How To Trade Penny Stocks During The Summer

Trade Penny Stocks During The Summer

Trade Penny Stocks During The Summer

It’s pretty funny to admit, but I didn’t even realize I haven’t had a trading loss in over a month as we head into Summer 2018 and I’ve had some truly awesome picks like buying SNES at .44 before it hit nearly $2/share the next day!  The best time to trade penny stocks during the summer is early on.

I’ve been studying the stock market nearly 20 years now and I’ve also been teaching for over 10 years not too!

And the funny thing is I used to take summers off since there can be some slower trading, but the last few years have been insane with plays galore! And the even better news is that because the best plays coming about less frequently, mixed in along with the lack of trading volume, summer trading can be VERY profitable for a short-period of time if you know the key indicators that matter vs. those that do not.

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And so over the past few years I’ve successfully adapted to summer trading and I want you to adapt too so I’m giving a free webinar HERE on June 21st and if I were you I would register HERE for it ASAP as I think we’re limiting it to just 1,000 people…

Here’s a video I made today explaining a little bit more on this subject:

I had a trade yesterday on DEST that I nailed the entry on in the low 4s before it spike later day into the mid 5s, but it didn’t do what I wanted to a T when I wanted so I exited safely…and that is one of the many rules I’ll be teaching on this free webinar as you MUST change your trading strategies, just a little bit at least, during the slower yet more volatile summer season.

Because I see a BIG problem with far too many traders NOT adapting to this new season of the year and so they miss out on opportunity after opportunity and it makes me sick…some people think losses are the worst thing, but for me it’s all about un-captured potential and that’s why I’m making this webinar 100% free so you have absolutely NO excuses not to attend!

On top of that I’ll be sending webinar participants a free watchlist with the 10 best penny stocks to keep an eye on over the next few weeks and while I know too many students don’t think you have to prepared ahead on your trades by more than just a few seconds or minutes, I like taking my time and exploring a potential trade from every angle so as not to risk missing one or two key indicators that could be the difference between a profitable and non-profitable trade!

No matter how small or large your account size is, you can NEVER over-prepare, only under-prepare as most traders do and if you’re under-prepared you’ll know once you’re in the trade and you don’t have a detailed plan so there’s absolutely no way you can succeed in the long run without being more meticulous. And even if the dollar difference between a profit and loss is small, well, then go multiply that one positive or negative trade over the course of your career and the consequences of a lack of preparation REALLY add up.

So please don’t make that mistake and tune into my webinar, in which I’ll teach you to learn to adapt to the stock market based on seasonality issues like over the course of the summer and EXACTLY how to create a solid trading plan and how to adapt that trading plan in real-time if need be too!

Never forget this is more of an art not a science. so what works fro me might not work for you and yet it could work for someone else entirely…I encourage you to learn from ALL my top trading challenge students and take a few solid lessons away from each of them and me too.

Because ANY ONE of us could be totally wrong about any stock or investment, it’s our ability to stick to our trading plan and NOT deviate, get stubborn and throw all caution/risk into the win, that is the eventual key to success…

So, please do register for this FREE webinar that’s happening on June 21st and I promise you that you’ll come away from this event with a newfound perspective on summer trading!