How To Make $1,000 To $3,000 Per Day In The Stock Market

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Today’s video lesson is so important it deserves its own blog post and we also transcribed it for my valued deaf trading challenge students:

(I did this video premarket at 9am when I had made $1,000, I finished the day up $3,000 as several more trades following these patterns came up…my hot trading challenge student Huddie still beat me with $4,000 in profits today after his $3,000 yesterday…the profits can REALLY add up over time if you learn these solid patterns!)

Hey, Tim Sykes here and I have kind of a disorganized video lesson just because I’m doing a lot right now but I wanna get this out. I actually just finished working out, so I’m sorry. I’m a little sweaty. I just locked in nearly $1,000 pre-market before 9:00 a.m. Eastern and it’s all because I was prepared. Just like my student yesterday who I featured, Huddie, he was prepared yesterday. He mad 3,000. So the title of this video is how to make $1,000 to $3,000 per day being prepared and being ready for the plays. So if by the end of this video you’ll understand it, leave a comment underneath this video saying, “I will be prepared.” And I’m sorry that we’re having some video issues on Profitly. This is a new design so we have some issues to work through.

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You guys don’t have to message us. We know, we’re working on it. I’m sorry. But I wanted to do this because CNET is the play that’s moving right now pre-market and this is the one I just banked on. Nice little pre-market run-up. They just reported earnings and it’s just a skyrocket. I didn’t catch it in the twos, several of my students did. I actually caught it on this little dip right here from 360 down to 340. This was my little dip buy. And the bigger volume is coming in. This is kind of an early bird catches the worm pattern. Oh, before I even get into this, I should mention…I told you it was gonna be disorganized. My friend Doug is giving a free webinar. I’ll post a link here. This is on April 26th. And he nailed it last time.

The weed stocks started running. Now he has five new picks all in the weed sector. And I think weed stocks are going to be hot the next few days and weeks as they have already been the past few days because Canada is legalizing weed in June. So that means that people are gonna be buying in anticipation of that. I would not hold any weed stock through June but you know, April and May should be pretty nice. So this is a free webinar. I’ll post a link just below this. But a lot of stocks are moving right now. And part of the reason why I want to talk about weed stocks and CNET…you know, I was just gonna talk purely about weed stocks but this fits the same kinda lesson where these former supernovas can run again. CNET was, I think, the biggest one-day winner that I’ve seen in the past few months. I mean, it was up nearly 1,000% this day when they just said that they were getting into cryptocurrency.

They didn’t even say, “Oh, our business is booming. We have record profits.” No. They just started a joint venture. And it obviously lost most of its gains over the past few months but now we’re getting a repeat. And this is very similar to other weed stocks like CANN. You know, this was a big former supernova. And now look at CANN coming up again. CGRW, here’s another one, former supernova coming up again. CBDS, a little less on that one. CRON is another weed stock that is coming up again. These are all former supernovas. So the lesson here is remember former supernovas. Somebody asked me in the chatroom already today like how did I know CNET…it wasn’t on my watchlist last night.

It couldn’t be on my watchlist last night because it just reported earnings today. It’s a pre-market percent winner. I’m always looking for pre-market percent winners. I’m always looking for percent winners throughout the day. And former runners along with percent winners, along with a news catalyst, that makes it a good buy. And I got it on a nice little dip buy. I actually sold it a little too soon in the high threes, now it’s in the low fours. Maybe it keeps going, I don’t know. But for me, I like being able to lock in 1,000 bucks especially when I’m doing a whole bunch of stuff here. I’m actually in Japan right now. I came here. I have some charities that I’m working with here, a great dog charity called “Ark Bark” and then also “Save the Children Japan.”

So I’m working with my charities here. I’m eating sushi. I’m trading stocks in the night time. I’m all over the place. But because I know these patterns inside and out, I’m prepared. And that’s frankly why I want you to watch this free webinar with my man Doug. He’s gonna teach you some good weed stock patterns. And I gotta give props again to Huddie. Where was it? Yesterday in the chatroom. Right near the market open, you know, he sold half of his KSHB. Oh, that was the other weed stock that was a former supernova. And this thing was running nicely on Friday. Nice first big green day, big volume. And then Monday, it followed through. And Huddie, you know, he’s still in school, okay? That’s the beautiful thing.

If you saw my video lesson yesterday, he is still in school and he’s attending classes and still trading and he made 3 grand. So he sold some of his KSHB for like a 10% gain over the weekend. I said nice trade. A few other students are getting it too. I gotta give props to Dal, he made 10%. Here’s Bluegrass, made roughly 10%. 10% over the weekend isn’t bad. Someone just made 10% on CNET and they were complaining that it, you know, it kept going. And I was like, “You just made 10% in an hour. Like, control your greed.” A lot of you guys get angry when a stock goes further than you think is possible. I don’t get angry. I sold CNET already. It’s higher now. I don’t care. I locked in my gains. I made roughly 15%. So if you can make 10% or 15% and you take those singles, it adds up over time.

Where was it? I gotta get to more people. Papajohn, he actually had a $3,000 profit day. He nailed BUDZ, B-U-D-Z. This is another weed stock that was uptrending. Wow, look at CNET. Do you hear any anger in my voice where…you know, I sold it roughly 30 cents ago now. I don’t care. You know, I still profited. I showed you guys a good trade. Here’s Papajohn, he sold the other half of CANN for like a 15% profit, a $1,000 profit so far. This is just in the challenge chatroom which I encourage you all to be in. Here’s Huddie. At 10:00 a.m…so by 10:00 a.m. Eastern yesterday, he sold the rest of his KSHB, made 3K in the day. He’s closing in on 100,000 in profits and he’s’ still in college. He made 3K yesterday. Today, I made 1,000 bucks. I’m closing in on 5 million in profits. So fast forward Huddie’s life over the next few years and decades, he very well could be closing in on $5 million in profits too, making $1,000, $3,000 a day.

This is what it is. We don’t trade every day, we don’t win every time but we remember former supernovas, whether it’s a weed stock or a cryptocurrency play or Bitcoin. You have one job right now, all of you watching this, learn these patterns inside and out, okay? If you did watch yesterday’s interview with Huddie, you know, he studied… Wow. Look at CNET. Look at this power…I’m watching this still. I’ll still watch a stock even after I’m out, not because I’m angry but because I want to learn, you know? If this thing goes to like $6 or $7 a share today, then I might get a little more aggressive. But as I think…I mean, so far now, it’s actually going down to the high threes now. So I’m glad to be out. I’m very comfortable taking 10% profits.

But what I was saying…if you watched Huddie’s interview yesterday, great interview by Tim Bowen. Thank you for doing that Timmy boy. You know, he studied for two-plus years before he started really getting consistent profits. And he was telling his dad, he’s like, “Now I really get it. Now I really get it, like six months, nine months, 12 months, 15 months in.” But really, it took him two years. So a lot of you guys message me like, “I just don’t see the patterns.” Because you don’t give it enough time. You’re not patient enough. This thing takes a little while. Even Tim Grittani took nine months to recognize the patterns. But if you stick with me, if you trust me, if you actually believe that you can do this day in day out, week in week out, month in month out, you will see examples like these. And again, it’s not gonna happen every day.

But CNET you know, this is an earnings winner, former supernova type set up. CANN, I mean, these are classic number fives and number six patterns from my PennyStocking Framework or PennyStocking Framework Part Deux guide. So watch the guides that I send you. Utilize these tools. You’ll see these patterns again and again. And actually, Huddie made a good video yesterday, I’ll post a link to that too, where he didn’t want to chase CANN over the weekend because it was already up three days in a row. And I personally didn’t want to do that. I don’t like chasing stocks on the third or fourth green day. Even the second green day for me. I have problems holding in through the first green day. So I trade very conservatively. And Huddie did too.

But you find what you’re good at, you find your preferences, you discover them over time, whether you wanna be aggressive or not. I have some students who are making $50,000 to $100,000 in a day. They’re not using any different patterns, they’re just taking bigger position sizes. You have to remember, I trade with a very small account. One sec, one sec. I’m finishing up this video. I gotta get going. Leave a comment underneath this video saying…I don’t even remember what I said before but post some comment if you get it. And I’m also gonna post this link to this free webinar coming up in a few days. To learn what the next hot weed stocks are, study up. You will get this. Learn how to make $1,000 to $3,000 in a day. It adds up. Cheers. I know. I’m coming.