How Stock Message Boards Help You Find Great Shorts

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Remember my post from the other day where I mocked Red Chip & Charles Payne’s conference, deciding to view every single one of the presenting companies as potential shorts due to what I think about both Charles Payne & Red Chip.

After all, this counter-intuitive strategy hit some giant home runs the last time I featured 64 companies presenting at a microcap conference nailing shorts in Medifast, Inc. (MED), CrowdGather Inc. (CRWG) and Zagg Inc. (ZAGG), all of which dropped 50%+, each having some very sketchy news.

But the biggest winner by far last conference around was calling a short in Electronic Game Card, Inc. (EGMI) which despite being loved by a stock promoter who also considers himself an investor, was halted by the SEC and the stock dropped 90%+…and it was noteworthy that the EGMI message boards ranted and raved about how ridiculous it was that I would their treasured company on a potential short list (even though it was just one of 64).

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Well, this list of potential shorts around, only the fine folks invested in Telestone Technologies Corporation (TSTC) were really angered by my list, check out this comment:

are you nuts timmy?
you think TSTC is a short?
that Payne dude is a whacko true but to say TSTC is a short, requires big balls
I’d love to see you short it…right before earnings…when the company has said repeatedly it’s 4th q is gonna be equal to the first three qs combined…

and this one:

I sincerely hope that your readers do not take your comments seriously, otherwise they may lose their shirts. Judging from today’s market action, those who shorted TSTC/CHGS/LPIH already did.

Check out how the company did yesterday after reporting subpar earnings:


Granted I haven’t shorted ANY of these companies, they are all just potential shorts…it’s far more interesting to see who comes out of the wood work when I post these harmless articles…methinks I will short the stock of the next message board that complains loudly. Get it?