How To Invest In Penny Stocks: Buy Earnings Breakouts Like These

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and Trading Challenge students know I’ve done SEVERAL videos on when to invest in penny stocks and buy these usual carcass companies…yes I did make my first million by age 22 BUYING PENNY STOCK BREAKOUTS, as I explain in my PennyStocking DVD and PennyStocking Part Deux DVD, but above all other indicators, buying penny stock is a favorite of mine as solid earnings in a company most people have left for dead can be a massive inflection point not just over a few hours or days, but weeks or months.

Watch my 2 prior free video lessons HERE and HERE and look at the recent earnings winners I’ve invested in the past few days like STAAR Surgical Company (STAA), BroadSoft Inc (BSFT) and MAKO Surgical Corp. (MAKO) profiting on each, but always selling too soon (STAA is currently at $6.87, FAR above my buy alert price of $5.50, BSFT is at $30.97, FAR above my buy alert price of $27.36 and MAKO is at $28.62, FAR above my buy alert price of $26.22)

The good news is that while I’m an impatient trader, subscribers of my 4 newsletters are performing even better as I can teach them to avoid my own personal shortcomings.

Out $STAA +500ish, to busy to trade actively lately, sometimes it pays to be a TIMalert bagholder!! @timothysykesless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

$362profitSTAALong Stock
Entered on breakout. Took the safe win.

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$972profitSTAALong Stock
Sweet earnings breakout but bad market ruined it, see video

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$304profitMAKOLong Stock
Bought the dip nicely but didnt have patience, it hit $28 later in the day, bleh

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$820profitBSFTShort Stock
Taking profits before i lose them

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$1,176profitBSFTShort Stock

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