… The one thing that has sold me is that U actually write back and you actually read and respond to comments, not like other people out there. Im just starting with this whole trading stuff, but I am enjoying your videos and enjoyed your participation in the Wall Street Series… Keep up the excellent work.

  9. Stvpark9

    Sykes cannot be a jew. This motherfucker gives a bad name to the brotherhood.  Most jews are not tasteless snobs into showing off wealth.   This cocksucker must be armenian.  His skinhead buddy controls the operation with worthless picks while he flies to 5 star hotels every week on the morons who subscribe to his worthless site. LOL  Good for you Timmy.  Good used car salesman I’ll give you that but to be taken serious in finance you’re just a clown my friend. Much success.

  10. Stvpark9

    You’re a narcissist that never had the talent or looks to get into Hollywood so to boost your ego you continuously brag about the life you live to the retards dishing out $100 a month to your site. Really pathetic…if you were making 10 times trading what you teach i’d shut my mouth but 90% of your income is selling false dreams to losers who don’t know how to trade and never will.  It’s pathetic that 10 years ago you were a better trader than you are now. You still haven’t posted a copy of your 2011 tax receipt which is a red flag showing deception and possible front running for someone that claims to be so open.  Keep posting your joker videos and funny blogs. Renting a room in a 5 star hotel and having a chef cook for you is suppose to be impressive. LoL  Fuckin you live in a small world. Go invent something. Go change the world in a meanginful way instead of posting these pointless videos.  What a jackass!!!

  11. Anonymous

    sorry but u cheap jews are who give the brotherhood a bad name, poor people need inspiration, constant motivation to work their lazy asses off, i do that by teaching well and trading well and most importantly living well, you’re welcome, shalom motherfucker

  12. Mrf Investnews

    hes not showing off dude its called marketing dont you know anything about business? go to school man

  13. Anonymous

    actually i have “invented” short selling penny stocks as a commonly used strategy…when i first started most people thought it was illegal…investopedia even said it was impossible, thanks to me, thousands of people have learned its not only legal, its actually a very good strategy…and no i’m not selling “false dreams”, my students have now made $5+ million in 4 years, every trade detailed…oh yeah i “invented” profitly too so that moron like u cant claim i dont help people as you can see THOUSANDS of trades from my students, go research, apology accepted 🙂

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