How My 22-Year-Old Student Made $900,000+ In 1 Year - Timothy Sykes

How My 22-Year-Old Student Made $900,000+ In 1 Year


Here’s a little birthday gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and to honor this great student who has taken $27,000 and turned it into $900,000+ in the past year or so, all while using this tool every step of the way…

The video below is the culmination of 20 years of my stock trading and refining my strategy over time and now 10+ years of hard work getting better as a teacher too and refining my trading challenge program enough so that students don’t just learn from my, but also several other self-made millionaire traders like this young guy and this gizzly millionaire too, along with upcoming millionaires like my favorite student in Miami

Before you get to the video, here’s a little birthday gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and to honor this great student who has taken $27,000 and turned it into $900,000+ in the past year or so all while using this tool every step of the way…please watch this video, prepare to have your mind blown and take careful notes too as Steven is not only a great trader, but also a solid teacher and yes to everyone asking, don’t worry, we’ll be posting the webinar he did last week for these students shortly too.

Please also leave a comment below this video and congratulate Steven on this achievement, let’s show him how proud our community is of him and all his hard work!


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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Patrick Jepsen

    It’s truly inspirational how much stuff is going on in Dux’s life right now. I can’t believe he has already been to SO MANY COUNTRIES for his age! I got a lot out of watching the interview last night. Just another example of how freaking awesome this community you have set up is! A big happy birthday for you next week Tim!!!

  2. Stefano

    What an amazing achievement. Congratulations Dux and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

  3. Anonymous

    I say it again,. Clones, ninja assassins, or stock market wizards ….and 70 countries .. No wonder there is no time .. Conquering everything in sight

  4. ballerbryce

    1. Have a good strategy
    2. Wait for the right setups, don’t force opportunities
    3. Be willing to lose on any trade
    4. Don’t take such a big position size where you can’t add
    5. If you do this you will be successful

    Thanks Steven! Way to master a life skill in just a few months. You’re truly an inspiration to so many. I appreciate everything you’ve done for Tim’s challenge students.

  5. ballerbryce

    Thank you Dux! Your parents will be so proud. As a challenge student, it’s a blessing to be in the challenge the same time as you. You’re very helpful and looking forward to your DVD! Happy early birthday Tim.

  6. Scott Rott

    This guy is fuckin nuts (in a good way) it’s like Tim went back and taught himself everything he knew in the future and got himself to devote his life to studying and is only thinking about the stock market

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  8. Justin

    This is Awesome and very encouraging to know that this kind of success can happen. Congrats!!

  9. Lando

    Awesome Awesome summary of what Tim is teaching. It is great to see someone that is able to put out the effort needed to absorbs Tims teachings. Inspirational no end. Please make Dux recent webinar available to non MC students.

  10. D

    Awesome video, Thanks for sharing with us Tim. Just like Tim and the rest of his team, Dux shows no fear of sharing why and how he is so successful. The more they share the more successful they are . Congrats Dux

  11. James Purcell

    A true inspiration dux. Best thing I learned from this was that he only does 3-5 trades a week. A great reminder to keep your eyes on the really good ones!

  12. Matt

    Watched this video yesterday very educational. The number one thing I learned is NOT to go grocery shopping when I have an open position.

  13. ChixinCharge

    Thanks Tim & Dux the #1 thing I learned from this video is don’t care about the money care about mastering my trading abilities! Really hit home! Thanks

  14. John

    I learned to close both eyes when I click to close a losing position to avoid seeing the “red”. Fear is the only positive emotion during a open position.

  15. Glenn Wagner

    The number one thing I learned from the video is to stock to the patterns that are 85%-90% predictable. Also to close my eyes when I have to cut a loss lol. The other thing would be to use every second of valuable time to study, study, study.

  16. Ronald

    I am totally hooked now! Congrats Steve the beast! Not wolf of wall street he’s the Beast of wall street! You really made me wanna study harder and one day maybe i can be like you guys a millionaire! Thanks tim for sharing your knowledge to us!

  17. Tox

    Most people have their eyes closed for the entire trade. Congrats Dux on your phenomenal success. Most of all, thank you for the emphasis on patience and waiting for the trade to come to you. You can’t make money if you don’t study the past and wait for it to repeat itself, which it will.

  18. Thomas K

    I’m learning how to become a successful full time day trader and I really enjoyed the part where Dux talks about the 3 most high probability trades. Currently watching Tom Grittani’s Trading Tickers Dvd. Trying to make it all work!

  19. Michael

    You must pay market tuition, there is no way around it. You will end up paying a lot more to the market vs. investing in yourself and your education by paying for Tim’s programs. And he market won’t tell you where you went wrong, so you might as well put your market tution toward your education. And I liked that Dux said that the easiest part in trading is mastering the strategies and patterns, whereas the hardest part is mastering your own emotions and risk management.

  20. John

    – emotional maturity/control as a trader is key
    – study everyone’s journey (Goode,grittani,Sykes) for their strategies and mistakes. Formulate your own.

  21. ChixinCharge

    I also learned from Dux’s in this vid. when shorting a stock with < 10 mil float, wait for momentum to break on the backside of the move before adding a short pos. Shorting is my weakness and every little note from you guys really help thanks!

  22. Anonymous

    I think the key is WAIT for the opportunity, the pattern you are looking for is not that important WAIT for the perfect setup IS!!! and surely not over trading that most people do… that’s what i got the most from the video

  23. JP Beland

    I think the key is WAIT for the opportunity, the pattern you are looking for is not that important WAIT for the perfect setup IS!!! and surely not over trading that most people do… that’s what i got the most from the video, thanks Tim!

  24. Rudy Forte

    Toilet reading = major key to success! Tim, I’m on motivation overload. These videos really pump me up…. I had the crazy thought of dropping out of medical school the other day and just becoming a traveling day trader. Quickly came to my senses, but overall I love your tenacity and dedication. Seeing this video with young Dux and all the other teachings on are really helpful and motivating.

    Lessons learned from this interview:

    1) Stick to your trading plan (ESPECIALLY when they go against you)…. even if it requires you closing your eyes to sell for a loss. CUT LOSSES QUICKLY!
    2) Don’t go to grocery store while trading
    3) Take advantage of toilet time

  25. Joey Sewilo

    I didn’t actually learn many new things only because everything he said was just a reiteration of what you have already taught us in the past – as long as we have watched all of your video lessons! It was cool to see him answer your questions perfectly with the exact lessons and wisdom that you have showed us again and again, which heavily supports your strategy as possible, proven, and realistic. Thank you Tim and Steven.

  26. Lawrence

    Thanks for the video! It was very helpful and as a new student it gave me the confidence to “chill” and be patient waiting for the perfect setup. I was concerned that I wouldn’t find enough trades to make my account grow and you taught me that I shouldn’t force trades to happen. I also liked your philosophy of life giving the opposite of what you seek!

  27. Eric

    Never stop learning .. Teach everything to everyone… you can trade at any age .. Its good for 13 year olds .. Being a kid can wait .. It will be so much better to buy a house at 16 .. Most want cars , but proper money management and mindset is so important to your future …. The baller and MC hammer wanna be need not apply … The challenge is about finding out who you are as a person … The money just helps … Don’t be cheap and broke .. Master education and you gain wealth … Note the difference between being wealthy or rich… Wealth is what sets you free in the end … Sharing is caring so help anyone who desires and appreciates

  28. Clinton Belt

    The 5 easy steps to successful trading, 1 – Study the past and learn the patterns that repeat. 2 – Patiently wait for one of those to reappear. 3 – Enter the trade at the appropriate risk level. 4 – Do not let emotion overcome your plan. 5 – Reap the benefits of a successful plan. Thanks Dux, thanks Tim. Real people with heart.

  29. Afolabi Alli

    Speechless…After all this time trading i thought i was doing it wrong. I average about 1 at most 1.2 trades per day because i am looking for opportunities. Sometimes i go a few days without trading and i feel like i am missing out. Its nice to know i have a similar person out there that is very successful that way. Keep being humble Dux and stop going grocery shopping in the middle of a live trade!!!!

  30. Eric

    Of course trading with money at any age needs parental permission .. But that’s a given … ANYONE can practice and study hard to hit the ground running when 18 or 21

  31. Bonnie

    Study, test your understanding, , prepare, study, prepare, study, execute, keeping meticoulous notes and data logs, and then review your trade. Adjust as needed, then repeat. Most important, remain as logical and calm as Mr. Spock. He may be called DUX, but I will always call him Mr Spock. Thank you both for your time and sharing of the knowledge you have. Congrats Dux, well done!

  32. ChixinCharge

    Great Video and great lessons Dux! Have Patience, don’t care about the money, master my training abilities. You can always make more money! Congrats & Thanks

  33. Christopher Maciocha

    Take and refine all the potential knowledge at your disposal to streamline and find your own potential.

  34. Evan Luksay

    My #1 Lesson
    You must be willing to test and refine setups like a scientist, while also being able to stomach small losses in order to find out what setups are working consistently and profitably. Then put this data into a spreadsheet to find out what setups and patterns are personally working for you.

    This really speaks to me as I have been struggling with pulling the trigger and entering into trades. I feel that if I kept track of setups in a spreadsheet it would improve the ability for me to enter positions.

    (not many 14 year olds like risky money lol)

    Awesome video, defiantly one of the best video lessons I have watched.

  35. RBI

    Thanks for taking the time to teach us! I learned a couple of things. First – Do not trade with emotion! Have a plan and stick with the plan. Second – It IS POSSIBLE to do well with hard work. Of course I believed that already but Dux is an excellent example of hard work paying off and it’s an inspiration.

    Thanks again!
    p.s. I looked through all your birthday gifts and didn’t see the “RBI scholarship to join Tim’s Challenge!” 🙂 I’m ready!

  36. OceanRider

    The #1 thing I have learned from Steven Dux is that I need to go back and narrow in on one high % pattern. Learn it, see it, trade it over and over and over. I already have a favorite pattern. I need to stick to one thing. I’ve proven that I can trade with a high win % and STILL not make anything. Sometimes the coolest thing isn’t ALL the things I can do well, but narrow in, focus, refine and do one thing, the same thing over and over and over. I get it when Steven said he is up a lot at night and not sleeping well. Over the Christmas holiday, I was telling a family member and showing them the NDEV pattern before it spiked. I was telling him, I am like 90% confident this stock is going up big time. I did manage 20% on the trade but the lesson that Steve is bringing me back to is, do one thing really well. Only trade the patterns that have 85, 87, 90% success stories. I need to do less. That’s it. For me, that’s it.

  37. Nicolas Lopez

    I took two main lessons from the Dux interview: 1) Patience. Never force trades and never be eager to make money, because with that mentality you will always end up losing. Take advantage of the opportunities that the market has to offer and always treat every perfect setup as a gift… 2) Preparation. Just as Dux studies whenever he possibly can, studying should always be the biggest component of successful trading. Whether it’s watching video lessons and DVD’s, creating watchlists and spreadsheets, or sharing experiences with and guiding other traders, continued education is the key to long-term success in this game.

  38. Eric

    Lessons are like lays potato chips … You can’t only eat just one … Learn every lesson you can…. Read the blog more the once … Then read it again and again and again

  39. Wendo

    Great Interview!
    1. Cut Loss Quickly with your eyes closed
    2. Keep track of you trades so you learn from them. What your good at and what you suck at🙌😳
    3. Trade small until your consistent at winning more than losing💲💲💲
    4. Wait for great set up😀
    That interview motivated me so much!!! Dux’s Thank You and Thank You Tim too☮

  40. Collis

    What I learned from Dux was that if you really want to succeed in something, study those who’ve been in the game for a while that have had great achievements in what you’re pursing. A smart man learns from his mistakes but a wise man study the mistakes of others. Dux is a thoughtful person. His mind is always active and focused on the stock market no matter what he’s doing at the moment. Hard work beats talent, maybe not at first but over time. He’s also humble and meek. Dux proves that if you’re dedicated and are able to persevere then there is literally no limit to the amount things you can accomplish in this life. He also proves that there are opportunities are out here, its just up to us to pursue them. I look up to Dux, I really do. It gives me hope. The inspiration we all need to keep us motivated. Thanks for being so transparent and genuine. I love being in this environment, with Tim Sykes and all of his success students. It’s exciting, and I gain more and more insight about the market as scope their every move.

  41. Anonymous

    This is amazing, 22 years old and almost to a million in a little over a year, shows what hard work and dedication means. What I have learned is a confirmation of my recent research on how to be truly successful. 1st Listen to those who have what you want (hence the guy who has the car you like) LOL. 2nd be teachable, be able to absorb as much information as possible without thinking that you know everything about the subject. ( Never say I GOT IT, ALWAYS BE GETTING IT).

  42. Dan

    This is amazing, 22 years old and almost to a million in a little over a year, shows what hard work and dedication means. What I have learned is a confirmation of my recent research on how to be truly successful. 1st Listen to those who have what you want (hence the guy who has the car you like) LOL. 2nd be teachable, be able to absorb as much information as possible without thinking that you know everything about the subject. ( Never say I GOT IT, ALWAYS BE GETTING IT).

  43. Dmtiry

    Create your own trading journal and see what your strengths and weaknesses are. Fixed your weaknesses and stick to your strengths.

  44. Jennifer Utterback

    Truly enjoyed the interview. For someone who could be his mom, I learned that age is but a number and a young man can teach anyone if we only listen. Diligence,passion, drive, discipline, practice, patience and focusing on the process and not on the end result is what will yield the ultimate goal. Kudos to this bright and inspiring young man

  45. Zach Fredenberg

    This really taught me how to look at the things that mentors like you teach and use the lessons to build our own strategy. Im seriously so grateful for coming across this. It also shows that even when you’re young you can put your mind to this amd really succeed in the stock market you just need to put in the work. Im currently following Dux’s advice and observing and trying my best to be patient while im working on gaining capital to actually invest. I can’t wait to begin my journey as an investor

  46. jon caprilli

    Learn to control your emotions when making trades and do not forget to do the croissant challenge! #croissants

  47. Francisco Prieto

    Dux is an inspiration for us all and there were NUMEROUS valuable lessons he went over. My biggest take away from Dux’x interview was how he deals with his looses. On a superficial level, it is pretty straight forward how he does it, but there is more to it than that. On a psychological level, Dux closing his eyes to get out of a trade goes against every human instinct. We dont like to accept loss, we rather suffer through it. Believe me, I know. Having ones’ eyes open making the decision “real” and harder to confront. Such a simple action helped me today get out of a loosing trade when I would have typically stayed in it and “hoped” for a profit. Thank you Dux and good luck to you!

  48. Corbin McDonald

    I loved this video lesson! The biggest thing that I learned was taming my ego and learning patience. I got into trades because I was frustrated on previous losses only to have more losses. I have lost the majority of my trades and need help, which i why I am applying for the Challenge. I will take away from this as well as numerous lessons from Tim is to be PATIENT and wait only fro ideal setups. I also need to take the time to learn the DVD lessons that I thought I could buy when I made a profit. I now know that is a losing proposition and want to invest and take the time to learn the right way. Prepare and patience is the key!

  49. John Hernandez

    I’ve watched this 7 times. I’ve learned, know what your feeling and use that information to go the other way: successful traders do what comes unnaturally. Be Consistent with preparation, in execution, in perspective, in exits. Strong state of mind, to a solution focus so you can identify the adaptive things. Make your personality work for you rather than against you. Awesome Awesome Awesome Video!!

  50. Zach Campbell

    #1 Thing I learned from this video, trading is EASY!!!

    ….its really not, but this only proves it CAN be done. Congrats on another millionaire student.

    Cut losses quickly, be in zen mode when trading, trade only the perfect plays.

    Thanks Tim,

  51. Avishek Sengupta

    Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’Mpossible…truly inspirational! 🙂

  52. Hunter H.

    I learned that you only have to swing at the best plays to become wealthy.

    I also learned that risk management is more important than nailing dead top and bottom of every stock.

  53. Frank Walczak

    Congrats Tim! Patience, patience, patience. #1 thing I got out of the video. That and the emotional side of trading. Guilty as charged. Time to bear down and do this right. Thanks guys!

  54. HimmenyDiggaley

    I learned 2 lessons in this awesome interview,

    1: If you want to achieve success, you work your ass off every single minute of your life and stick to simple rules that work consistently, tracking every single detail of every trade to refine your strategy and aim for a lifetime of success and consistently profitable trading.

    2: Mastering your emotions is the most difficult aspect of trading yet the most rewarding once mastered. If you are aiming for success do not doubt yourself EVER. Tell yourself you will succeed, do everything in your power and beyond, work your F**KING ass off and be who you want to be! do NOT take bullsh*t from anyone!

    Thanks for an awesome and inspiring video of so many important lessons @timothysykes and @Dux i could go on for days about the best lessons highlighted in this video, these 2 are 2 of hundreds 🙂 i will make you guys proud!

  55. AnneMarita

    When I built my first business over 20 years ago, I took it as my personal challenge. All I was interested in, was to see if I can figure out how to do it all. When the money started coming in, it surprised me. Dux just confirmed that penny stock is no different. Live and breathe penny stock and the videos. Don’t just watch the videos, study them. Learn your weaknesses and your strengths, then focus on the perfect play… Well done, Dux

  56. Chett Anderson

    Nothing in life comes easy. You have to make sacrifices to achieve what you want in life.

    This is not a race, it is a journey.

  57. Mike Messing

    Here is what I learned: Tim SYKES SETS THE FRAME WORK, THE MINDSET, AND GIVES THE MOTIVATION. As students and as so many of his other students we take that and improve. I’ve been in pennysilver for about 10 days and have learned more in that time than my previous 5+ years trading. Steven Duncan embraced the philosphy and continous to improve upon it!

  58. Andrew

    The number 1 thing i took away from this interview is data. Tim G and Steven both focus on cataloging everything they are doing so that they can review it and improve. If you aren’t keeping track of your losses (could be paper trading, could be real money, could be predictions for the next day) you have no way to learn from your mistakes.

  59. Mike Messing

    Your method and ability is mind blowing. You are an inspiration and brought me so much motivation. Thank You for sharing your story and again motivated the bijeezes out of me!

  60. Hunter Vargo

    Biggest lesson Ive learned is that trading is mostly a mental game. Like Dux had mentioned the human emotions are what makes this difficult. The anxiety and lack of confidence or the cockiness and and over confidence is most of the fight in my opinion. Study your ass off, learn the patterns, and you will have a major part of trading down but until you can completely control your emotions and mind set you will not get to where you truly want to.

  61. Anonymous

    #1 Takeaway, consistently think about the stock market, being obsessed will create massive results

  62. Jordan

    I learned that if you want to be a successful six figure trader, one needs to be patient and let the plays come to you. Your emotion and disipline plays a huge rolls into the execution of yours plans and strategies. The stock market, Tim, Steven and all the other successful traders are your tools to learn from. They are doing the right things on a consistent basis and this is why if you want to have trading results just like them, you have to study up and be willing to do anything to succeed. It’s all about your mindset.

  63. Pamela

    Thanks to this kid for the inspiration and showing that at a very young age dedication and passion is like an engine for your life and goals. I am sure that if he did it I can do it too! And what I what I learned I that you need to focus in the most obvious patterns and not overtrade.

  64. Lekha333

    Chill – Master your emotions in order to manage risk/reward.
    So inspirational, Dux! Congratulations on your hard work and dedication. Well deserved rewards!

  65. Chris Stanfill

    First, I learned only to trade perfect setups! This forces you to STUDY what those setups are!!!!! Second, I learned the TOP THREE PATTERNS that you need to trade. First Red Day, Dip Buying Huge Panics, and Shorting Spikes (w/ stringent criteria)! For the next month, I am focusing (like Grittani says to) on only learning to Dip Buy – on ONLY one pattern!!! I am WATCHING ALL of the dip buying category videos on my PennyStocking Silver subscription before I look at other trades/patterns. To stop getting random results, one must stop trading random strategies. This video was one of THE MOST HELPFUL I have seen yet. It gave me structure and a course to follow. This feels much more like a race now, with a defined path that is only waiting on me to put in the effort to run it. Before, it kind of felt like a research project with no clear end. What a difference studying daily for a year makes (you WILL find what you are looking for). Thank you Steven for giving back and sharing. So few will open their mind, eyes, and ears…that’s really what’s astonishing. Take care of yourself and don’t forget the simple things make you happy- trading just gives you the time to experience them without being old and broken first!!! My immediate goal is to make enough on my $500 account to buy PennyStocking Framework and not hurt the account to much. It will take how long it will take- I am in no hurry. Enjoying the journey! Thanks Tim. Thanks Steven.

  66. Hai

    This is very inspiring. I didn’t even know what to do with my life at 22. I’m also very competitive. I hope to achieve the same result with Tim teaching. I always wanted to tour the world. One day maybe I can.

  67. thecrankytrader

    Study and wait like a sniper for the perfect partner, adapt to changing patterns, allow ur pass mistake your guidance for future trading strategies

  68. Kyle

    #1 thing I learned: this actually gave me a paradigm shift but it is to know why you are studying. I think way too many people (I even catch myself sometimes) rushing through material just to say they got through it or just to compact as much studying possible in a short amount of time. Sometimes less is more and knowing why this video lesson was meaningful or what I did or did not understand about that webinar is a complete 180 turn from just blankly watching material. Good reminder to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

  69. Michelle

    I still have a lot to learn. Thanks Dux for letting us know what to focus our time on best and inspiring me to master this skill that will be with me forever. No matter what, you’ll be OK; you’ll always have a way to make money.

  70. Jacque

    Great learning opportunity!
    1. First red candle = 87% success rate
    2. Dux is almost as smart as you, Tim Sykes!

  71. Viengsavanh

    What I’ve learned so far about the video is that you have to be patient, don’t let emotions get the best of you, and quickly cut the lost.

  72. Nicole Mangels

    Challenge shows live trading and makes you able to understand the current market and when and why these trades are being made. “Good” or “Bad” trades, you learn from them both. More so the Bad! Focus on the 3 strategies that work 85% of the time(PennyStocking Framework). A few things I have learned is waiting for the backside of the move, having patience, using mental stops, stick to your plan!! Instead of following other “picks” and traders, Learn from others mistakes and you will start to understand a lot faster. My personal goal= Providing a life for my Mom so she can start to enjoy her life and us as a family. After all, she raised 4 girls on her own so she deserves the world!

  73. Jack Kellogg

    I learned what is possible. Dux shows what is possible he is a true inspiration and another mentor to me. I learned about how important spreadsheets are, I made my firest one today for dip buying panic! Wait for opportunities to come to you, cut loses quickly of course, and study whenever you have free time. But I think the most important lesson on learned is never go to the grocery store while in a trade!!!! 😉

  74. MIranda

    Five lessons:

    1.) Study your ass off before you start trading. (The toilet will apparently make you learn better.)
    2.) Wait for the right trade. Patience is key.
    3.) Stick to your plan.
    4.) Don’t follow the herd mentality.
    5.) Allow yourself to feel, but don’t allow those feelings to get the better of you.

  75. Misha

    The number 1 thing I learned from this video and stuck out for me is the other key indicator for going short… if it has a morning panic and doesn’t come back to the highs….momo shift on a supernova….

  76. Rebecca

    What a bright individual! I learned that this is still what I want to do!!! Maybe someday. Keeping my head up. 😉

  77. Arcadio De Senillosa

    Simply amazing. The simple and most important thing I’ve learned from this video, is to WAIT FOR THE PERFECT SETUP. This is, without a doubt, in my opinion, the best advise. I also learned that there are no excuses to study, as Dux has studied engineering, now accounting major, and while doing that all the penny stock market guides, and trades from all the awesome mentors (Michael, Tim Grattini, Tim Sykes, Marc…) I’ve watched this video 3 times, and I still feel there is more to grasp. By the way, congratulations Steve, achieving this at the age of 22, is not good, it’s nearly perfect. I am 19 (nearly 20) and I’ll try to follow your steps.

  78. Evan Hollar

    Thanks Tim and Dux for all your hard work! The number one thing the video has taught me is to stay focused so maybe one day I can get interviewed by Tim.

  79. micah

    This is my fourth time watching this video in 24 hours. I am new here but committed to making a better life for my family!

  80. Miranda

    Sorry if this is a repost….when the website refreshed, I didn’t see my post. So I’m reposting.

    Four Lessons:
    1.) Study your ass off to find what works for you. (Apparently the toilet helps.)
    2.) Have patience for your set up to come to you.
    3.) Allow yourself to feel the emotions of trading, but don’t let them control you.
    4.) Don’t follow the herd mentality.

  81. NinoDomars

    NEVER take short cuts ( don’t be cheap on your education ) you have to pay the tuition or did he say pay attention ? LOL He is a perfect student not just learning thru his experience but wiser learning from 4 other successful traders ! ! ! : For my part : I have to go thru the learning process, learning thru experience , experience it myself what the traders before me went thru ! take everything that Tim Sykes team prepared for me , us and Steven to be successful! ! ! ! Steven Dux has soak in every aspect of their teaching ! ! ! ! 24 hours in a day is never enough for Steven Dux he eat , sleep (3 hrs ) , drive , drink breathe and pooh penny stocking LOL congrats Steve D . Its amazing he doesn’t waste his time ! what a great inspiration you are Dux. thank you

  82. Ronnie Declerck

    Steven Dux is the example of the Student Supremo, his genuine thirst for knowledge has landed him a grand achievement in record time, it is the substance of championship…congratulations Dux! His humility is the perfect mindset for approaching the market to win! His is such an inspirational journey from outstanding student to teacher, capable of showing others how to master the terrain of Penny Stock trading. After studying strategies of Tim Sykes, Michael Goode, Tim Grittani, and Mark Crook, Dux now has his own story to share and inspire others to reach for their best future. What a gift you are Steven Dux!

  83. Sean aka. SantaSean

    This is so inspiring, I have to add that you are the real deal. I believe you’re intentions are to empower, equip and transform average people with the willingness to be taught and learn the process. The excitement to see someone become like a Jedi and surpass the teacher is absolutely awesome.

  84. Manuel Britto

    Thanks Steven Dux for your sharing your learnings, your experience and most importantly your example. Watching this video you have demonstrated that as long as having a plan, discipline, dedication, patience and criterion, anyone can achieve any goal wanting to achieve. I have to admit I have fail in each one of them and thanks to your words, I decided quick having excuses and start learning, think and trade. My admiration for your love to your parents and wish you keep with your success.

  85. Lisa

    I learned that if you take it one day at a time and let the classes teach you what you need to know, then you will succeed. If you Listen, learn and are patient, you will reach your goals and once everything comes together, you will have the knowledge of being a true successful trader.

  86. Daniel Thomas

    Listening to Dux talk about his trading method has taught me an instant invaluable lesson. You have to be patient & precise with your trades and go into them with a plan. Don’t deviate from the plan, study & refine your method and profits will come. GREAT video, thanks Tim, Dux and the whole team.

  87. Timothee Legros

    Absolutely incredibly inspiring!!! This just shows how far dedication and hard work really pays of in the market when studying Tim Sykes and his millionaire students! For someone so young to have made so much is awesome!

    I think the ABSOLUTE number one thing that was consistently reiterated throughout the video apart from trading itself and the trading mindset was DEDICATION!! Something you Timothy Sykes and your students say again and again and again. I mean this guy is studying environmental engineering and now he is making 900K a year! Like thats insane!!

    Another one that goes hand in hand with this DEDICATION lesson is PATIENCE as Dux said in the beginning of the video. Dedication will only get you so far and after working hard everyday (#nodaysoff) all you need to add is PATIENCE because that is what will give you experience. PATIENCE AND DEDICATION will lead to successful trading!

    Thank you so much for sharing this video that gives us insight onto an upcoming millionaire that we truly know is JUST LIKE US. This video really showed us that really anyone can do this. Anyone is capable of success. All you need is DEDICATION and PATIENCE!!


  88. Xero

    I’ve watched this already. It’s a good video, and, if I might say, good for your brand. Mr. Dux here is living proof that what you’re teaching works. He’s basically a younger you who has all the knowledge available to him that the you now has. Hell, you said it yourself in the video… it’s like he’s in your head, saying exactly what you would say given the same question.

    For some advice to your other students, challenge or not, myself included, it’s proof that we need to get out of our own way and follow the steps. So many of us, myself included, want to try and figure this out on our own… So we fumble around, stab wildly in the dark and in the end… we will most likely end up losing. And maybe, just maybe, once we realize that what we’re trying to do isn’t going to work, then we’ll start to follow the steps to the letter.

    I don’t want to be that guy, but I’m not quite sure how to get out of my own way… I’ve always done things for myself, figured things out for myself… sure I might listen to what someone has to say, but I always, ALWAYS, try to improve it, make it better, more streamlined, more efficient… perfect… But I’m beginning to realize that I’m crouched at the starting line ready and willing to sprint 400m only to realize that I don’t know how to properly breathe while sprinting yet… that I’m not wearing the right shoes… and I’m dressed in my usual clothes.

    I hope I can learn from Mr. Dux’s example and figure out how to get out of my own way… because once I do… the sky’s the limit.

  89. sunny

    Sorry Tim but there are so many great things to be learned from this video. Like control your emotions, study so hard that you loose track of how many hours did you studied for like you say “study your butt off”, learn from your mistakes, and keep track of wins and loses “improve what you are bad at and advance in what you are good at”. I just wanna thank you and Dux for such great video and one request please create more webinars for students who have silver subscription. This will be the ultimate gift for all of us. Thank you!

  90. Liz


    The number one thing that I learned from this amazingly inspiring video is that trading is all about having patience.

    -You need patience to wait for the best set ups so you can trade like a sniper.
    -You need patience to give yourself time to study the material and let it sink in.
    -You need patience to continue at your current job as you save up to join the challenge/buy DVDs/join Pennystocking Silver.
    -You need patience to watch the plays you are in so you don’t run to the grocery store midway.
    -You need patience to drive slow so you don’t speed back home and risk getting into a car accident.
    -You need patience to allow plays to develop.
    -You need patience to remain focused even though disappointment and losses will happen.
    -You need patience to tinker, test and review your results.
    -You need patience to practice paper trading or buying small entries before you increase your size.
    -You need patience to wrestle through emotional storms of self doubt.
    -You need patience in order to pull off a really big surprise and amaze your family.
    -You need patience to study the material of ALL of your gurus.
    -You need patience to beat ALL of your gurus profit records.
    -You need patience to allow yourself time to rest at night instead of burning out.
    -You need patience to see yourself become profitable.
    -You need patience to work towards a better life.

    Congratulations to DUX!!!

  91. Philip Bondarenko

    I enjoyed watching this interview. Dux seems like a down to earth guy and is willing to keep his momentum despite the huge workload he has.
    The interview taught me to focus on the journey, and not the destination. Focusing on the process itself makes you appreciate self-discovery and enjoy learning.

  92. Lisa

    Take it one day at a time. Listen, learn and be patient. Work hard to reach your goals and when everything comes together, you will be a successful trader.

  93. krs1

    Biggest takeaway is to wait for the perfect setup. If you do this, you don’t have to worry as much about the pdt rule.

  94. Kha Tran (Ktrader02)

    I learnt a lot from this interview, but to sum up:
    The fact that he is trading and competing with himself and other gurus to become better trader everyday is impressive. People come into stock trading with the mind set of making quick bucks, and they lose all the time. For Dux (and many other great traders), he only cares about his own performance. That makes him stand out. That makes him study every single day, (and get speeding tickets :D). That makes him a millionaire. Every aspiring trader needs to have his mind-set. Losing or winning doesn’t really matters that much AS LONG AS you learn something from the market that helps you become a better trader! Like Tim always says, “losing $500 or $5000 sucks, but in a grand scheme, it doesn’t matter. You can make so much more if you study from your lost.”

    He is also very intelligent. Not only he trades intelligently, but he study intelligently. A lot of people (including myself several times last month) only follows Tim’s alerts hoping to make a few bucks here and there. Yet it is the stupidest idea. Hope is not a strategy. Dux follows Tim’s alerts to see what Tim is seeing. For beginners, that is very important because this is what help us overcome the learning curve. Just like Dux, we have to learn to think like an experience trader (Tim) from the beginning. To challenge students out there, stop asking for Dux’s entry and exit and why he does what he does, just watch and learn.
    He also studies both the strength and weakness of all four gurus (Tim S, Tim G, Mark, Michael), and he profits from that. He also study their mistakes very well. This is sometimes overlook by beginners. For an example, he never had a big lost before because he learnt that Tim G had a 200k-300k before due to being emotional. He learns to stay away from making the same mistake. Or he realizes that Tim trades very conservatively, and he looks at the big pictures and trade from there, to be able to hold longer for the pattern to work. And of course many more….

    Overall amazing interview! I apologize for the long post, there are so much to say!

  95. Varun

    The #1 lesson I learnt is controlling emotions and waiting patiently for the perfect pattern setup.

  96. Michael

    To be successful your education is NOT an option, and you’ll find out real quick if you think otherwise…

    So putting everything together, why not a little battle analogy.

    A solider doesn’t go to war without basic training. When they hit the battlefield they are at least prepared with what knowledge they have gained and don’t just get slaughtered by the enemy. But even with that training, there is nothing that can replace real war EXPERIENCE. This is where your EMOTIONS WILL BE TESTED! You will need to learn how to control them, learn who YOU are, and stick the mission with a level head. Even when the battle is over a successful military STUDIES THE PAST! What went wrong in the mission? What went right? How can we improve? And they are now prepared for the future with a better STRATEGY. And if the enemy changes, you ADAPT!

    Every aspect can be translated into trading, the principles are really no different. You need to be prepared with every advantage you can get. It is crucial that your education NEVER STOPS!!! And unfortunately, those who refuse to follow the rules, and not prepare, will not survive.

    And remember…

    “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of ENTHUSIASM”

    -Winston Churchill

  97. Aimee Pineau, SopranoDoc

    I’ll never again let anyone discourage me from studying on toilet!

    This is a fantastic interview that I will keep watching. Steven’s dedication is both fascinating and inspiring. I love a success story that includes simply following the rules and working your butt off… even from the toilet!

  98. Paul

    I learned to close my eyes when cutting losses haha.
    Seriously, this was a great interview with so many takeaways. I think the #1 thing I learned was that it is ok to be under the PDT rule and that it can actually help me to be more patient and precise when choosing what setups to play. It’s so important to wait for perfect setups instead of taking stabs in the dark.
    Thanks to both of you guys for the video.

  99. Wyatt Garwick

    Biggest thing I took away from this was learn to understand the logic behind successful traders like Grittani, Mark, Sykes and Dux have implied to their trades, even though they all have different styles. Every rule and principle that Tim has set up is not limitations, but the true path and opportunity to be successful in your trades. Also you cannot let the desperate desire to be successful influence your trades, be ambitious in your studying and lazy in your trades! Thanks Tim and Dux, great video

  100. Cbhall

    “Chance favors only the prepared mind”. Manage your emotions, and every trade is a lesson. Great motivation!! Congrats Dux!

  101. MissOrange

    Congrats Dux! Amazing achievement and very inspiring, whilst staying so humble. #1 lesson from this video for me is that 1 trade a day is enough, and only if it’s a perfect set up. Almost perfect is not good enough and not worthy of wasting my time and money on. (Message to self: stop over trading) Keep up the good work and see you in the Challenge chat room in the next few months

  102. Ben

    What I’m taking away from this is that patients is paramount and that with the right attitude, approach and mindest that it’s possible for me to achieve what Dux has done. Cool video


    I like the part he plays videos playing through blue tooth on the radio, that would be a great addition to profitly if the video lessons where in pod cast form, I have done the same thing to, Tims lessons are quite detailed so I can piture the chart while he is talking about it

  104. Asif Bhimla

    You can become a sceintist of stock trading if you are willing to succeed. All that is needed is work hard and polish your strategies and patterns. Once achieved, you can be next Dux sitting with Mr. Sykes.

  105. Eric

    First of all i wanted to say thank you for these incredible videos.

    At first glance coming from a ” beginner ” trader, this video can easily be summed up in study study study learn learn learn succeed succeed succeed, but its more than that. This is one of many many videos that i have watched of yours. So in my opinion when you look at the big picture its like you always say life is a journey you will have you ups and your downs but you never stop learning and that goes for anything you do. You learn from your mistakes and even other peoples and you try to better yourself. If you put your mind to it anything is possible. To see what Steven Dux has accomplished in 1 year is incredible. Pure inspiration from that video, and just proof that if you work hard you can achieve what ever you want with the right mindset. I started roughly 1 month ago and i don’t plan on stopping.

  106. Noah

    #1 thing I learned is you really have to manage your emotions, especially seeing what dux has accomplished. I believe that this is my main issue and everyone else’s, small account or not. Everyone needs to figure this out.

  107. paul

    Wow what and awesome video what I took away from this lesson is find out what patterns work for you and your personality, Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. thank you for a inspirational lesson congrats dux on a awesome year.

  108. Kenneth Gibbons

    Hi Steven
    Congratulations on your amazing results so far…
    Just proves that Knowledge, Commitment and Belief are powerful forces.

    Great Video thanx Tim and Steven soooooooo…. many great insights into life skills and trading.

  109. Chris

    Great Video. Simplifying and just focusing on nailing 1-2 patterns until they are mastered would make a lot of lives less stressful. Also love seeing a big dip on the morning as an indicator it’s going to crash soon, even if it finishes green that day.

  110. Sylvia

    What I learned from Dux video is that i need to study hard. Dux is another perfect example of what Tim once said, that his the most successful students are the one who became obsessed with the studying. Also I feel more convinced I should join Millionares Challenge once I am done with How To Make Millions DVD”s. I feel like I could benefit tremendously from it. Dux did! Thanks again and keep up a great work!

  111. Jordan Varley

    Spend every waking moment you can studying all the webinars from all the gurus to collapse time frames towards your exponential learning curve! Have patience watch every video lesson, take notes and learn from your mistakes! Don’t pay tuition fees to the market only do 5 trades per week, master your emotions with every trade by taking small positions to find your groove and what works best for you, work on your strategy and wait for the perfect setups and don’t force trades! Always keep your ego in check and study as much as you possibly can to collapse time frames.

  112. Donovan

    You need to go into a trade with a good strategy. I actually wrote this down and circled it because i hadn’t really thought about that. It totally makes sense to go into a trade with a plan A and a plan B.

  113. Frank

    Very inspiring. Congratulations Dux! And he is right, listening to Tim, you can figure out he is not fake. Great job!

  114. eagletrades5

    YNS-you are not special. Tim G., Mark, Michael, now Dux. This is 100 percent possible to achieve and I want to say thank you for everyday teaching us that this can be me. I say YNS because you guys aren’t some immortals ruling the trading world. You are normal people (very down to earth people) with a passion to better your lives and trading has allowed you to give back so much and enjoy life in a way most can only dream of. Congratulations Dux for all your success. See you guys in the chatroom!

  115. Marc

    Listened to this on the way home tonight….. Very inspiring! What I took away from this: Having the patience to increase your odds of making a successful trade from predicable patterns and set ups.. DO NOT TRADE ON EMOTIONS ! Stick to the plan that you made leading up to the trade…

  116. BLopez

    Happy Birthday Tim!!! Wish you a fabulous year!!!
    Congrats to Dux on his success, patience, wisdom, emotions, and knowledge.
    Thank you both, I will always be grateful to your selflessness and always wanting to help strangers.

  117. Adan

    Study, Study and study every time you are on the toilet so you can be self sufficient lol Absorb all the knowledge and success will come. Well done Dux!

  118. James

    Rape, pillage and squeeze the gurus minds! Study Study Study watch there vids over and over! Study every piece of info they put out! Nerds rule! Stay humble peace out 🙂

  119. Edwin Norgaisse

    I like how he took the time to put in the work no matter what, he was all in from the start and got to work! He worked on real hard to understand how Tim was thinking so that he can repeat on the same success. Most importantly Dux found value in the education he was receiving he did not for a second doubt and really understood to be successful I must work hard fail and turn it around to success!

  120. Phillip

    Wait and trade when there is a perfect setup only.
    Cut losses quickly and take profits whenever you can. Never get too greedy!

  121. Rony Sarkissians

    I loved the whole thing, but my most favorite part was when he said that you have to keep track of all your trades and even the ones you didn’t take to see where you need to improve and where you have to advance.

  122. Phillip

    Wait and trade when there is a perfect setup only.
    Cut losses quickly and take profits whenever you can. Never get too greedy.

  123. GeorgeKlevtcov

    My greetings !
    Firstly, I would say to DUX. You’re true example of possibility to obtain and learn all what Tim Sykes and HIs Team give to us to become a successful penny stocker.
    Also , thanks for inspiration and motivation which you gave by just telling about yourself. Moreover, congrats !!!
    The most valuable was for me about 3 patterns from PennyStock Framework DVD, which works 85% all of the time.
    It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from because market doesn’t care
    If you keep learning everyday, understanding the whole information and live inside of it you will be successful and there is highly chance you become a millionaire.
    3 .You have to have a strategy , when you get in it has to be planned
    Use only mental stop loss
    Dux said that hardest part was for him to get over his emotions, he’s even closing his eyes so I think it’s hardest part for me as well
    Go over all stuff of all top students to get whole picture
    You have to learn to understand why you’re entering trades.
    Trade small positions. ( not super tiny)
    I’m watching this video 6 times.

  124. Jason

    The #1 thing I learned is that its not all about making money. It doesn’t matter if you lose money on a trade the most important thing is that you made a good trade, and not all good trades will be profitable which is why there are rules you need to follow. If you continually trade good patterns and good set ups while not trying to force anything, you will be profitable. I also like what he touched on about the emotional aspect of it. You have to be comfortable with the position sizes you take. The size of your account doesn’t matter if you are not comfortable trading with it. So if your following the rules and trading the correct patterns while managing to make good non emotional decisions then the profits will follow.

  125. STIcker

    You have to stay humble, you DONT trade for the MONEY, you TRADE to be the BEST TRADER, you get there trading only THE BEST SETUP. The MONEY is only an INDICATOR of how good you are!

  126. Cameron Prozinski

    Best two lessons.

    1. Study while pooping. 5 min day x 365 = 30 hours a year. Little things add up.

    2. Wanting the money isn’t going to lead to riches. Money alone isn’t a strong enough motivator by itself. The drive to become a top trader has to be deeper and more personal whether it be for charity, family, etc. The worlds

  127. jose

    Never forget, you are standing upon the shoulders of giants, the greats that came before you. Your parents, mentors, family, teachers, friends, and all of those that you draw from in order to be who you are/ have become what you are. Stay humble, be gracious, and pass it on. Well done, Duxy.

  128. steve

    I learned how trust in another person (namely a guru) and believe in one self is the most crucial point during a traders education. Trust your guru cause he accumulated 10+ years of experience. He know better than you so trust him and gain his mentality as you proceed along your path in getting better and better. But don’t copy him. Just gain his mentality and develope your style of trading over time.
    Also believe in yourself. That contains dedication and many study hours with the goal that you set yourself. Believe in yourself that u can achieve your goal and never let go of this thinking. Do whatever it takes to get there even though u have to study in your car, in the bus, during the breaks in school or on the toilet.

    Just dont be like anyone else. Choose for yourself to be successful and u can make a tremendous change in your life.

  129. Veronika

    Patterns of success that I’ve learned from this video:
    1) Firs red day
    2) Dip buying big panics
    3) Shorting spikes

  130. Pat Whalen

    When Dux explain how you can’t obsess over the money. Focus rather on winning and and being the best and the money will come, resonated with me the most. Similarly to how Tim Sykes tells you to set a big goal for yourself and to dream of the nice things you could have by being successful in the market and working harder than everybody else.
    Finding a good medium between these two I think is a good recipe for success.

  131. Darren

    The #1 thing I learned is that the money doesn’t matter, it’s all about doing something you love and being happy!

  132. Kristian

    Three patterns with 85% success rate:
    * First red day
    * Dip buying huge panics
    * Shorting spikes (has to fit a lot of details, I’m sure he refers to the Trading Tickers and Framework dvd)

    Shorting parabolics doesn’t work anymore in a bull market.

    When shorting a low float stock (< 10 million), don't short on the front side of the move, wait for the snap. The key indicator for the snap is the stock goes red or has a huge panic in the morning, watch the red volume bar.
    Go in the trade with a plan first and know where to cut your losses.

  133. Derrick Crews

    The number one thing I got from this amazing young man is STUDY!!!!!! Block out all of the noise doubt and distraction and study day and night. Know your patterns your strengths and weaknesses and study so that you can be self sufficient.

  134. Schecter_Six

    Going to need to break up with my girlfriend to catch up to Dux’s studying hours. “You don’t trade when you can’t lose,” is such a concise, yet all encompassing piece of trading advice. Extremely inspirational, this interview sets Tims teachings even deeper in a concrete foundation, congratulations to both of you.

  135. Charles Reynolds

    Great video, very inspiring. Steven has the answers to trading. Very busy successful guy.

  136. KMTrade

    Being a new trader seeing the success of others is heartwarming and uplifting. Thank you Tim, Dux and Steven and everyone else in the community that puts the time in to study and to help others. Helping others to succeed is a humble act in my eyes and is truly appreciated by all.

  137. Lynn Williams

    Watch the videos until you can anticipate Tim’s moves. Get inside his mind. Be the Buddha!

  138. Sahil Singh

    The tip that hit me the most was that you have to go through each and every mentors videos as every individual has his own specific set of strategies and thought process so studying from every single one of theirs video lessons fills-in the gaps and make it that much faster.

  139. Bryce Land


    Study everything, study the history of all members of the Tim Sykes team. Learn from their patterns, style, and methods then build your own from there.
    My mistake has been not studying enough and jumping into the game too quickly. Study first then trade!

    Dux, has done tremendous and having him as another person to study will benefit anyone willing to do the work.

  140. Steve

    Well done Dux, and thanks for the advice! Study hard, learn what works for you, and know how to pick the patterns… very inspirational!

  141. Steve

    Nice work Dux, and thanks for the advice! Number 1 thing I got from this is to study hard and know how to spot the inevitable patterns! Different people will always have different motivations, but this seems to be the biggest key to success!

  142. Whitney

    This guy definitely exceeds the kind of person I’d like to become! I know I’m a little late to the game, but I learned from young master Dux that it only benefits to learn everything you can. I love being apart of the Millionaire Challenge because Tim does not offer 1-dimensional teachings. There are MULTIPLE gurus, MULTIPLE patterns and strategies, MANY videos and webinars to watch and reference. Dux has managed to truly utilize his dedication to study all the available material Tim, the gurus, and his team have provided, and has now surpassed even those he learned from (at least that how it seems to me). This is not a “follow the leader” challenge, it is an opportunity to get the meat and potatoes from the people who’ve mastered the craft, and ultimately learn more than enough to become self-sufficient. Learn in 3D!

  143. Adi B

    Successful Trading Takeaways

    1) Wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait!! For the PERFECT trade that absolutely fits your criteria.

    2) Build a spread sheet to follow what you are good and bad at. Improve what you’re bad at, advance what you’re good at.

    3) Record the patterns that work best for YOU. Dont follow others, and do not follow alerts, instead try to figure out why they are alerting.

    4) 4 Patterns that work 85% of the time. (First 2 are absolute best) – Study each one meticulously
    -First Red day
    -Dip Buying Huge Panics
    -Shorting Spikes, but this pattern has to fit a lot of criteria.
    -Shorting into Parabolics. (Does not work too well due to Bull market) ETRM, ZSAN, INNL

    Not all super novas run 5 days or 6 days, but there is going to be one supernova that you can put 80% of your money and it will run 5 to 6 days. This has the ability to really build your account, but you must wait and be patient for these plays.

    Wait for the back side of the stock, dont trade on the front side. Do not force trades.

    “I don’t like to study, i like to think WHY we are studying” – Dux Find the fundamental idea behind the concept and try to understand it. Try to understand why the top students trade when and where they do.

    Trading Mentality
    -If you are too eager to make money you will not make money, you have to be patient. Think of yourself as a retired trader, only coming out when a play is good enough.
    -“You cant be craving for opportunities, you have to wait for them” – Dux
    -“Control your ego, you cant go big even on good plays, because there is always a chance for failure” – Dux
    -“I only trade plays that are perfect perfect perfect setups, I only trade 5 times per week” – Dux
    -“A lot of people don’t know what a perfect plays looks like, so they are stabbing int he dark, let me try this, let me try that.

  144. Bichii

    Congrats Dux,it is really a great encouragement for us to stay focused and study hard,I really appreciate your sharing,thank you so much.Keep it up!

  145. Greg

    Dux is the man
    Learn from all the gurus! Watch all their dvds and find the chart patterns that you understand and work for you! THEN ONLY Trade PERFECT setups (that work for you)! Even PERFECT setups don’t work out sometimes so WHY TRADE JUST A DECENT ONE? Do not force trades!!!

  146. Ryan

    Favorite lesson – the best patterns work roughly 85% of the time.

    If that’s the case why on earth would you want to play any lesser-odds patterns? That statistic really puts it into perspective and really drives home the point that this is a mental game. It’s not you versus the market. It’s about how well you can learn a strategy and how disciplined you can be. If that’s the case then your success is up to you and you alone. That is a great thing and gives me the confidence to know that I can attain financial freedom with nothing more than dedication. I may not be the smartest person, the luckiest person, or at a perfect time in my life to switch careers but the one thing that I do have, without a doubt, is dedication. Tim, I’m just starting but I will be one of your millionaire students.

  147. Davron Abzalov

    – Patterns that work 85% of the time are first red day, and dip buying huge panics
    – Don’t look at the alerts, do your own research
    – When shorting a low float stock under 10 million float you can’t short on the front side of the move, you have to wait for a momentum snap and wait for a backside of a move
    – How to determine backside from the front side? Either the stock goes red or it has a huge panic in the morning, the panic is the “crack”. On STT there’s volume bars underneath so you wanna see where the red candles are the most
    – Don’t be emotional even though you lose, It’s furthering your education!
    – Be chill with everything
    – Think of yourself as a retired trader and ONLY come out of a retirement when the trade is good enough
    – PDT rule is actually good, you don’t need to trade more at the beginning, MORE STUDYING!
    – Stay in CA$H the majority of the time, ONLY trade when there’s a GREAT play!

  148. romo

    1. Wait and wait and wait for the perfect opportunity that fits every single one of your criteria and then take the trade.
    2. Track what you are good at and what you’re bad at. Improve both.
    3. Most reliable patterns: first red day & buying big morning panics
    4. This one hit home with me: Dux never doubted Tim because of what he said and thought people his logic to help people. This is what sold me when finding Tim. Gotta learn the mentality!!
    6. Study whenever you are awake and not busy.
    7. Think about the stock market like a philosopher
    8. Everyone in the midwest should sign up for the challenge lol better odds of becoming a millionaire lol not really
    9. Use trading to accomplish goals greater than the money. i.e. treat your loved ones very well
    10. Once you learn these patterns and how to profit you are set for LIFE!
    11. Don’t let alerts influence your thinking. Gotta be self-sufficient
    12. When trying to short low float do not short in the front side of the move. Wit until the momentum chances and short in the backside of the move.
    13. DO NOT USE ALL THESE CRAZY INDICATORS! Use basic support and resistance.
    14. Cut losses with mental stops! Go into trade knowing when and where you are going to cut your losses.
    15. Always stick to your plan and not get emotional. Perhaps close your eyes like Dux when cutting losses lol
    16. Learning from other great traders speed up your learning curve. Sorta how technology has been evolving so quickly.
    18. Take everyone’s strategy and make it yourself but better!
    19. Paper trading is okay but does not provide the emotional part of trading. Which is the hardest part about trading: maintaining your cool and control your emotions.
    20. Use your profits to do what you want and not do it for the money.
    21. Do it for the challenge and not for the money.
    22. Do not care what the stock market is going to do!!
    23. Everything you see in commercials is from people that want to take your money. DO NOT LISTEN TO NBC.
    24. Think of how people think. This one hit home too from Dux. This is how I knew Tim was legit. Our values were aligned. Tim wants his students to make money by being self-sufficient. In an ideal world Tim would put himself out of business because he would teach all his students to be self-sufficient and not need Tim anymore after a year or two.
    26. Be willing to lose when you are trading. Learn from them.
    27. Be chill with everything and be super rational. Don’t be too eager to make money because then you will not make money. It’s counter intuitive.
    28. Don’t trade too much. All you really need one trade a day.
    29. The PDT is a GREAT thing. Use it for your advantage to learn and work your way up to a large account. The PDT helps you!
    30. Understand that you have to pay “tuition” to the market. The best tuition is to pay someone that knows what they’re doing to teach you.
    31. Mastering a strategy is simple but mastering your emotions to control risk levels is the hardest thing.
    32. Need to have a good strategy.
    33. Do not crave opportunities. Wait for perfect setups.
    34. Be willing to lose.
    35. Control your ego and not go in too big even with the perfect setup

  149. Robbin

    Study followed by patience wit the act of staying persistant leads to success, because success is is the progressive realization of a worthy idea.

  150. Delecia Jenks

    I really enjoyed this video. I have been struggling with “finding time” to study. I am a mom of 4, and running our family business, and by the end of the day I haven’t had anything left in me. Dux really inspired me, and put things into perspective. He’s not just a college student, that sounds too easy. He is double majoring in two incredibly difficult courses of study (environmental engineering and accounting) and putting in an incredible amount of time with your trading challenge. It’s about how bad you want it, and when you want it bad enough, you WILL make the time. Dux helped me to remember my why! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  151. Mags Hossa

    Tim, Dux is a gift to us all! Having his input in the Challenge chatroom is priceless and so are the lessons from this interview. My favourite one (and it goes on my wall) is Once you learn this, you’re set for life!
    Thank you and massive congrats to Dux.

  152. Lelouch

    1. Have patience
    Wait for the perfect opportunity that fits every single criteria of your strategy.

    2. Make Spreadsheets to know what you are good at, what you are bad at and what works.
    “Improve at what you are bad at and advance at what you are good at.”

    3. Record which pattern works the best and trade those with the biggest odds of winning.

    4. 4 Patterns with 87% odds of winning (from Pennystocking Framework DVD) :

    1) First Red Day
    2) Dip buying huge panics
    3) Shorting spikes
    (Attention: detailed, needs experience)
    4) (Shorting Parabolics)
    (Doesn’t work anymore because of bull market).

    5. Adapt the mentality of people like Sykes, Grittani and Crook, to predict their moves.

    6. Don’t leave your computer within a trade!

    7. When shorting a low float (<10million), don’t short on the front side of the move, wait for the momentum snap and the backside move.

    8. Backside or Front side move indicators:
    – Stock goes red
    – Stock has a huge morning panic (=crack)

    9. Don’t use crazy technical indicators.

    10. Don’t use hard-stops, only mental-stops. The market makers see them!
    Stick to your prepared plan and don’t get emotional!

    11. Don’t paper trade; you can start with little positions, to become emotionally prepared.

    12. “Mastering a strategy is easy; mastering your emotion to control your risk management is the hardest thing you have to work on.”
    1. Have a good strategy.
    2. Don’t crave for opportunities, wait for the perfect setup.
    3. Be willing to lose and to learn from it.
    4. Control your ego; perfect setups don’t work 100% of the time.

  153. Myrna

    Congratulations to Steven Dux. What an amazing achievement in a year and what an amazing guy. The video was inspiring and informative. Being self aware, knowing the 3 best risk/reward patterns that work, learning from several top traders, and watching the market were great take aways. Oh, and we don’t need all those technical indicators. To sum it up, it’s Tim’s teachings to a “T”. I love how Dux said and proves that paying Tim’s tuition is better than paying tuition to the stock market!

  154. matheson

    Never forget that study is your key to becoming a master! Wait for the perfect trade and believe in the patterns!

    Tim and Dux! I’m new to this but I’m learning everyday! Your both great motivation and I want to shtrive ti be as successful as you guys!

  155. Myles Verigin

    the top 2 lessons I pulled away from this are

    1) find the highest quality source of knowledge to learn from. in this case its multiple mentors as well as watching the live trades not just dvds about the pattern. you can’t see the pattern until after if all you focus on is charts of super novas. you won’t have any clue of the risk levels or how to tell if “its getting weak”. I noticed a big difference in my trading confidence once I diversified from just the dvds.

    2) “just be chill” I started out trying to make this as a new career. I had set dates I want to be profitable by and dollar amounts to make. as they got more near I started to lose more and retain less information. I couldn’t figure out the answer. I found that answer from the dux webinar (sorry not everything is from just the interview). I asked him multiple questions about why he is a better trader then everybody or along those lines. the response? he isn’t, he stays humble and just keeps working not worrying about the money or the time. just relaxed about the whole thing. I am sure that spills over into his trades and thats why he gets such good entries and exits. Just trust the system and don’t think you are above it. this changed the game for me.

  156. Kenneth

    Dux’s is a genius!! Very down to earth guy. I hope to be able to understand the game the way he does soon.

  157. HiddenRain

    Great video lesson watched 3 times now

    Dux epitomises the strategies that have been developed by the Millionaire Mentors in the trading challenge. He proves through dedication and an unwavering work ethic that you can be successful and reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

    I learned that even though Dux has had exponential growth in his accounts, he has achieved this by only playing 3-4 patterns that have the best winning percentage of 85%+. When there is no great pattern he does not trade even though he really enjoys it.

    Secondly it was very interesting to listen to what Dux said about the mental side or trading. He explains you can not be to focused on making money you must simply focus on playing the setups to the best of your ability and the money will come later. Tim G mentioned that he covers his profits/losses so that he is not able to see them to better play the charts. Dux seems to have developed the ability to do this mentally. By staying calm and focusing solely on playing the patterns to the best of his ability he is able to make better decisions which leads to his consistently large gains. Just awesome

    I think everyone can learn something from Dux and what he has achieved.

    I hope through hard work I can achieve the same success that he has displayed over the past year.

    Thank you Dux for the great lessons and may you have more success in the future.

  158. Blair Mcnutt

    Dux ,You are the man and a inspiration to all of us who take this very serious , The two lessons I take away from this video are: 1) You have to pay for your education ,You can either pay the BROKERS or the MARKET or you can buy the training tools you need to get the best education available. 2) You must STUDY everyday until you know and understand all the patterns, setups and idiosyncrasy of trading ,It must become second nature to you.But above all stay true to yourself and remain humble. Thank you for generosity.

  159. JanDel

    I have learned a great many lessons from this video with Dux. I’ve now watched this video 3xs. The primary lessons that have really been implanted into my mind are: 1) Learn patience to wait for the best pattern for the trades that you are best at. 2) Spend a good deal of the time studying past gurus and the patterns. 3) Study especially by listening and relistening to the webinars by Tim S., Tim G., Michael G., Mark C., and of course, Dux’s webinars, who for me is particularly inspirational. 4) Cut your losses quickly. This was more reconfirmation of past lessons by Tim S. There were many more lessons, but these really stood out to me. I’m really looking forward to hearing Dux’s webinar.

  160. HiddenRain

    Great video lesson watched it 3 times now.

    Dux epitomises the strategies that have been developed by the Trading Challenge Mentors. He is a great example of what hard work and being dedicated can achieve, when you put all your effort into something.

    The first thing I learned was that even though Dux has had exponential growth in his account he has achieved this by only playing 3-4 setups with the best winning percentage of 85%+. When there is no great trades he does not trade even though he enjoys trading more than making money.

    Secondly it was quite interesting to here what Dux had to say about the mental side of trading. He explains that you cannot be focused on making money you must focus on playing the charts to the best of your ability. A simple lesson but difficult skill to master. Tim G explained that he covers his profit/loss to be able to do this better. Dux seems to have the ability to do this mentally. This is very impressive as it is reverse phycology in order to achieve trading profits you can’t be focused on them. Just Awesome.

    I think everyone can learn something from Dux really great to be part of this community and see his journey unfold.

    I hope with hard work and dedication I can achieve the same success as Dux.

    Thank you for all the lessons and insight into your trading and may you have more success in the future.

  161. Alexin Andre

    I have watched this 3x now, and the 2 and most important thing I picked up from Mr.Dux is patience (waiting for the perfect play, because he only does roughly 5 trades a week) & controlling ur emotions (like Dux said, this is easy to certain extent, but its the controlling emotions that is the hard part.)

  162. Going Viral

    1) Don’t sleep
    2) Don’t tell parents until the account BOOMS
    3) Learn from all the Gurus

  163. Mike Gifford

    I learned to be serious about making spreadsheets and to honor your risk level (even if you have to close your eyes). I learned that patterns sometimes stop working. I learned to play like even more of a sniper, waiting for the exact opportunity. I learned that even if the market changes, there will still be strategies, so who cares. Most importantly I learned that if you are dedicated, even for as little as a few years, you will know how to trade for a lifetime.

  164. Ryan

    To keep it simple, if you trade for just the money, the odds are against you. Trade for the freedom, the travel, the flexibility, the opportunity to give back, to stroke a check for your kids college instead of student loans, or whatever else will drive you to greatness!

  165. Danielle O.

    There is so much for me to take away from this video lesson, so thank you. But the #1 lesson I learned is that not only can I learn from you, Tim, as I joined your millionaire trading challenge, but after listening to Dux, I learned that I can increase my knowledge at least 4x, and succeed at least 4x faster if I listen and learn, not just from you Tim, but from your millionaire students who are also teaching. I need to make sure I listen and apply lessons from them as well and use what works for me.

  166. Rob

    The #1 thing I learned from this amazing interview was to take advantage of all challenge mentors as they all have experience that you can learn from. Pay close attention and your education will grow exponentially, especially the live webinars.

    There were also two other items that really stood out to me:
    -Keep a log, even if you’re not trading, of different patterns so that you can identify which patterns work best for your personality.

    -Successful traders understand the emotional aspect of trading. Be aware of your emotions and realize that you must remove them from trading.

  167. Janusz

    First of all I would like to Thank Tim for hosting this AMAZING Q&A with Steve Dux. What a fiest! I just wish it were longer though. Oh well maybe next time ☺ This is a must watch for any trader no matter the level of experience, because the lessons are priceless! I watched this video five times now and analyzed it from different angle each time and one thing that struck me is that Steve didn’t try to re-event the wheel and come up with a top-secret formula. He stayed true to his own trading style while leveraging the knowledge of the best traders in the game and mastering the key principles of trading. Here are the 7 most important lessons that I got out from this video:

    1. Retired trader mentality – Like Steve said you “have wait and wait and wait for the perfect opportunity”. Trading is a waiting game and those who have the patience and the discipline to engage in best possible set ups will be the most successful. Steve enters trades only if they meet his specific criteria’s in any other situation he goes back being an old retired guy.
    2. Study Study Study! – There should be no excuses why we shouldn’t be studying every single day even if it’s only for 10-15 min while taking care of “business” on the toilet. All jokes aside, you can’t achieve anything in trading if you don’t commit yourself to studying as much as possible.
    3. Trading is like a science experiment – It amazed me the precision that Steve remembered the success percentage of his strategies. He knew the exact numbers! It just shows how much attention he puts to document all his trades. My science teacher used to tell me “You can’t improve something that you can’t measure” You can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked. Same thing goes with trading. It’s like a science experiment, where you collect your results and based on the outputs you make changes to improve the process then you test it and then collect the result again and again until you meet you come up with the perfect formula for success.
    4. Self-sufficiency is key – in order to be great you have to learn from the best in the game. Once you do that, then you it’s all about becoming self-sufficient and developing your own trading identity. What works for Tim doesn’t necessarily have to work for Steve. Everyone is different. Steve does not follow alerts, actually often times he is ahead of them or trades stocks that are not even on Tim’s alerts, because he has his own trading style.
    5. Stay humble and hungry – The key is to be hungry not for money, but for the knowledge and constant improvement. You can’t get too cocky along the journey. Remember that no matter how much money you make, you can always be better and that’s the mindset that everyone should have.
    6. Skill for life – Steve mentioned this and it’s so true! Once you master the art of being a successful trader, you will have it for the rest of your life. It’s a skill that no one can take it away from you no matter how shity things could get in life.
    7. Trading community – Finally, this interview made me realize the power of the trading community that we have available at our disposable. I feel like people have a misconception that trading is all about staring into charts for countless hours without any interaction. The reality is much different. We as traders have a strong platform like no other that we can leverage to learn, exchange ideas and inspire one another. Let’s keep growing and improving it so we can make each other better. Let’s crush the 90% myth!

    I’m grateful for this video and countless other learning opportunities provided by Tim. Thank you for making a world a better place!

  168. Steve

    #1 Thing: MUST CONTROL EMOTIONS!!! I feel like I have emotionally battered myself because I have not been controlling my emotions. Uncontrolled emotions have stopped me many times from making great trades. Many times I would cut winning trades way too soon and let losers keep running. Why? I let my emotions take over. Dux, Thank You for your willingness to share with us!

  169. Andre

    Thank you DUX for the knowledge and as always thank you tim and the rest of the team. The valuable lessons I got out of the video where these….

    Have Patience. Go over all of Tim’s teams videos and trades. DON’T copy trades instead learn why and what they are aiming for.

    Who cares where the markets going. Adapt to it.

    Don’t be emotional don’t complain when you lose its education. (Close yours eyes and cut losses)

    Be chill, be super rational. DON’T be eager to make money. DON’T crave opportunity

    Trading is a skill that doesn’t expire once you master it.

    Master strategy master emotions master risk reward. Control your ego. Be successful.

  170. Lance Peachey

    My number one lesson from this is to think, not study. Understand why we study and find the fundamentals of it.

    He said in another video he tries to understand what the other person is thinking, and I think that is a brilliant way to predict the next move the stock will make.

    Congratulations Dux on your success. Thank you for being an honest, just genuine person in this community.

  171. Anonymous

    Huge thanks for recording and sharing this video Tim, and congrats to Dux for his success. Also, happy birthday Tim!

  172. Noah

    I work and study hard in life, but Dux u make me look lazy! U are the MAN! Congrats bro and thanks for the MOTIVATION!!!!

  173. Víctor Hung

    Dux is the man!!! Very inspiring video.. watched it +3x, taking notes.. so many good information..My girlfriend and I are still learning, baby steps and getting ready to start trading again..great teachers, great community..Thank you all!!!!

  174. Richard

    An outstanding achievement in its own right to have mastered and become successful trading penny stocks in such a short time, but what makes Steven’s achievement even more impressive is the fact that he has achieved all this while studying for a double honours degree, and also note that English isn’t even his first language. He manages all this on very little sleep, as little as four hours. He even studies while he is doing his ‘business’. It shows the level of commitment it takes in order to achieve success. He clearly is a quick and intelligent young man but he also demonstrates his desire, determination, and dedication. Congratulations and thanks for inspiring the rest of us mere mortals!

  175. OceanRider

    As a follow up from comment above and regarding my commitment to get better, with your birthday gift to US, I now own your PennyStocking Framework DVD, both of which DUX and TG (trading tickers) mention in their videos.

    The amount of time and energy you give back to others is very amazing.

    Thank you for being selfless and always striving to give every opportunity to the back to trading community. I look forward to the next step of this journey as I stay committed to doing what I can do to get better on this journey.

  176. D

    the Dux video.
    1. Sykes has ADHD x3. He should be psycho Sykes- in a nice way.
    2. Get your Dux in a row before trading
    Don’t trade on emotions
    Don’t be too risky 2% cap equity per trade
    Play perfect plays cut losses early

  177. Brittany

    Its great to have another person to help grasp concepts and give tips to all of us learning to get to where dux is now! Thank you!



    The lessons that I’ve taken is that if you want to succeed as a trader and maximize your education you need to watch and learn from every successful trader from Tim Sykes team like Tim grittani, Michael Goode, and Mark Crook. Not only will I continue watching Tim’s videos, but I will start learning from the other guys as well. That includes Steven Dux

  179. Michael

    Wow, Steven Dux is really the best example of how every students should be. Congradulations on your success! Mindset and dicipline really is the way to go in this penny stock world. Awsome interview, really helped me find my path into how to see the market and how to deal with it while following each of the rules.

  180. Bronson

    1. Mastering trading is super hard at first, but it gets easier & easier with patience, practice & perseverance. Keep your eye on the prize and aspire to be even better than your teachers.
    2. It’s something you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life, so it’s SO worth it in the long run. Don’t expect to be able to look to your family/friends for emotional support with it. Look to the trading community & your mentors.

  181. Morris d

    Such an inspiration to us all! I need to watch this video over few times. The more we prepare and learn from different mentors the better we become on our next trade. Congrats dux and love the webinar u gave last week

  182. Ahmad

    Hey Tim, I just finished your book:

    An American Hedge Fund
    How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund
    Timothy Sykes

    It was unbelievable and epic how you turned small amount of money into million. Most of all I was surprised from your big losses in shorting squeezes and how you patiently recovered them back. Tim, are you still a share holder of Cygnus?
    I am still studying your free materials from your YouTube channel to your Blogs. I still haven’t open broker account because I don’t feel ready. I have yet to study harder like Dux and someday I’ll be your next Millionaire Challenge Student. Peace

  183. sue sgaggero

    first red day, dip buying, and shorting. Study the patterns to watch for your entry. Don’t get emotional and don’t trade when you want revenge after losing.

  184. Bankatronic

    Such a fantastic interview with a phenomenal, meticulous trader: Steven Dux, Tim Sykes, Thank you!

    I have to agree with following the example to NOT let parents know until the trading really starts coming together with the profits, because many just do not understand what the dedication takes-& if even if you let them know what is taking all of your free time studying this skill, they may try to *save you from losses* by discouraging you from the market as well as friends! But, we also need to be upfront & honest about our passion so know that this career might fine tune the AUTHENTIC people in your life. If they are not supportive & honest as well: Cut Losses Quickly!

    Learning how the patterns change with their nuances while still being over all conservative in their teachings is part of how fascinating it is learning these skills because-we trade the most volatile stocks in the market!

    What Dux was saying about how he has forced himself to be mechanical in regards to cutting losses really struck me as particularly poignant because knowing the patterns also has the response-ability to know when the profits are ours & when the pattern just was not there.

    Making sure that I am on point with all the patterns in Pennystocking Framework & Trading Tickers as per his recommendation 🙂

    Once we master our emotions, need to make money, & fuse that with consistency & dedication-which can be difficult, we will have a skill for life that can be very very lucrative!

    Lastly, I must point out that I love Dux’s t shirt: EXP LOYALTY

    Yep 🙂 Expect loyalty from me, Tim, as well as my dedication to loyalty to the patterns!

    AWESOME Work DUX & Mark!

  185. Pranav

    1. Learn and adapt to patterns that work for you.
    2. Develop emotional freedom while trading
    3. Don’t just Study hard, Study efficiently
    4. Repeat 1-3!

  186. NIck

    Tim don’t think about what’s my profit

    He thinks about What’s my risk

    Risk reward

    Watching for Brake out and spikes

    Calculate your loses when you going to trade

    What you will be doing when price go to some positions
    where you get out get in

    Stick to plan

    Learn from mistakes

    Don’t give a fuck were market goes

    Don’t be emotional when trade

    One trade per day

    Five trade per week
    3 normal and 2 over night

    1 Risk management

    2 Have Good strategy

    3 Waiting for a perfect setup on market not craving

    4 What you win or loose

    5 Control your ego don’t go to big even you see perfect setups

    6 you will be successful

    Trade with real account because in peper trading you will be trade without emotions

    Start from small account whet you start consistently be profitable start increase you size
    Track all trades

    What trades made well

    Studying some one else trades strategy

    Trade with pattern do you know well

    Holding and hoping is not a strategy
    If you do not know what to do get out

    Track all your trades learn from them

    Split to a strategy category

    Trade with a small volume size

    Don’t trust anyone alerts any news

    be on rigth stock and be on rigth price of stock

    Previous high

    Strong Volume

    High Brake Out

  187. Sean Smith

    Make sure your trade matches all criteria and master your emotions! Congrats on all your success Dux maybe one day I will get to meet you all. Until then trade safe!

  188. tomfinn92

    1. Wait for the perfect trade – let it come to you.

    2. If you’re a Challenge Student, take the opportunity to learn from all of the mentors – Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani, Michael Goode, Mark Croock, Tim Bohen, and now Steven Dux, too – and mold lessons from all of them into a strategy that fits you.

    Congrats to Dux on your great success, and thanks to Tim and Dux on an outstanding video!

  189. Lucas

    I know I’m commenting pretty late but I want to point out something that I’m surprised isn’t being talked about more. Steven Dux has clearly mastered his psychology. Age 22, doing a double major, hardly knowing any English, you would think that he’s not in the right position to be trading. But he had the right mentality to overcome all his obstacles and become the trader he is today. None of that stopped him from studying from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep (of course taking breaks, but the point is he put in the thousands of hours necessary to succeed). His Twitter page is even filled with posts about his point of view towards trading and the stock market, and it’s really insightful. So, the one takeaway from this interview and from Dux’s trading career that I think we should all be more conscious of, is that YOU are in control of your future, and if YOU want success in the stock market, then YOU need to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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